The Most Elite and Expensive Weapons to Master in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

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If you‘re like me, you love getting deep into the combat systems of expansive RPGs like Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord. There‘s something extremely satisfying about acquiring the biggest, baddest weapons to demolish your enemies in style. But to unlock Bannerlord‘s most powerful arms requires hours of dedicated crafting, skill progression, and amassing small fortunes in denars.

Are these elite weapons worth the effort required to obtain them? Let‘s dive into the creme de la creme of Bannerlord‘s arsenal and find out!

Becoming Battle-Ready in Mount & Blade II

Before we get to the expensive stuff, let‘s quickly go over what makes Bannerlord such an incredible medieval combat simulator. Whether you‘re a series veteran or new to Mount & Blade, I hope this provides helpful context.

As you journey across the continents, you‘ll steadily build up your character‘s skills and gear. Bannerlord features an intuitive directional attacking and blocking system with different strike and parry angles. Timing and finesse are critical, especially when facing multiple opponents.

There are ranged and melee weapons across several categories like swords, axes, spears, bows, and throwing weapons. Each type has situational advantages to master. You can also recruit followers to form a party and outfit them with gear.

While you start off whacking bandits with rusty blades, the weaponry continuously improves as you progress. This is where the addictively deep crafting system comes in.

You can learn to smelt raw materials into ingots, fashion weapon parts, apply decorative elements, and combine pieces to forge awesome arms. The very best gear requires unlocking rare crafting perks and recipes. Which finally brings us to the insanely expensive elite weapons…

Two-Handed Swords – The Legendary Thamaskene Steel Blade

Let‘s start with the undisputed kings of Bannerlord‘s battlefield – two-handed swords. Cleaving enemies in half with these massive blades never gets old.

The elite option is a max sized V Thamaskene Steel Kaskara Blade. This bad boy can only be forged by a Master Smith with 100 Smithing skill. Just gathering the rare Thamaskene steel ingots takes completing dangerous quests and scouring the ends of the earth.

Weapon Damage Length Speed Rating Value
Steel Kaskara 112 160 50 15,000 denars
Thamaskene Kaskara 126 180 55 44,000 denars

Look at that – the Thamaskene Kaskara absolutely dominates the standard steel version in every stat. We‘re talking unstoppable cutting power and reach to take out enemies before they can react.

I remember finally crafting this beast after weeks of gathering materials. The first bandit camp I charged on horseback was practically obliterated within seconds. Limb-chopping never felt so good!

Whether you prefer charging into the frey or holding a position, the Thamaskene greatsword is worth its steep price. Just be ready to spend time developing your Smithing skill to pull it off.

Polearms – The Jeweled Vlandia Billhook

Alright, say you want to really lay down the hurt on horseback while keeping your distance. That‘s where elite polearms come in. The V Long Glaive Head combined with Gold Chased Wings, Lacquered Shaft, and Jeweled Pommel creates a cavalry annihilator.

Weapon Damage Length Speed Rating Value
Northern Pike 68 135 62 9,800 denars
Vlandia Billhook 82 150 57 33,676 denars

The Billhook‘s insane reach lets you skewer enemies before they can close into sword range. Its slicing power is strong enough to unseat riders or hack legs off with good aim. Oh, and it looks incredibly badass polished with gold and jewels.

Having pilfered enough gold bars to make the fancy upgrades, this billhook quickly became my go-to for mounted patrols. I‘ve impaled many a bandit without taking a scratch. If jousting is your thing, accept no substitutes!

Two-Handed Axes – Vlandia‘s Chopping Machine

Alright, say you‘re all about unleashing crushing force upon your foes. Then you need one of Bannerlord‘s two-handed greataxes in your hands.

The Heavy Bardiche Blade, Carved Oaken Handle, and Ornamental Pommel make for a timber-cleaving, armor-smashing monster. Weighing in at 13 lbs, you‘ll be ripping through enemies like butter.

Weapon Damage Speed Rating Value
Oaken Greataxe 68 55 15,000 denars
Ornate Bardiche 82 50 33,500 denars

While it‘s slower than a sword, each strike of the Heavy Bardiche packs a massive punch. Having caved in my fair share of helmets on the battlefield, I can tell you this beast is worth having in your arsenal. Raiders never knew what hit them!

Javelins – Piercing the Heavens with the Palatine

Alright, switching gears to ranged dominance. When you absolutely, positively need to wreck someone‘s day from 100 paces, accept no substitutes but the legendary Palatine Javelin.

Weapon Piercing Damage Range Value
Hastati Javelin 45 95 2,800 denars
Palatine Javelin 67 105 16,674 denars

This aerodynamic masterpiece combines a Fine Steel Spear Head and hand-polished Mahogany Shaft for unerring accuracy. I‘ve skewered enemy cavalry mid-charge and pinned them helpless as ragdolls to the ground. Worth every denar!

Developing your Throwing skill and learning the proper javelin release technique takes time. But once you master it, the Palatine becomes an invaluable long-range threat.

One-Handed Swords – Off With Their Heads!

Alright, say you need some quick and deadly sword action in one hand while wielding a shield or torch in the other. Look no further than the curved one-handed Northern Falx Sword.

The Engraved Falx Blade, Winged Guard, and Jeweled Pommel create a head-lopping machine designed to overwhelm enemies with a flurry of strikes. Fear the man who wields this nasty blade.

Weapon Damage Speed Rating Value
Saber Sword 75 71 1,500 denars
Northern Falx 88 76 11,762 denars

With practice, the Falx becomes an extension of your arm – slashing, chopping, and piercing enemies with impunity. I‘ve carved up packs of looters like tender meat. The falx rewards an aggressive playstyle, so get in close and let the limbs start flying!

