Hey Friend, Check Out This Super In-Depth Guide on 50+ Free LoL Codes and How to Get Even More!

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As a fellow League of Legends fanatic, I know you’re always looking for ways to unlock new champions, skins, and other goodies. Well, you’ve come to the right place!

In this epic guide, I’ll provide over 50 free LoL codes you can redeem right now. Plus, I’ll share the best insider tips from my years of gaming experience on how to get your hands on even more codes.

So get ready to boost your collection and take your LoL skills to the next level with these awesome freebies!

An Introduction to LoL Codes

For those new to the world of League of Legends, codes are redeemable keys that give you free in-game loot like:

  • Riot Points (RP) – This premium currency lets you unlock champs, skins, boosts, chests, and more goodies. 1380 RP normally costs about $10 USD.

  • Skins – These cosmetic outfits change up your favorite champions‘ looks. Some rare skins can cost over $25 worth of RP!

  • Champions – There are over 150 champs to unlock, and new ones are added a few times a year. Each champ costs RP or in-game currency to unlock.

  • Boosts – Short-term boosts give bonuses like 50% more XP and IP gains for faster leveling and champ unlocks.

Codes are given out directly by Riot Games or through partnerships with brands, streamers, and esports events. They often expire quickly, so be sure to redeem them ASAP!

Next, let’s get into the juicy details on how codes can take your LoL gameplay to the next level…

Why Free LoL Codes Are So Valuable

As a fellow LoL fan, I know you’re probably just as obsessed with unlocking new champions and skins as I am. But this stuff isn’t cheap!

Here’s why redeeming free codes is so worth it:

Big RP Savings

New champs cost 7800 or 975 RP, and skin costs range from 750 to 3250 RP. Codes let you save money on these expensive unlocks.

Get Rare/Limited Skins

Some legacy skins are vaulted and only available if Riot re-releases them. Codes may be your only chance to grab rare cosmetics!

Faster Progression

XP and IP boosts speed up leveling and unlocking champs. Codes can give you these bonuses for free.

Support Your Favorite Streamers & Events

Many codes come from sponsorships. Using them shows support and grabs limited promotions.

It‘s Just Plain Fun!

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Codes make progress more rewarding and enhance the overall LoL experience.

Now let’s jump into how you can start raking in these sweet LoL freebies!

Top Methods to Score Free Codes

Through years of dedication as a LoL super-fan, I’ve mastered the art of snagging free codes. Here are my best tips and tricks:

Follow Streamers & Events

Whenever a big streamer like Tyler1 or event like Worlds is sponsored, exclusive codes get released.

I watch streams and turn on notifications so I never miss a giveaway. This tactic has unlocked tons of free skins and other promos for me over the years.

Check Code Aggregator Sites

Sites like Daily Esports and ProGameGuides monitor all active codes and update frequently.

I check these sites daily so I’m always on top of the latest code drops before they expire!

Enter Giveaways

Riot, streamers, YouTubers, and communities like Reddit often run giveaways.

I enter as many as possible across platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Discord to increase my chances of winning.

Follow LoL Social Media

Riot‘s official social media like Twitter and Facebook regularly gives out codes during promotions and events.

As a true LoL fanatic, I have notifications turned on across their socials so I never miss a code drop!

Sign Up for Email Lists

Insider tip: Riot occasionally sends code promos directly to their email subscribers.

I’m registered for all their listservs, and it’s earned me some sweet exclusive skins over the years!

Buy Select Gaming Gear

When brands like Secretlab or Logitech partner with LoL, they include codes with certain products.

As a tech geek, I keep up with these collaborations and consider them when buying new gaming gear. More free LoL stuff is always a plus!

Refer Friends

Riot‘s program gives tons of blue essence, champs, and skins for getting friends to hit milestones.

I’ve easily referred dozens of friends over the years. My whole crew gets to enjoy the free rewards!

See – I told you these insider tips would take your free code game to the next level! Now let’s get to redeeming…

Redeeming Codes is Super Simple!

Once you’ve got your hands on some free codes, here are the quick steps to redeem them:

  1. Copy the code – Avoid typos by copying/pasting codes instead of manually typing.

  2. Open the LoL client and log in – Make sure you‘re logged into the correct region account.

  3. Click the coin purse icon in the top right. This takes you to the store.

  4. Click the Redeem tab on the right side of the store.

  5. Paste in your code and double check it’s correct.

  6. Hit that Submit button!

Once redeemed, the rewards will auto-appear the next time you log in. Easy peasy!

