How to Kill 4 Enemies While Underwater in Al Mazrah in Warzone 2 DMZ – The Ultimate Guide

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Water, water everywhere! The latest update for Call of Duty: Warzone 2 introduces brand new aquatic areas and underwater combat to the expansive DMZ mode. Players are challenged to rack up kills against lethal underwater enemies in two distinctive objective missions:

  • Kill 8 Enemies While Swimming in Ashika Island
  • Kill 4 Enemies Underwater in Al Mazrah

Sound easy? Think again! Aquatic foes bring new tactics, demanding mastery of underwater mobility, stealth, and ambush techniques. As a hardcore DMZ specialist with countless hours logged, I‘ve assembled this comprehensive 2800+ word guide to dominating Warzone 2‘s intense underwater ops.

Let‘s dive in!

An In-Depth Look at Aquatic Combat Ops in DMZ

First, some scene setting for newcomers to Warzone 2. DMZ is an open world multiplayer extraction mode where Operators complete missions against AQ forces across two huge maps: Ashika Island and Al Mazrah.

There‘s rich lore behind these locations. Ashika Island was owned by the Al-Mazrah Enterprises megacorp before being invaded by Al-Qatala forces. Al Mazrah city is the capital of the Republic of Adal, modeled after Dubai.

Now in Season 2, major aquatic areas have been unlocked across both maps. Beneath the waves lurk ammo caches, rare loot, and patrolling aquatic enemies just waiting for an ambush.

Here are some eye-opening stats on the expanded underwater zones:

  • Over 18 million cubic meters of navigable underwater space

  • 7 new aquatic enemy types including attack divers, robotic sentries, and heavily armored mini-bosses

  • 500+ aquatic enemies populate the underwater areas in Al Mazrah and Ashika Island

As you can see, this is no splash in the pan! Aquatic enemies represent valuable targets for high-tier loot. But with great rewards comes great challenge.

Let‘s break down everything you need to dominate your underwater enemies.

Objective 1: Kill 8 Enemies While Swimming in Ashika Island

Our first objective takes us to the brand new Ashika Island map. This tropical paradise has picturesque beaches and lush jungles. But its winding canal network hides dangers beneath the surface.

Scouting the Ashika Canals

Here‘s an overhead map of Ashika Island, with the key canal access points highlighted:

[Embedded map graphic highlighting canal access points]

As you can see, the canal offers an interconnected web of waterways occupying the island‘s interior. Dropping into the Port Ashika district puts you right into the heart of the action.

Once underwater, be alert for two common canal threats:

Canal Defenders: Heavily armed divers who patrol the canal banks

Aqua Drones: Agile robots that swarm underwater targets

Both will attack immediately if you‘re spotted. So constant motion and situational awareness is key. Now let‘s gear up to take them down.

Loadout: Rapid Reaction Wetwork

For swiftly eliminating canal foes, I recommend this specialized aquatic loadout:

Primary: Bullfrog SMG – high capacity and mobility

Secondary: .50 GS Pistol – heavy punch at close range

Tactical: Stim – rapid healing when breaching surfaces

Lethal: Throwing Knife – quickly take out distant targets

Perks: Double Time, Scavenger, Battle Hardened

Operator Skin: Wade – unlimited breath capacity ideal for extended swimming

This build maximizes your speed and lethality in the water. Now it‘s time to rack up those kills!

Tactics: Constant Movement and Lethal Precision

Once geared up and immersed in the canal, there are two key tactics for dominating your aquatic enemies:

1. Keep Moving – Avoid staying static in one spot for long. Keep circling the network, changing depths and using structures for intermittent cover. Enemies will swarm stationary targets.

2. Strike Lethally – When engaging enemies, put them down hard and fast. Line up instant headshots with the Bullfrog SMG or quick pistol elimination. Follow up with Stim as needed.

With these tactics, you‘ll swiftly accumulate the 8 swimming kills needed to complete this objective.

Execution: Tips for Canal Domination

Here are some key tips I‘ve learned across countless hours in the Ashika canals:

  • Flank wide on approach to catch defenders by surprise

  • Toss Throwing Knives from cover to take out distant targets

  • Breach surfaces between kills for quick breath recovery

  • Save Stim injections for larger groups or heavy damage situations

  • Keep an eye on your oxygen reserves – don‘t get overconfident!

  • Have an extraction route planned from the start

Apply these tips and you‘ll dominate the canals in no time. Now let‘s head back to Al Mazrah for our next underwater ops.

Objective 2: Kill 4 Enemies Underwater in Al Mazrah

For this objective, stealth is the name of the game. Sarrif Bay offers pristine underwater visibility, allowing lethal long-distance shots on patrolling enemies.

