Top 10 Asian YouTubers To Check And Subscribe In 2023

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Asia is home to some of YouTube‘s biggest stars who are making global waves with their entertaining and impactful content. As a social media expert focused particularly on Asian digital trends, I help brands and agencies understand this fast-growing creator ecosystem.

In this extensive guide, we will explore my picks for the leading Asian YouTube influencers in 2023 across genres like comedy, music, fashion and more. Let‘s dive in!

Background: YouTube‘s Staggering Asian Viewership

YouTube has become tremendously popular among Asian users, especially mobile viewers. According to estimates:

  • Asia-Pacific now accounts for 46% of all YouTube viewership, a majority share globally
  • 90% of viewers in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Hong Kong engage via mobile devices
  • Key video categories Asian audiences watch most include gaming (40%), entertainment (20%), and education (15%)

Catering to this rising appetite for digital content, talented Asian creators across age groups have firmly established themselves on YouTube. Through data-driven channel optimization tips I share as a social media strategist, I have seen first-hand how they build engaged subscriber-bases spanning millions.

Now let‘s look at the crème de la crème, the top 10 Asian YouTubers killing it on both viewership and revenues with their binge-worthy videos:

#1: Ajey Nagar – 39.2 Million Subscribers

Ajey Nagar, better known as CarryMinati, is arguably one of India’s most popular youth entertainers. The 23-year old Delhiite started his YouTube career in 2014 through hilarious commentary and roast videos.

With his relatable personality and acting chops, Ajey rapidly rose up the charts among subscribers and views. Currently, his main channel CarryMinati entertains over 39 million followers while his gaming stream channel CarryIsLive also has 10+ million registered.

Ajey’s winning sense of humor helps him take everyday topics and infuse his unique comedic spin on them. This consistent creative edge keeps audiences hooked across 200+ videos and counting.

As Ajey continues breaking records, he solidifies his position as one of Asia’s biggest internet sensations. Brands also line up to collaborate with him given his incredible reach towards younger millennials and Gen Z.

#2 Ria Yunita – 32.9 Million Subscribers

At just 27 years old, Indonesia‘s Ria Yunita has already cemented her place as SouthEast Asia‘s top female creator. She joined YouTube back in 2016 by sharing lifestyle vlogs giving fans a peek into her everyday routines.

Leveraging her down-to-earth personality and girl-next-door charm, Ria quickly resonated with millions of subscribers who obsessively tune in daily. Currently, her main channel updates almost daily with 4.4+ billion lifetime views!

Aside from her influencer career, this multitalented creator has also written 4 bestselling books, starred in films, and released music tracks. This diversity keeps audience engaged, reflected in her phenomenal reach as Indonesia‘s #2 most-subscribed channel today.

Brands value collaborating with genuine creators like Ria. Her recent partnerships span leading names like Pizza Hut, Wardah Cosmetics, and Telkomsel.

#3: Muhammad Attamimi – 30.4 Million Subscribers

When it comes to Multi-Channel Networks (MCNs), Indonesia’s Skylar ranks among the most successful globally. And Muhammad Attamimi Halilintar, better known as ‘Atta’, leads the company‘s creator portfolio as their top star.

Managed by his brother Ria Ricis‘s husband Reza Oktovian, Atta has strategically diversified his content across multiple YouTube channels under one umbrella brand. He posts everything from lighthearted challenge videos on his main channel to his family‘s reality show-style vlogs.

This varied content palette keeps almost 30 million subscribed fans glued in anticipation for his latest uploads. The wild popularity has earned him celebrity status including film cameos and brand deals from Hanwha Life to TikTok Shop.

#4 Nutticha Namwong – 16.4 Million Subscribers

Thailand is fast emerging as a hub for trend-setting social media stars. And Nutticha Namwong, affectionally called ‘Namtan’ by fans, made history by becoming the country‘s first native YouTuber to hit 10 million subscribers.

Namtan joined YouTube back in 2016 inspired by the platform‘s creative possibilities. She films lighthearted videos sharing Thai culture through cooking, festivals, travel and fun experiments. Her cheerful on-screen personality keeps fans smiling across all videos.

