15 Top Plant Influencers Cultivating Brand Growth in 2023

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Walk down any city street these days and you’ll likely spot a monstera leaf peeking out of a cafe window or snake plant sentry standing guard at a boutique’s entrance. Houseplants have become a ubiquitous part of businesses seeking to connect with consumers through inviting green spaces.

And that’s not the only place botanicals are blooming.

On Instagram, a vibrant community of plantfluencers are growing giant followings by inviting audiences into their own lush, leafy worlds. Through gorgeous photos, funny plant memes, haul videos, and care tips, these digital garden hosts are propagating powerful personal brands that brands are beginning to take root with.

The Rise of Plantfluencers

Houseplants’ migration from countryside nurseries to centerpieces of urban interior design is a fairly recent phenomenon. But our obsession with surrounding ourselves with indoor greenery appears to only be picking up steam.

The lawn and garden retail market ballooned to a record-breaking $67 billion in 2021 according to the National Gardening Association. Houseplant sales alone have grown 50% from 2019 to 2020. And there’s no sign of slowing down.

While a portion of these soaring sales can be attributed to the pandemic forcing people to spend more time at home, much of this momentum is due to houseplants taking on new cultural symbolism. Displaying plants, especially rare instagrammable varieties, has become a social currency for taste, commitment to nature, and personal wellness.

And content creators are capitalizing on this momentum by cultivating their own audiences passionate about plants.

Type #plantsofinstagram into any search bar and you’ll uncover over 9 million photos of windowsills, plant shelves, and desks overflowing with green – an impressive feat given Instagram launched less than 15 years ago.

Plant shelfie samples from plant influencers

Leading the charge are talented “plantfluencers” who educate and inspire audiences by opening up their homes and lives to give an inside look into plant parenthood…one (sometimes rare) species at a time.

Through gorgeous photos, funny plant memes, haul videos, and care tips, these digital garden hosts are helping houseplant newbies nurture their budding green thumbs while propagated powerful personal brands that brands are beginning to take root with.

Let’s explore some of the top plantfluencers making waves on social media and partnering with major brands:

1. Summer Rayne Oakes – @homesteadbrooklyn (640K Followers)

A pioneer in the plant influencer space, Summer Rayne Oakes is a model, author, and environmental scientist with an urban oasis in Brooklyn. Her feed blends lush botanical life with sustainable living tips and advocacy spotlights.

Summer Rayne Oakes Instagram Profile

Brands like Volkswagen, Cartier, and Saks Fifth Avenue have partnered with Summer for sponsored promotions highlighting plant-based products fitting her eco-friendly personal brand. Afew of her successful partnerships have included:

  • Promoting Volkswagen’s ID.4 EV’s connection to sustainable travel
  • Showcasing plant-based skincare products for Saks Fifth Ave
  • Featuring eco-friendly jewelry company Alex Monroe in paid social posts

With her science background and advocacy-focused content, Summer is an ideal plantfluencer for mission-driven brands.

2. Hilton Carter – @HiltonCarter (616K Followers)

Known for bold interior designs brimming with houseplants, Hilton Carter shares modern planting ideas from his Baltimore home. Contrasting textures, sculptural ceramics, and droplets of sunlight filtering through leaves make his styled shots instantly recognizable.

Hilton Carter Instagram Highlight

Hilton has collaborated with CB2, The Sill, and Phillips on custom #sponsored content focused on:

  • Spotlighting sustainably designed furniture
  • Promoting plant delivery subscriptions and gear
  • Showcasing innovative lighting setups for indoor plants

With a knack for dramatic styling and enviable plant wall designs, Hilton is top-of-mind for home, garden, and interior brands.

3. Amanda Chapman – @lejardinetdesign (399K Followers)

Bringing the outside in is landscape designer Amanda Chapman. Her light-filled Los Angeles home overflows with exotic floral arrangements and suspended ferns.

Amanda shares plant care insights on her blog and runs an e-commerce shop selling custom printables. She’s partnered with Hawaiian Tropic, Volkswagen, and House of Marley on native ads across her platforms highlighting:

  • Hawaiian Tropic‘s reef-safe sunscreen collections
  • Volkswagen’s electric vehicle models
  • House of Marley’s Bluetooth audio made from recycled materials

For brands focused on garden design expertise and bloom-filled inspiration, Amanda delivers on both fronts.