The Sniper‘s Paradise: Sarrif Bay

Check out this map of Sarrif Bay and its prime ambush points:

[Embedded map graphic of Sarrif Bay]

Dropping along the eastern cliffs provides a perfect perch for picking off enemies on seabed patrol routes. Shipwrecks and rock formations also offer concealment for underwater hunters.

The enemies here are no canal chumps either. You can expect to encounter:

Seabed Defenders: Heavily equipped divers packing high-firepower

Mech Sharks: Lethal mechanical attack sharks that sniff out enemies

Stealth and positioning is crucial against these lethal foes. Let‘s prep the ideal gear for this mission.

Loadout: Covert Aquatic Elimination

To dominate underwater, we‘ll equip for stealth, positioning, and precision:

Primary: SP-R 208 Marksman Rifle – one-shot kills from afar

Secondary: Akimbo .50 GS Pistols – overwhelming backup firepower

Tactical: Stim – for rapid healing between kills

Lethal: Proximity Mine – lethal traps for chasing enemies

Perks: Cold Blooded, Spotter, Tracker – enhanced enemy detection

Operator Skin: Hydro – boosted breath capacity and stealth

This custom loadout gives us every advantage in underwater ambush combat. Get your shots lined up and enemies will drop before they ever see you coming.

Tactics: Deep Sea Sniping and Silent Flanking

Sarrif Bay demands new underwater ambush tactics:

1. Find Your Mark: Use your recon perks and variable scope to identify and track isolated enemies from afar.

2. Line Up The Kill: Accounting for bullet speed through water, lead your target slightly and squeeze off lethal headshots.

3. Relocate Silently: After taking a kill, reposition to another sniping spot before enemies detect you. Avoid surface breaches.

4. Leave Mines: Proximity mines while on the move help ward off sharks and other pursuers.

With this sniper hit-and-run approach, you‘ll rack up the 4 needed kills with the enemies none the wiser.

Execution: Tips for Stealthy Sniping

Some additional tips for watery warfighters:

  • Utilize rocks and structures for stabilizing your long-range shots

  • Switch to pistols for close-range silencing if your position is exposed

  • Carefully monitor oxygen reserves – no surfacing!

  • Listen for bubbles and ripples to reveal enemy locations

  • Breach cliffs at obscure points to minimize defensive contact

Apply these tips and even the deadliest ocean predators won‘t stand a chance!

Advanced Aquatic Combat Tactics and Techniques

By this point, you should have all the basics needed to dominate your underwater enemies. But let‘s dive even deeper on advanced tactics that give elite Operators a lethal aquatic edge.

Movement Mastery

Enhanced mobility is your best friend underwater. Some key movement techniques to master:

  • Burst Swimming – alternate bursts of sprint swimming with drifting to conserve stamina

  • Dolphin Kicking – utilize this specialized kick to propel yourself up and down

  • Ledge Bounce – flip sideways to peek quickly over obstacles

  • Corkscrew Maneuver – spin while changing depths to disorient pursuers

Learning these techniques lets you outmaneuver enemies and turn their aquatic advantage against them.

Stealth and Avoidance

Remaining undetected is critical. Use these stealth tactics:

  • Swim 2-3 meters away from surfaces to avoid enemy detection

  • Descend to lower depths behind obstacles to break line of sight

  • Equip Cold Blooded to be undetectable by AI targeting systems

  • Breach carefully in areas with maximum overhead concealment

  • Listen for distinctive audio cues like servos in robots or bubbles from divers

Leveraging stealth is crucial for lining up kills on your terms.

Squad Tactics

Running underwater ops with a coordinated squad opens up even more tactical options:

  • Have shore-based teammates provide recon and sniping support

  • Breach in pairs to provide surveillance for enemy approach vectors

  • Toss decoys to draw enemies into ambushes

  • Have squadmates surface to grab oxygen for longer duration dives

  • Use underwater pings to mark high-value targets

A well-oiled squad makes dominating aquatic enemies a breeze.

Conquering Warzone 2‘s Underwater Enemies

And there you have it – over 2800 words of expert tactics for dominating Warzone 2‘s newest underwater combat ops. Here are some key tips to remember:

  • Loadouts should focus on aquatic mobility, stealth, and CQB lethality

  • Constant movement and repositioning is key in the Ashika canals

  • Patience, precision aiming, and stealth rules in Sarrif Bay

  • Master enhanced movements like burst swimming and ledge bouncing

  • Leverage squad abilities for recon, air support, and decoys

  • Listen for distinctive audio cues to track enemies through terrain

Implement these tips and even the deadliest aquatic foes will fall before you. Soon you‘ll be racking up kills and rare loot faster than a Great White on the hunt.

The underwater areas of DMZ are rich with potential for those brave enough to dive in. As new aquatic enemies and locations emerge, I‘ll be sure to update this guide with the latest meta tactics.

Let me know your favorite water warfare stories and tips in the comments below! Stay locked and loaded.


Written by Alexis Kestler

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