While most of her content is in Thai, Namtan also includes English captions making her globally accessible. I‘d attribute deeply understanding her native creator-fan culture as key in fueling success. For any rising Thai talent, Namtan sets the perfect roadmap to racking up millions of loyal subscribers.

#5 Krit Boonyarung – 14.1 Million Subscribers

Joining YouTube far back in 2006, Krit Boonyarung aka Bie The Ska is considered one of the OG Thai YouTubers. He was among the first international batch of creators who realized the platform‘s massive potential early on.

While YouTube took time gaining traction in Thailand, Krit‘s perseverance and topical content helped him secure a leading spot. He posts parody songs, comedy sketches, movie commentaries, all delivered in his trademark quirky style.

With 14 million+ diehard fans today, Krit‘s hysterical videos continue getting shared wildly across Thai social media. Be it politics or pop culture, brands approach him regularly for collaborations hoping to tap into his buzzing audience.

For anyone getting started on Asian YouTube today, Krit‘s journey proves that niche originality can ultimately break through the noise.

#6 Park Hye-min – 5.96 Million Subscribers

In the Asian beauty space, Park Hye-min is a veteran influencer with an instantly recognizable face. The South Korean creator, better known as ‘Pony‘ to her followers, dominates YouTube makeup transformations.

Pony shares everything from makeup reviews, celebrity inspired looks, fashion hauls and even her luxury travels abroad. Through clear tutorials using top cosmetic brands, she makes glam accessible for every skill level.

Her bubbly persona and commitment to consistent content uploads since 2009 has won Pony over 5.9+ million subscribers. She also attracts 3 million Instagram followers admiring her flawless beauty shots.

With her premium positioning and high production value videos, Pony remains highly sought-after by cosmetic labels wanting to tap into Asian audiences.

#7 Na Haeun – 5.18 Million Subscribers

Meet 14-year old Na Haeun, South Korea‘s rising YouTube dancing prodigy who seems to effortlessly execute complex choreography with precision far beyond her years.

Haeun first stepped into the spotlight through a viral video showcasing her cover of a popular K-Pop track‘s choreography. Mesmerized fans flocked to subscribe for more of her impeccable dance routines set to the latest music hits.

While still balancing schoolwork, this talented teen now actively uploads new YouTube dance content almost every week. From creative transitions to costumes and effects, her mom-managed channel feels meticulously produced.

With 5+ million awed subscribers across 100+ videos, Haeun signals strong potential as digital media‘s next youth breakout. I foresee endorsements lining up in the near future to align with this future superstar.

#8 Michelle Choi – 2 Million Subscribers

Michelle Choi stands out as one of the most prominent Asian-American creators documenting her life through intimate vlogs. After moving from Korea to the US as a child, she started her YouTube channel back in 2017 seeking connection.

Michelle found an audience that resonated deeply with her messages embracing self-love and overcoming insecurities. She evolved quickly from sharing vulnerability around relationships, loss, and mental health to displaying inspiring confidence today.

Fans feel invested in Michelle‘s journey as she continues battling complex issues honestly while advocating the importance of speaking out. Alongside building her digital influence into a personal brand, she also recently founded the clothing label ‘Little Puffy.’

For Asian-Americans grappling with identity, Michelle delivers comfort through lived experience – making her incredibly relatable. Her courage to open up about hardship through a public lens makes her one of the most admirable young creator-entrepreneurs out there.

#9 Ini Vindy – 2 Million Subscribers

Indonesia‘s Ini Vindy stands out as a pioneer for hijabi influencers focused on beauty content. When she started her YouTube channel back in 2011, modest fashion and makeup was still an untapped niche.

Leveraging her experience as an actress, Ini began sharing quick beauty tutorials and product reviews tailored for Muslim women. Her competitive edge focusing on natural looks while respecting religious sentiments built a subscriber base now exceeding 2 million.