4. Nick Cutsumpas – @farmdaddy (170K Followers)

Based in LA, Nick Cutsumpas of Farmdaddy shares his plant parenthood journey through vlogs, stories, and moody sunset shots. As both a musician and plant-obsessed creator, his hybrid urban boho style blends both worlds.

Farmdaddy Plant Shelfie

Nick provides regular tips on watering, light conditions, propagation and more. He’s collaborated with gardening companies like Rooted Garden and Horti, along with mainstream brands outside of the plant space like Equinox and Porsche. Some of his brand sponsorships have included:

  • Promoting premium soil and self-watering planters from Rooted Garden
  • Showcasing high-tech LED grow lights from startup Horti
  • Featured Equinox Fitness clubs with on-brand “grow your potential” messaging
  • Created plant-focused photo assets for Porsche’s website redesign

For lifestyle and wellness brands, Nick brings beautiful aesthetics blended with plant wisdom.

5. Hilda Nash – @mylittlejunglegarden (264K Followers)

UK-based Hilda Nash welcomes audiences into her world of plants through vlogs and photos from her Victorian jungle terrace. Overflowing urban hideaways, moodily lit leaves, and regular plant haul videos make her page a lush evergreen escape.

Hilda Nash Plant Shelfie

Hilda works with gardening brands like BabyBio, English Garden Collection, and Primrose to showcase products fitting her quaint British plant aesthetic through:

  • Demoing organic plant food solutions from BabyBio
  • Styling classic terra cotta planters from English Garden Collection
  • Sharing deals on indoor gardening tools with discount code from Primrose

For UK-focused brands, Hilda provides locally relevant British plant inspo.

More Notable Plantfluencers

While the above creators have cultivated the largest followings, countless plantfluencers are blooming across platforms. Others gaining ground include:

Joy of Plants – Creatives Andrea and Simone behind @joyofplants (66.3K Followers) reimagine the form and function of houseplants through unique sculptural designs.

Jason Chen (@jasonchen.houseplants) – Spotlights the sculptural side of houseplants through abstract close-ups from his San Francisco studio. He shares insights into styling, plant health, and simplifying designs (144K Followers)

Reaganne Vinzon – @reagannewton (116K) – SoCal-based wellness blogger Reaganne Vinzon shares a peek inside her urban boho oasis brimming with plants. Provides healthy recipes and mindfulness tips.

Miss May Leong – @hellomissmay (370K) – Australia-based artist and plant lover known for her watercolor scenes, journal prints, and plant hauls/tips.

As evident above, plant influencers cultivate highly engaged communities centered around their green thumb expertise and unique perspectives. If your brand intersects with plant interests, partnering with plantfluencers can help supercharge awareness and sales.

But how to choose the right plant partner?

When vetting potential plantfluencers, ensure you assess beyond vanity metrics like followers and engagement rates. Look for authentic creators who genuinely align with your brand values vs those focused solely on pushing products.

Do they tap into larger cultural conversations like sustainability, nature-based wellness or conservation? What is their niche and USP compared to other plantfluencers?

Focus on long term ambassadors that embody your brand versus one-off sponsorships. How can you build community together?

No matter who you partner with, ensure branded plant content feels genuine. Emphasize useful tips, surprising facts and behind-the-scenes creator context over hard sells. Consider giveaways and limited discounts that reward audiences for engaging. Make followers feel recognized and valued.

*Pro Tip: Avoid overly promotional language, opting for subtle CTAs at the end that fit the platform. Multi-platform campaigns see higher returns across channels.

When crafted thoughtfully, plantfluencer partnerships hedge your bets for awareness, engagement, and conversions. You’ll organically grow your audience by tapping into established green thumb communities passionate about bringing nature’s benefits into their homes and lives.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to plant the seed with leading plantential partners helping audiences cultivate beautiful botanical oases.


Written by Alexis Kestler

A female web designer and programmer - Now is a 36-year IT professional with over 15 years of experience living in NorCal. I enjoy keeping my feet wet in the world of technology through reading, working, and researching topics that pique my interest.