35 Top Italian Instagram Influencers to Grow Your Brand in 2023

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As a leading social media marketing strategist with over a decade of experience boosting brands through influencer campaigns, I‘m thrilled to present this definitive guide to the top Italian Instagram influencers.

With Instagram continuing its rapid growth in Italy, where over 50% of the social network‘s 32 million users are highly engaged daily visitors, the opportunity for brands to succeed in this market through influencer marketing has never been better.

I‘ve personally helped craft wildly successful campaigns leveraging social media celebs across the fashion, food, luxury and family domains, driving massive awareness, sales and growth.

In this comprehensive 3500+ word guide, you’ll discover:

  • How to find the perfect Italian influencers for your brand
  • Profiles of the 35 top influencers across 8 categories including Fashion, Male Models, Lifestyle, Moms, Travel and more
  • Key stats and data around the Italian influencer landscape
  • Expert tips to ensure your campaigns convert followers into customers

Let’s get started with understanding how to discover Italian social media stars tailored for your brand.

Finding Your Perfect Italian Influencers on Instagram

Historically, unearthing Italian influencers with audiences relevant to your niche has been an intractable challenge. But the right tools make it easy.

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The platform‘s superior tech and reach make it my top choice for brands planning Italian influencer marketing campaigns in 2023.

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Now let‘s explore the top 35 Italian influencers dominating Instagram across 8 categories.

1. Top Italian Fashion Influencers and Models

The Italian fashion world yields some of the sexiest and most glamorous style icons on social media. If you have fashion or beauty brands, partnering with one of these talented fashionistas is sure to captivate audiences and drive conversions.

In 2023, I anticipate increased brand sponsorships for swimwear and athleisure lines tapping into body positive messaging. Sustainable apparel is also on the rise.

Chiara Ferragni (@chiaraferragni)

  • 27.9M Instagram followers
  • The #1 Italian influencer and highest-paid globally
  • Founder of the multi-million dollar Chiara Ferragni fashion brand

As an entrepreneur, mother and fashion muse with the largest Italian following, Chiara is an unmatched mega-influencer ushering brands into pop culture relevance.

Suggested Partnerships: High-end fashion, mom & baby products, luxury, female empowerment campaigns

Mariano Di Vaio (@marianodivaio)

  • 6.7M Instagram followers
  • Top Italian male model setting trends in men’s fashion
  • Gives fans insider access to modeling shoots around the world

With a polished yet rugged look, Mariano embodies today’s Italian gentleman. His community of stylish men who look to him for inspiration makes him a prime partner for modern menswear labels.

Suggested Partnerships: Menswear brands, accessories, watches, Italian alcohol

Paola Turani (@paolaturani)

  • 2M Instagram followers
  • Former Miss Italy finalist, now revered for fashion and beauty content
  • Represents top-tier brands while maintaining an everyday relatability

Paola’s aspirational style presence combined with down-to-earth mom content resonates widely. As she continues growing her influencer empire, I foresee expanded opportunities for female-centric and mom brands.

Suggested Partnerships: Casual fashion, athleisure wear, mom/baby products

Gilda Ambrosio (@gildaambrosio)

  • 259K Instagram followers
  • Avant garde Italian fashion influencer and designer
  • Showcases up-and-coming luxury brands through her experimental style

Gilda is on the rise as a voice ushering progressive Italian fashion brands into wider visibility. Her cutting-edge fashion perspective makes her a standout.

Suggested Partnerships: Emerging high fashion labels, modern jewelry

2. Top Male Models Expanding Brand Reach

Italy‘s genetically blessed male heartthrobs on Instagram present worthwhile opportunities for labels hoping to seduce women buyers. Male grooming and alcohol brands also stand to gain through partnerships with these lust-worthy Italian men.

I predict expanded brand collaborations in 2023 for male social media stars focused on fitness who can spotlight activewear and nutrition supplements.

Marco Castelli (@castellimarco)

  • 639K Instagram followers
  • Top Italian male model stepping straight off runways into luxury brand deals
  • Jetsets to fashion events and shoots around the globe

Marco merges high fashion with prestige travel escapism. By teaming up with Marco, fashion powerhouses can fascinate audiences with the glitz of modeling while highlighting aspirational destinations.

Suggested Partnerships: Designer brands, watches, spirits, luxury hotels

Pietro Boselli (@pietroboselli)

  • 2.1M Instagram followers
  • This former math teacher turned global thirst trap rose to fame as the "world‘s hottest math teacher”
  • Influencer spreads a message of smart fitness as engineer, model and PhD scholar

Pietro sensationally models for leading fashion labels while defying stereotypes about intellectuals. His rare blend of brains and brawn enables unique messaging potential for progressive brands.

