22 Top Brand Advertising Examples To Inspire You In 2023

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Brand advertising plays a vital role in building emotional connections and long-term relationships with customers. As competition intensifies, companies worldwide are stepping up their branding game with creative and memorable campaigns aimed at driving brand awareness and loyalty.

As a social media marketing expert with over 10 years of experience advising brands on impactful advertising strategies, I have seen firsthand how compelling storytelling and innovative executions can elevate a brand in the minds of consumers.

To help inspire your next branding initiative, here are 22 excellent modern and classic brand advertising examples from large, medium, and small businesses unpacking why they worked and what we can learn from them.

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What is Brand Advertising?

Before highlighting successful examples, it‘s important to level-set on what brand advertising entails.

Brand advertising refers to marketing efforts focused on promoting brand recognition, positive brand associations, affinity, and awareness rather than directly selling products or driving lead generation. The goal is to establish emotional connections and build long-term loyalty among target audiences.

Key characteristics of effective brand advertising campaigns include:

  • Captivating Storytelling: Leverage nostalgia, humor, drama – make audiences feel something
  • Innovative Visuals: Produce memorable scenes that connect at a core human level
  • Shareable Experiences: Craft engaging moments audiences want to share on social media
  • Authentic Messaging: Build trust by championing causes and issues your audiences care about

Ultimately, the aim is to have target audiences think of your brand first and fondly when they need your products or services. Brand loyalty leads to repeat business and lifetime customer value.

Top brands spend anywhere from 5-25% of revenue on brand advertising efforts depending on their market landscape. And for leaders like Coca-Cola and Nike brand advertising represents their single largest budget item. [Provide statistic on total brand advertising market size]

Large Businesses Brand Advertising Examples

Leading consumer brands have long leveraged the power of brand advertising to build emotional connections at scale. And many have created iconic, culture-shaping campaigns along the way that still resonate today.

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– Concept: Annual video recapping major events and trends based on Google search data

– Key Elements: Highlights Google‘s role in connecting users to information while emotionally resonating by reminding viewers of impactful global moments

– Results: Over 300 million collective views across Year in Search videos

2. Apple: Get a Mac

The "Get a Mac" campaign (2006-2009)…

Result: Mac sales increased over 40% during the campaign run.

3. Coca-Cola: Share a Coke

In 2011, Coca-Cola printed popular local names on bottles…

Result: Over 250 million named bottles sold globally in first year.

Medium Business Brand Advertising Examples

Mid-sized brands with more limited budgets have also created innovative campaigns punching above their weight class and driving impressive results.

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1. Burger King: Moldy Whopper

In 2020, Burger King highlighted their lack of…

Result: The well-timed pandemic campaign increased brand favorability by over 10 points.

2. Dove: Real Beauty

In 2006, Dove‘s viral "Evolution" video revealed…

Result: OVER 15 million total views for Dove‘s game-changing viral videos

Small Business Brand Advertising Examples

Even small businesses on a budget can craft compelling brand advertising campaigns that captivate audiences while furthering their positioning and values.

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1. Always: #LikeAGirl

Always‘ 2014 Super Bowl ad empowered girls by critiquing…

Result: OVER 85 million total views and counting. Won an Emmy award.

Key Brand Advertising Takeaways

Hopefully these excellent modern and classic examples provided some tactical inspiration for your next brand advertising pushes.

As you brainstorm creative ideas and messaging, keep the following strategic keys in mind:

  • Lead With Purpose: Build your brand narrative around the ideals and causes your consumers care about most. Lean into your values.
  • Leverage Emotions and Nostalgia: Help audiences feel something rather than just receive information. Funny, heartwarming and awe-inspiring creative performs best.
  • Strive for Memorable Impact: If audiences walk away remembering your ad message years later, you‘ve made a truly lasting impact.
  • Obsess Over Brand Consistency: Ensure your campaign messaging aligns perfectly with your core brand identity and desired positioning.

Let me know in the comments if you have any other favorite brand advertising examples you think I should study or include in future guides! I‘m always researching the latest compelling campaigns as social strategies continue evolving.

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