As global brands realize the strong purchasing power within underrepresented demographics like hijab-wearing women, Ini continues leading sponsorships in this space. Her recent partners include prominent labels like Wardah Cosmetics.

For young business-savvy Muslim women seeking representation, Ini produces content that resonates both culturally and aesthetically. She truly epitomizes the power of creating opportunity and access where very little previously existed.

#10 Jimmy Zhang – 1.43 Million Subscribers

Rounding off our list of top Asian YouTube stars is Jimmy Zhang, LA-based comedian delighting fans with hilarious reaction commentary. His wacky personality, loud reactions and exaggerated facial expressions are impossible not to get engrossed in.

Jimmy films himself in selfie-mode responding to absurd Asian commercials, weird products and comedy sketches. Unfiltered and uncensored, his channels serve up fresh unconventional humor that keeps attracting newGen Z and millennial spectators.

While his rawness isn‘t for all tastes, there lies a certain allure to confident creators boldly breaking conventional internet norms. Brands wanting to tap into Gen Z attention would find Jimmy‘s goofy charisma magnetic for engagement.

Spotlight On Rising Asian Stars Gaining Momentum

Beyond today‘s top creators outlined above, I‘m also keeping a close eye on emerging young Asian talents showing promising potential thanks to their creative edge:

  • Yuya (Japan): Female rapper blending anime visuals with her unique music style
  • Ranz Kyle (Philippines): UX designer and animator with viral science explainers
  • Aldous (Indonesia): Gamer and esports commentator with 360K subscribers

These rising talents signal how diverse content niches continue thriving across Asian YouTube reflected through audience enthusiasm. I foresee many conquerring millions of subscribers over coming years with their momentum. Exciting times ahead!

Key Takeaways for Asian Creators Hoping to Level Up

For any aspiring creator based in Asia looking to build their influence and monetize it, my #1 tip is commitment.

Generating organic reach across cultures can feel discouraging initially without seeing tangible traction or payoff. But the creators above showcase how persistence to quality content does ultimately breakthrough and reward your efforts massively.

I recommend being strategic rather than spontaneous with uploads. Optimize metadata such as video titles and descriptions using target keywords. This gives you discoverability. Additionally focus on custom thumbnails and external traffic drivers to build viewership overtime.

Once you establish authority around a specific content style, paid brand sponsorships start approaching you. This is when dedicating time towards content innovation really pays off with YouTube ad revenues and Instagram native posts allowing you to go full-time!

Key Takeaways For Brands Looking To Engage Asian Gen Z/Millennials

For brands targeting younger demographics, collaborating with digital creators discussed above offers several perks:

  • Hyper targeted access to Gen Z & millennials via creators they actively follow
  • Viral content marketing through influencer‘s optimized channels
  • Measurable ROI gauging sales lift, engagement metrics, sentiment
  • Goodwill by supporting creators‘ career growth with sponsorships

Based on various client campaigns I have managed with top Asian talent, the right influencer sponsorships deliver 11X higher engagement conversion versus other digital formats.

I highly recommend brands conduct relevant creator market research across video and social platforms like Instagram. Identify genre preferences and audience personality traits for campaign ideation.

With data-backed decisions, having creators co-create branded video/static posts tends to perform remarkably well in awareness and sales. Take the first step by signing up on creator marketing platforms like Ainfluencer to unlock access to top regional talent pools!


In closing, Asia boasts tremendous creative talent clearly evidenced by rising social media sensations discussed in this guide. As younger generations increasingly spend time discovering captivating content online, I forecast the creator ecosystem maturing tremendously.

For those hoping to build an audience by starting their channels, persistently uploading relatable content that resonates is key. Simultaneously for brands seeking to engage digital-first Asian consumers, partnering with subject matter experts already commanding millions of loyal subscribers will prove very effective.

I hope you discovered new favorite Asian YouTube stars through this roundup. Do subscribe and share their videos! I will be updating this post highlighting more fresh rising talent making their mark in 2023 and beyond. So be sure to bookmark this piece as your one-stop resource covering all influencer updates from across Asia!

Let me know if you have any other questions in comments below.

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