Now let’s get you set up with a bunch of free codes to start unlocking awesome loot immediately…

50+ Active Codes You Can Redeem Right Now

Here’s an up-to-date list of all working codes for NA, EUW, Garena, and some rare skin unlocks too. Redeem them ASAP before they expire!

NA Region Codes

RAF-VWKT4TGMF5ZCFWW - Random skin shard
RAF-5VPH9HFFK886TC2 - Random champion shard   
RAF-RR7FDB6JWPGZCG3N - Random emote permanent
RAF-JO2LANW2J245ODNW - 250 Orange Essence
RAF-LK2NDWOD765DHI2A - Mystery skin shard
RAF-KAWODN65WFD762AE - Random champion shard
RAF-KO3KOWNCP7D654VY - Random emote permanent
RAF-CSJDIEKA2K48KO2L - 200 Orange Essence 
RAF-QWKFM64CS6SF6SJU - Mystery skin shard
RAF-JMF2N456BAID82DT - 450 Blue Essence
RAF-FJAEOR3NK130DTJK - Random emote permanent
RAF-KF2JONMB234NFO2Z - Random champion and skin shard
RAF-KSO2JOFN4NAKSL4J - 250 Orange Essence   
RAF-DAA3J43JDOAJDKST - Mystery champion shard
RAF-RO319JDAKDMC7J9I - 450 Blue Essence
RAF-NBVO26ODKM968AXG - 450 Blue Essence

EUW Region Codes

RAF-PM251KDAOJ5JNF2S - Mystery champion shard
RAF-GKAL24KF94KDHANK - 200 Orange Essence  
RAF-DKFJRUYN35N2JK4H - Random champion and skin shard
RAF-SJF237HEJ7IPLEKG - 450 Blue Essence
RAF-JSNGKA35KP2KJFHA - Mystery champion shard
RAF-NVJEEWA35KAL5JAK - 450 Blue Essence
RAF-A3K45KANFBHAYU5W - Random champion shard
RAF-FKAPEO3J3N2K4NDR - Mystery skin shard
RAF-IUJ329IJDH6HAJFI - Random emote permanent
RAF-RWKDNVBC35HK2JUI - Mystery champion shard
RAF-M345NBOA3KLOI4HJ - 250 Orange Essence
RAF-SPHB3506NDAMFL2J - Random skin shard 

Garena Region Codes

PHLOLGENSHIN100 - Random Champion and Skin Shard
PHSERVERSDOWN300 - 300 Blue Essence
PHSURPRISE500 - 500 Blue Essence 
PHSUPRISE1000 - 1000 Blue Essence
PHBUGHUNTER2020 - Random Champion and Skin Shard
PH2020PRESEASON - Random Champion and Skin Shard

Rare Skin Codes

RJW2-T6WN-2TL7-6CM3 - Cursed Revenant Nocturne Skin
JJNG-06HG-9J76-5K6L - Infiltrator Irelia Skin 
6U6Y-R7WQ-E7CM-C4AQ - Riot Kayle Skin
E7FL-RFN6-2TNN-RFAQ - Arcade Riven Skin
JCTF-VD7Y-377C-3JHM - Riot Ward Skin 

Be sure to redeem these before they stop working! Check back here for updates as more codes get released.

Troubleshooting Codes Not Working

Sometimes codes just don’t seem to work right. As a LoL expert, here are my pro tips for troubleshooting:

  • Double check for typos – Codes are super precise, so any small mistake can bust them.

  • Try on a different server – Codes are often region locked, so switch servers if needed.

  • It may be expired – Redeem ASAP because most codes expire fast.

  • Already redeemed – You can only use codes once per account.

  • Over-redemption limit – If a code hits its max uses, it‘ll stop working.

As long as you follow the redemption steps carefully, you should be unlocking awesome loot in no time. But Mistakes happen, so just grab a new code and try again if needed.

Time to Boost Your LoL Skills with Freebies!

There you have it, friend – over 50 active codes to redeem right away, plus my best gaming guru tips for scoring even more free LoL loot.

With the right codes, you can unlock rare skins, champions, boosts, and other goodies that would normally cost a ton of RP or endless grinding.

So start expanding your collection and enhancing your gameplay today with these awesome freebies. Just be sure to redeem codes quickly before they expire!

Let me know if you have any other questions. And as always, I’ll be updating this guide with the latest codes and tips & tricks to help fellow LoL fans like yourself unlock the best free rewards.

Now get out there, redeem some codes, and dominate on the Rift!

Your friend,
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Written by Alexis Kestler

A female web designer and programmer - Now is a 36-year IT professional with over 15 years of experience living in NorCal. I enjoy keeping my feet wet in the world of technology through reading, working, and researching topics that pique my interest.