How Much Is Nintendo Worth in 2023? (Nintendo Net Worth – $95.72 billion)

How the Gaming Giant Stacks Up in the Industry, Delve into an in-depth analysis of Nintendo’s net worth as of 2023.

Nintendo Net Worth

Do you know about Nintendo, from its launch in 1889 to the present? From its humble beginnings of making handcrafted playing cards in 1889 to its current version of making video games (Nintendo DS) in 2004 and beyond, Nintendo has come a long way. Having that in mind, your next question is probably, How much is Nintendo worth right now? Here is a full scope of Nintendo Net Worth 2023; please read on.

With a robust valuation exceeding $56 billion in 2022, Nintendo's strong sales performance, especially of the Nintendo Switch and its gaming software, drove its success. By 2023, the company further strengthened its market position with a net worth surpassing $95.72 billion, backed by over $13 billion in cash reserves, continuous growth, and a market cap of $54.18 billion. Nintendo continues to be a significant player in the global gaming industry.

How Much Is Nintendo Worth Right Now?

How Much Is Nintendo Worth Right Now

In the development of video games and other forms of interactive media, Nintendo is unrivaled around the globe. Nintendo is a multinational corporation that designs, develops, and distributes video game consoles and accessories, including the bestselling Game Boy and Nintendo 64. It is responsible for launching successful series like “The Legend of Zelda” and “Pokemon,” creating gaming icons like Mario and Donkey Kong. It relies heavily on the console market for sales and income.

Current Nintendo Valuation in 2023

  • Net Worth: As of August 2023, Nintendo's net worth surged to over $95.72 billion, making it Japan's third most valuable company.
  • Market Capitalization: The company's market cap as of August 22, 2023, was determined at $54.18 billion source.
  • Q1 Fiscal 2023-2024 Performance: During the first quarter, Nintendo posted net sales of ¥461.341 billion (around $3.225 billion) and an operating income of ¥185.441 billion (nearly $1.297 billion) source.
  • Digital Sales & Mobile/IP Revenue: The digital sales for the same period stood at ¥119.6 billion (about $836.1 million), while the revenue from mobile and IP was ¥31.8 billion (approximately $222.3 million).
  • Nintendo Switch Sales: Nintendo Switch unit sales reached a milestone of 129.53 million by August 2023.

Market Performance in 2022:

  • Market Capitalization: By May 2022, Nintendo's market capitalization was estimated at about $56.3 billion source.
  • Annual Revenues: The company announced revenues of 1.69 trillion JPY (~$15.4 billion USD) in FY 2021, witnessing a 34% growth year-over-year source.
  • Net Profit: Nintendo registered a net profit of 480 billion JPY (~$4.4 billion USD) in FY 2021, marking a 34% increment from the preceding year.
  • Financial Position: As of September 2021, the firm held 1.52 trillion JPY (~$13.8 billion USD) in cash and short-term investments source.
  • Software Sales: The company sold 237 million software units in FY 2021, a growth of 37% from FY 2020.
  • Nintendo Switch Sales: As of March 2022, over 107 million Nintendo Switch units were sold since its 2017 launch source.
  • Operating Profits for Q1 2022: The company reported operating profits amounting to 119 billion JPY (~$1 billion USD), a 28% rise from the previous year.
  • Stock Valuation: Nintendo's share price was around 60,000 JPY (~$460 USD) with a price-to-earnings ratio of 15.4 source.

With such a big fortune, you might be curious about the number of Nintendo's annual users or consumers. Here is what we found out.

Nintendo has had ups and downs, but the company is still thriving. Nintendo Ltd is one of the game industry's largest behemoths, with billions of dollars in virtual and digital sales. It is known for producing many different gaming consoles, such as the Nintendo Entertainment Switch, GameCube, Nintendo Switch, and Nintendo 64. Additionally, Video games like Pokemon, The Legend of Zelda, and Mario are cornerstones of the brand. Nevertheless, its current indulgence in Mobile game versions like “Super Mario Run” and “Pokemon Go” has grown immensely popular.

But before we get into the “Nintendo Net Worth 2023,” it's important to trace the company's rise to prominence.

