Top 15 Brazilian Fitness Influencers On Instagram [2024 Non-Celebrity]

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Brazil is known for its fitness and bodybuilding culture, producing some of the most impressive physiques in the world. With year-round sunshine, access to fresh produce, and a very active lifestyle, it‘s no wonder Brazilians take health and fitness so seriously.

This passion has translated online, with Brazilian fitness influencers dominating Instagram and amassing millions of engaged followers. Whether you‘re looking to tap into the huge Brazilian fitness community or simply get inspired by these super-fit influencers, here are 15 of the top Brazilian fitness influencers to follow on Instagram right now.


Treinador Kaka Instagram Profile

Followers: 1 million

Content Style: Instructional fitness videos, client transformations, motivational quotes

Kaká is a physical education professional and online personal trainer from Brazil. With over 1 million Instagram followers, Kaká shares instructional workout videos, impressive client transformations, nutrition advice, and motivational content.

His friendly yet no-nonsense approach has earned him a loyal following seeking fitness guidance and accountability. Brands can partner with Kaká for sponsored content, transformation programs, and to tap into his engaged Brazilian fitness community.

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2. Ana Carolinne Ribeiro

Ana Carolinne Ribeiro Instagram

Followers: 1 million

Content Style: Dance fitness, lifestyle vlogging

Ana Carolinne Ribeiro is a dancer, model, and social media star from Brazil. With over 1 million Instagram followers and 22+ million views on her viral dance videos, Ana Carolinne has cultivated an impressive online presence.

Her content spans dance fitness routines, modeling photoshoots, lifestyle vlogging, and brand partnerships. For brands, Ana Carolinne can promote products to her engaged following through sponsored posts and stories. Her high-quality videos also make her an ideal fitness instructor for digital programs and challenges.

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3. Claudia Gadelha

Claudia Gadelha Instagram

Followers: 992k

Content Style: MMA training, fitness motivation, lifestyle

Claudia Gadelha is a retired professional MMA fighter turned fitness influencer from Brazil. The former UFC star shares MMA-inspired workouts, nutrition advice, comeback stories, and lifestyle content with her 992k Instagram followers.

Having fought around the world, Claudia has an international following captivated by her authentic story and dedication to fitness. Brands can tap into her influence to promote sports supplements, equipment, apparel, and more to her engaged audience.

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4. Juliane Costa

Juliane Costa Instagram

Followers: 302k

Content Style: Workout demonstrations, healthy recipes, transformation photos

Juliane Costa is a fitness coach, journalist, and online influencer from Brazil. She shares workout demonstration videos, healthy recipes, client transformations, and lifestyle content with her 302k Instagram followers.

Juliane takes on various fitness challenges herself and shows her audience how to achieve their own goals. For brands, Juliane can promote products through sponsored content, lead workout challenges, and tap into her audience for surveys and testimonials.

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5. Alê Monteiro

Ale Monteiro Instagram

Followers: 133k

Content Style: Fitness routines, travel photos, lifestyle vlogging

Alê Monteiro is a rising Brazilian fitness influencer who takes her 133k Instagram followers along on her fitness and adventures. Her content spans travel diaries, workout videos, swimwear modelling, recipes, and lifestyle vlogging.

For brands, Alê can promote products through aspirational travel content, fitness routines, and relatable day-in-the-life vlogs. She also has an engaged audience perfect for surveys, testimonials, and user-generated content campaigns.

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6. Kailane Ramos

Kailane Ramos Instagram

Followers: 26.7k

Content Style: Home workouts, healthy meals, fitness advice

Kailane Ramos is a personal trainer and nutrition coach from Brazil. She shares home workout videos, healthy recipes, mental health advice, and lifestyle content to motivate her 26.7k Instagram followers.

With an emphasis on accessibility, Kailane meets followers where they‘re at to inspire lasting healthy changes. For brands, Kailane can create custom home workout plans, promote products through recipes and reviews, and tap into her highly engaged community.

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7. Andre Carvalho

Andre Carvalho Instagram

Followers: 6k

Content Style: Client transformations, fitness advice, lifestyle vlogging

Andre Carvalho is a personal trainer and online fitness coach from Brazil. He uses his Instagram account to showcase client transformations, share fitness advice, and give his 6k followers a peek into his life.

Andre takes pride in helping clients achieve their ideal physique through tailored workout and nutrition plans. For brands, Andre can create sponsored programs and challenges, promote products to his engaged audience, and leverage his expertise to add credibility.

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8. Ricardo Barbosa

Ricardo Barbosa Instagram

Followers: 5k

Content Style: Client transformations, at-home workouts, healthy recipes

Ricardo Barbosa is a qualified personal trainer and nutrition coach from Brazil. He uses his Instagram to share healthy recipes, home workout tips, impressive client transformations, and lifestyle snippets.

With a focus on accessibility, Ricardo meets his clients and followers where they‘re at on their fitness journeys. Brands can work with Ricardo to create custom fitness plans and promote products suited to different levels and budgets.