Two-Handed Maces – The Emperor‘s Skullcrusher

When you face heavily armored foes, maces shine by bashing right through metal plates. And nothing shatters bones like the Studded Imperial Mace.

The 10 lb Cataphract Mace Head combined with Hardwood Handle and Imperial Decorated Pommel turns elite troops into whimpering peasants. Feel the earth tremble beneath its might!

Weapon Blunt Damage Speed Rating Value
Iron Mace 50 45 3,000 denars
Studded Imperial Mace 68 38 11,178 denars

After far too many battles watching arrows and blades glance off plate armor, I invested in this beauty. Let me tell you, the feedback of crushed bone through the handle is most satisfying. All hail the Emperor‘s skullcracker!

One-Handed Maces – The Vlandian Flanged Devastator

Bringing crushing force along on horseback? You want the V Flanged Mace Head, Steel Handle, and Ornamental Pommel combo. Enemies trampled by your mount won‘t be getting back up after you introduce their skulls to this bad boy.

Weapon Blunt Damage Speed Rating Value
Iron Mace 39 62 1,700 denars
Vlandian Flanged Mace 49 57 5,623 denars

The flanged head concentrates all the impact into a small point, punching straight through helmets and plate. Many bandits have tasted my steel through this little ball-breaker. It‘s always worth slotting into your weapon loadout.

One-Handed Axes – The Varangian Broadaxe

If you need raw chopping power from horseback, the Sturgian Bearded Axe is an excellent choice. The Rectangular Axe Bit mounted on a Hardwood Handle with Riveted Pommel provides versatile slashing and armor penetration.

Weapon Cutting Damage Speed Rating Value
Iron Hatchet 32 71 1,000 denars
Sturgian Bearded Axe 42 66 3,620 denars

With its beard-shaped hook, this axe is great at pulling riders from their mounts or trapping limbs. Many horsemen and swordsmen have been felled by my trusty bearded axe. It‘s a solid all-round performer.

Pikes – Vlandia‘s Cavalry Stopper

Alright, say you need to create a no-go zone and pin down advancing cavalry. The V Long Glaive Pike Head on a sturdy Hard Maple Shaft gives you the reach to accomplish this. Brace at the chokepoint and watch knights slide right on your pointy friend!

Weapon Piercing Damage Length Value
Spear Pike 32 125 1,500 denars
Glaive Pike 46 155 2,767 denars

With its armor piercing leaf-shaped head, the Glaive Pike impales men and mounts with ease. Set your troops up at a bridge or gap and there‘s no breaking your line! Extra effectiveness from the high ground.

Throwing Axes – Pin Your Foes with Sturgia‘s Franziska

Alright, back to ranged options. For humiliating and disabling foes from short distance, you need the Sturgian Throwing Axe. The heavy Franziska Head and Hardened Oak Handle means this sucker hits hard and sticks where it lands.

Weapon Throwing Damage Value
Iron Throwing Axe 35 1,000 denars
Sturgian Throwing Axe 49 1,471 denars

The solid weight of this chopping axe means you can quickly inflict bleeding wounds that stack up over time. I love pegging shield users right in the shins or neckline. Their cursing is music to my ears!

Daggers – The Misericorde Rondel Puncher

Quick and lethal, the Southern Misericorde Rondel Dagger combines a needle-like Sica Blade, sturdy Star-Shaped Guard, and weighted Jeweled Pommel to punch through armor weak points. Get up close and personal with this little beast.

Weapon Piercing Damage Speed Rating Value
Steel Dagger 15 83 500 denars
Misericorde 22 77 723 denars

The diamond cross-section gives this rondel tip incredible armor penetration. Many heavily armored foes have fallen victim to precise kidney and visor strikes from my trusty Misericorde. Don‘t leave camp without it!

Throwing Knives – Chip Away At Them with the Vlandia Dart

Alright last but not least, let‘s look at ranged stealth and suppression. The heavy Vlandia War Dart Throwing Knife can quickly inflict bleeding and fatigue. Its Broad Dagger Blade and Weighted Pommel mean this sucker hits hard.

Weapon Piercing Damage Value
Iron Throwing Knife 11 150 denars
Vlandia War Dart 15 292 denars

The War Dart‘s heavy blade sticks fast and finds gaps even in plate armor. Using hit-and-run tactics, I‘ve bled out many enemies with repeated long-range strikes. It‘s amazing for whittling down tougher foes.

Final Thoughts on the Arms Race

And there you have it – the bleeding edge elite weapons across all classes in Mount & Blade II Bannerlord. I hope this breakdown gives you a better idea of the crafting and skill investment required to obtain them.

Based on spending many hours in combat with these arms, here are my final thoughts:

The Good:

  • Unrivaled stats – damage, reach, armor penetration, etc.
  • Prestige and intimidation factor
  • Making challenging fights easier
  • Unlock new battlefield capabilities

The Bad:

  • Astronomical costs – enough to field a small army
  • Hundreds of hours crafting to unlock recipes
  • Lower tier weapons still effective for most content

As someone obsessed with combat mechanics, acquiring these elite weapons provided me great satisfaction. But they may be overkill if you focus mainly on empire building.

My advice – try obtaining your favorite 1-2 top tier weapons to cover your primary fighting style. Then invest extra money into settlements, troops, and diplomats. This balanced approach has worked well in my experience.

I hope this guide gave you some ideas on gear progression in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord. Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions! I‘m always happy to discuss combat tactics and crafting strategies with fellow players.


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