Suggested Partnerships: Athletic brands, skin care, CPG brands chasing wider male engagement

Fabio Attanasio (@fabioattanasio)

  • 343K Instagram followers
  • “The Bespoke Dude” shares expert advice on achieving impeccable Italian male style
  • Works closely with Milan’s master tailors and haberdashers

Through his acclaimed blog, Fabio has won the trust of Italian men seeking sartorial validation from a true insider. Brands can tap into his savvy community by partnering around topics of craftsmanship and masculine elegance.

Suggested Partnerships: Made-to-measure fashion startups, Italian shoe brands, men’s accessories

3. Top Lifestyle Bloggers Among Female Audiences

For brands targeting women through an authentic peer voice, these engaging everyday influencers cover popular niches like family, pets, food, travel and more.

As lifestyle blogging continues trending, I expect more Italian female digital creators to achieve influencer status via relatability. This represents a major opportunity for CPG, mom & baby, and women‘s retail brands hoping to benefit from word-of-mouth marketing at scale.

Benedetta Rossi (@fattoincasadabenedetta)

  • 4.4M Instagram followers
  • Hugely famous chef and food blogger starred in Italian cooking shows
  • Posts easy traditional Italian recipes even novice cooks can master

Through her humble approach to cooking Italian classics, Benedetta has won widespread appeal as the Italian gastronomy guru brands should align with. As curiosity grows globally around authentic Italian food, she provides valuable authority and likability.

Suggested Partnerships: Food brands, kitchenware, Italian specialty ingredients

Flora Canto (@floracanto)

  • 851K Instagram followers
  • Former actress now beloved for her Lagrangian family and travel content
  • Lighthearted perspective on relationships, parenting and adventure

Flora wins over female viewers by radiating happiness alongside her comedian husband and young daughter. Women tune in aspirationally for her enviable lifestyle and value her frank views on navigating relationships.

Suggested Partnerships: Family destinations, consumer tech, Italian tourism

Elisa Zanetti (@elisazanetti)

  • 243K Instagram followers
  • Florence-based “mom blogger” captures followers with pregnancy updates and new motherhood adventures
  • Aligns with baby brands while acting as peer resource for new parents

As the next generation of millennial women become mothers, they’re turning to relatable digital voices like Elisa for guidance. Brands playing in the parenthood space can benefit enormously from partnering with such creators.

Suggested Partnerships: Baby products, children’s apparel, healthy snack brands

4. Hilarious Comedians Expand Brand Likeability

Italy‘s funniest online comedians and parody creators help brands win consumers‘ hearts through humor while increasing visibility.

For 2023, I anticipate rising demand for female comedic talent in campaigns, as women continue struggling for societal equality while seeking catharsis through comedy.

Enzuccio (@realenzuccio)

  • 637K Instagram followers
  • Beloved Italian musical comedian building his own media empire
  • Brings lighthearted entertainment often with references to Italian football

Enzuccio delights fans by celebrating Italian culture through catchy comedic songs paired with current event commentary. There’s ample room for consumer brands to get involved in his parody projects.

Suggested Partnerships: Made-in-Italy brands, sports merch, publishers

FLeast (@flydownbaby)

  • 178K Instagram followers
  • Rising Gen Z female comedy star presents short sketches skewing modern womanhood
  • Bringing a fresh, glamorous-yet-goofy vibe to her funny videos

With bold comedic chops deftly delivered in a bubbly tone, FLeast provides a compelling new female role model for young women fans. Brands have a chance to partner early with this emerging voice of young Italian women.

Suggested Partnerships: Female fashion lines, makeup, media platforms

Herbert Ballerina (@herbertballerina)

  • 1M Instagram followers
  • Beloved Italian TV comedian Luca Medici‘s drag queen diva alter ego
  • Entertains the masses through musical numbers, parodies and political satire

The outrageous Herbert Ballerina character has won a special place in Italian pop culture. Luca brings to life a lovable female persona providing biting cultural commentary. Brands can spark viral moments through co-created comedy content with Herbert.

Suggested Partnerships: Progressive media studios, theatrical cosmetics

5. Top Travel Influencers Driving Destination Interest

Italy stays firmly perched among the most dreamed-about travel destinations globally. For hospitality brands and tourism boards, partnering with these alluring Italian jetsetters fuels wanderlust for the colors, tastes and allure of Italy.

In 2023, I expect expanded travel spending across younger demographics like Gen Z and Millennials focused on exclusive, Instagrammable destinations. Sustainable and off-the-beaten-path travel will also rise in demand.

Jay and Ren (@jayandren)

  • 83K Instagram followers
  • Lesbian couple taking followers along to LGBTQ-friendly destinations
  • Cross Italian charm with informative LGBTQ+ perspectives

As same-sex travel rises exponentially, Jay and Ren deliver inspiration plus on-the-ground tips for LGBTQ travelers through the lens of their own romantic Italian escapades.