History of Nintendo company

History of Nintendo company

When Fusajiro Yamauchi first started Nintendo in 1889, it was to make handcrafted playing cards. In addition to producing playing cards, the business also launched the Nintendo Cup, its bridge event, in 1933, its current name, “Nintendo.” In the context of the 1960s, Nintendo tried out a variety of other commercial ventures, such as motels and taxi services. Later in the 1960s, Nintendo expanded into the Japanese toy market with hits like the Ultra Machine and the Love Tester. Naturally, the toy sector required a speedy manufacturing process, and Nintendo didn't excel. It lagged behind other, more popular toy manufacturers almost immediately.

Now that we can see Nintendo was facing a hard time in the 1960s, how comes now it's one of the largest gaming industries in the world? Here is what we found out; read on.

The Success of the Nintendo Company

The Success of the Nintendo Company

Do you want to know how Nintendo overcame all its obstacles and became successful? Nintendo's fortunes improved after the company put money into the video game industry.

  • In the late '70s, Nintendo released the first video game console, and the company quickly began to cash in on this new market. A young student named Shigeru Miyamoto was hired as a product developer and created some of Nintendo's most iconic titles.
  • In 1981, they debuted Donkey Kong to the public, and its success prompted them to develop other video games, including Mario.
  • Virtual Boy was released by Nintendo in 1995 as an attempt to create a reasonably priced virtual reality gaming device, but it was not a commercial success.
  • In 2004, however, Nintendo made a big splash with the official launch of the Nintendo DS. The success of this product was essential in establishing Nintendo as a major video game console industry.
  • The company pivoted to mobile game development in 2015 and, by 2016, had a 32% stake in the bestselling app Pokemon Go.
  • Nintendo is currently Japan's third most valuable firm, with much of its revenue generated from the retail and wholesale distribution of its famous games' software and hardware.

After witnessing its way to the top. Here is Nintendo's net worth in 2023.

How Many Users Play Nintendo Games Annually

How Many Users Play Nintendo Games Annually

The number of people who play Nintendo games each year is an obscure statistic, but knowing how many people do so is helpful. The number of active users has been increasing exponentially, and by 2021 it surpassed 100 million, just like any other successful organization. This is fantastic news for Nintendo; hopefully, it means even greater things to come.

  • Between 2017 and 2018, it attracted 16 million individual users per year.
  • From 2018-2019, Nintendo had 36 million yearly players.
  • From 2019–2020, it attracted an average of 57 million players.
  • From 2020–2021, Nintendo had 87 million annual playing users.

(From 2017 to 2021, this represents a 575 percent rise in annual playing users).

  • The current annual user base for Nintendo is above 102 million.

With that, you may wonder, which are the top-selling video games from Nintendo company? Read on.

Nintendo's Top-Selling Video Games

Nintendo's Top-Selling Video Games

Nintendo does a great job at making its games exciting and easy to catch on to, which is why you have probably heard of 90% of these titles, even if you have no interest in gaming. In terms of Nintendo's overall game sales, the Mario franchise reigns supreme, with 76.5% more sales than the Pokemon series. The video game industry has been very good to the corporation, and more adaptations and releases are to be expected.

Across ten games, Nintendo has guaranteed success, selling 1.89 billion copies. Here is the listing:

  • In total, 776,801,000 copies of a Mario game have been sold.
  • Over 440 million copies of Pokemon games have already been sold.
  • There were approximately 204.74 million copies of the Wii Series sold.
  • There have been 135.38 million units sold of the Legend of Zelda games.
  • To date, 75.73 million copies of Animal Crossing have been sold.
  • There have been 70.83 million copies of Super Smash Bros sold.
  • Over 65 million copies of Donkey Kong have been sold.
  • The Kirby books have a total copy count of 47.75 million sold.
  • The number of copies of Game & Watch sold is 43.40 million.
  • There have been 35.44 million copies of Brain Age sold.

If you have been wondering, “How Much Is Nintendo Worth Right Now?” now you know.


The Nintendo gaming corporation is an accepted name among gamers everywhere. Nintendo is one of the leading global manufacturers of both gaming consoles and software because of its long history of success in the industry.

The recent releases of games like Pokemon Go and Super Mario Run have been tremendously successful for them. We hope this article clarified your “Nintendo Net worth 2023” question and provided insight into the company's meteoric rise to prominence.


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