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9. Bruno Nascimento

Bruno Nascimento Instagram

Followers: 14.1k

Content Style: Fitness advice, client photoshoots, nutrition plans

Also known as "Brunão," Bruno Nascimento is a personal trainer and photographer from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. He merges his passions on Instagram, sharing fitness tips, client photoshoots showing transformations, healthy recipes, and lifestyle photos.

With an artistic eye and fitness expertise, brands can leverage Bruno‘s skills for content creation and community building. Expect beautiful imagery promoted to a highly targeted and engaged fitness audience.

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10. David Michigan

David Michigan Instagram

Followers: 18.5 million

Content Style: Extreme fitness challenges, nutrition plans, lifestyle vlogging

David Michigan is an entrepreneur, actor, and founder of the luxury Michigan Academy in Brazil. He shares his extreme fitness challenges, daily nutrition plans, cooking videos, and glimpses into his lavish lifestyle with 18.5 million Instagram followers.

As the most followed Brazilian fitness influencer, David has cultivated a massive, devoted audience both within Brazil and abroad. For high-end brands, David provides sponsorship opportunities that reach audiences on a mega-influencer level.

11. Gracyanne Barbosa

Gracyanne Barbosa Instagram

Followers: 10.9 million

Content Style: Workout clips, bikini photoshoots, endorsements

Gracyanne Barbosa is one of Brazil‘s most popular female bodybuilders and models. The former professional dancer showcases her intense workouts, physique photoshoots, endorsements, and extravagant lifestyle to 10.9 million Instagram followers.

Given her celebrity status and influence, Gracyanne makes an ideal brand ambassador for fashion, beauty, gym equipment, and nutrition brands seeking exposure on a mass scale. For context, her engagement rivals that of Kim Kardashian.

12. Eva Andressa

Eva Andressa Instagram

Followers: 6.1 million

Content Style: Bikini photoshoots, endorsements, motivational quotes

Eva Andressa is one of the world‘s most successful IFBB Bikini Pro athletes and fitness models. The Brazilian icon shares professional physique photoshoots, global travels, endorsements, and inspirational quotes with 6.1 million devoted Instagram followers.

Given her unparalleled influence and industry connections, Eva makes an ideal partner for supplement, apparel, equipment, and beauty brands seeking expert endorsement and global reach.

13. Bella Falconi

Bella Falconi Instagram

Followers: 4.1 million

Content Style: Healthy recipes, at-home workouts, nutrition plans

Bella Falconi is a nutritionist, personal trainer, and best-selling author from Brazil. She shares healthy recipes, at-home workouts, customized nutrition plans, and lifestyle content with her 4.1 million Instagram followers.

Given her credentials and expertise, Bella makes the perfect partner for health brands seeking to boost credibility with consumers. Expect sponsored programs, product endorsements, and affiliate promotions promoted through high-quality social content.

14. Felipe Franco

Felipe Franco Instagram

Followers: 4.8 million

Content Style: Bodybuilding tips, family life, physique photos

IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Felipe Franco gives his 4.8 million Instagram followers an inside look at the life of a champion. Alongside bodybuilding tips, Felipe shares glimpses into family life with his wife and son.

As a respected industry spokesperson, Felipe makes the ideal fit for sports nutrition and apparel brands seeking expert endorsement. Sponsored posts receive amplification from Felipe‘s passionate Brazilian fanbase.

15. Barbara Silva

Followers: 73.6k

Content Style: Fitness routines, healthy lifestyle tips, inspirational quotes

Last but not least is rising Brazilian fitness influencer, Barbara Silva. She shares daily workout motivation, healthy living tips, inspirational quotes and photos showcasing her fit physique to 73.6k loyal followers.

While smaller in scale than mega-stars like David Michigan, Barbara provides sponsorships an authentic, engaged audience perfect for testing products, scaling locally, or boosting credibility.

Looking to leverage these top Brazilian fitness influencers for your brand? Here‘s a quick step-by-step guide to running an effective influencer marketing campaign:

1. Set Goals

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2. Find Relevant Influencers

Use a platform like Ainfluencer to search for influencers who match your niche, aesthetic, and audience. Vet engagement data, content quality, previous sponsorships, and audience demographic.

3. Set Expectations

Be upfront about content requirements, timelines, usage rights, and compensation. Sign contracts clearly outlining deliverables, rights, and payment terms for all parties.

4. Amplify & Track Performance

Share influencer content across your owned channels. Track views, engagement, clicks, sales, or other KPIs using UTM links and promo codes. Identify top-performing influencers for future partnerships.

5. Pay & Provide Feedback

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Brazilian fitness influencers continue to dominate on Instagram, amassing millions of devoted followers seeking inspiration, education, entertainment, and results.

By partnering with influencers aligned to your brand, you gain direct access to these engaged communities through authentic content and expert endorsements.

So next time you‘re looking to connect with the huge Brazilian fitness audience, consider collaborating with one of these top influencers on Instagram right now in 2023.

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