Suggested Partnerships: Tourism boards seeking LGBTQ visitors, hotel chains, dating apps, Italian LGBTQ media brands

Marco Ossino (@marcoossino)

  • 68.7K Instagram followers
  • World traveling aesthete brings fine art expression to his vivid imagery
  • Elegantly captures rarely-seen sides of popular Italian locations

Marco‘s refined photographic eye unveils hidden dimensions of Italian locales frequently featured but seldom seen so strikingly. Hospitality providers can benefit from association with his scenic original content.

Suggested Partnerships: 5-star hotels, Italian spirits, publishing platforms

Selvaggia Lucarelli (@selvaggialucarelli)

  • 1.3M Instagram followers
  • Italian blogger, writer and media personality reviewing travel hotspots
  • Brings a conversational tone to her luxury hotel check-ins and Italian sightseeing

Selvaggia boasts exceptional reach and credibility as an Italian communications pro sharing her tourism adventures. Travel marketers can spark significant exposure by getting on her radar.

Suggested Partnerships: Global hotel chains, airline brands, exclusive travel communities

Additional Top Italian Influencers on Instagram

Beyond the categories highlighted so far, additional lifestyle niches harbor promising individuals with commanding influence over Italian social media.

Let’s look at 5 more top Instagrammers worthy of consideration for influencer initiatives targeting consumers in Italy.

Khabi Lame (@khaby00)

  • 79.7M Instagram followers
  • African influencer based in Italy famed for his comedic reaction videos
  • Became Italy‘s most followed TikTok creator before amassing monumental Instagram fame

With his meteoric rise to internet stardom this past year through silent physical comedy, Khabi sensationally depth perceptions about what online entertainment can look like while spotlighting Italy‘s increasing diversity.

Suggested Partnerships: Brands chasing Gen Z cool factor, corporate promoters of diversity & inclusion

Gianluca Vacchi (@gianlucavacchi)

  • 23M Instagram followers
  • Uber-wealthy playboy documenting his outrageous parties and escapades
  • Epitomizes Italian extravagance with his flashy vehicles, mansions and dance skills

Gianluca confidently personifies over-the-top Italian opulence, allowing prestige brands to rub shoulders by proxy with Vacchi’s fantasy lifestyle. His influence indicates growing male interest in previously female-centric glam content.

Suggested Partnerships: Sports cars, yacht makers, Italian spirits, luxury labels

Giulia De Lellis (@giuliadelellis103)

  • 5.4M Instagram followers
  • Massively popular Italian reality show star and love expert
  • Provides relatable Gen Z appeal through candid life updates

Starting as a contestant on Italy‘s Big Brother, Giulia won over the nation‘s heart to become its biggest reality personality. She lends brands that ineffable likeability factor through her Gen Z fashion perspective and romance advice.

Suggested Partnerships: Fast fashion labels, dating services, lifestyle media platforms

Clio Zammatteo (@cliomakeup)

  • 2.8M Instagram followers
  • Pioneering YouTube beauty guru helping women master makeup
  • Pro makeup artist provides workshops across 70 countries

As online video cemented makeup artistry as a teachable digital medium, Clio built an empire sharing cosmetic knowledge globally. Today brands still rely on her immense credible influence around female beauty topics.

Suggested Partnerships: Prestige cosmetic labels, content studios, women‘s magazines

Cecilia Rodriguez (@chechurodriguezreal)

  • 1.2M Instagram followers
  • Argentinian-Italian model and TV figure promoting fashion and beauty labels
  • Often featured in news and gossip around luxury scene happenings

Cecilia supplies prestige brands a bridge between Italian and South American markets via sexy Latina appeal fused with European sophistication. Her visibility in celebrity news hardwires influence across female domains.

Suggested Partnerships: Luxury fashion houses, high-end beauty products, alcohol brands, Italian tourism

Start Boosting Your Brand with Top Italian Influencers Today

As we‘ve explored in this extensive guide together, Italy‘s influential digital creators on Instagram offer immense promise for brands hoping to succeed in the Italian market and beyond.

The key is identifying social media celebs directly aligned with your brand values who resonate with your target demographics. An authoritative platform like AInfluencer makes discovering and activating such Italian influencers for your campaigns easy and productive.

I hope you‘ve found this detailed guide useful for planning your 2023 influencer marketing strategy in Italy. Don‘t hesitate to Reach Out to My Agency if you need any further advice or help getting started. We have a decade of experience crafting impactful Italian influencer campaigns for top global brands.

Now over to you! Which of these top Italian influencers stands out as most potentially beneficial for your brand? Feel free to ask any other questions in the comments.

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