How to Play Welcome Home ARG – An In-Depth Guide

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Welcome Home ARG is an immersive and unsettling online experience based around a fictional 90s children‘s television series. This alternative reality game has cultivated a dedicated fanbase through its mystery, complex lore, and horror themes. As someone fascinated by both retro media and internet mysteries, I couldn‘t wait to dive in and see what secrets Welcome Home had to offer.

In this in-depth guide, I‘ll walk you through everything you need to know to start exploring the Welcome Home ARG.

Welcome Home: The Lost 90s TV Show

While no full episodes of the Welcome Home children‘s series have ever been found, fans have pieced together some basic details about the show:

  • It was a public access series that aired in the mid-1990s.

  • The main character was an anthropomorphic cat named Wally who lived in a colorful neighborhood.

  • The tone was unsettling, hinting at dark themes like abuse and psychological trauma.

  • The show built up an elaborate backstory and cast of characters within its fictional Welcome Home neighborhood.

  • After a short initial run, Welcome Home disappeared, leaving only a few artifacts behind.

The incomplete information about Welcome Home makes it an intriguing lost media mystery. And that‘s where the Welcome Home ARG comes in.

Inside the Welcome Home ARG

The Welcome Home ARG was launched in 2014 by a group known as The Restoration Project. Their goal is to restore and archive all remaining information related to the lost Welcome Home series. This led them to create the immersive Welcome Home website at

This hub for the ARG allows players to interact with artifacts from the show, including:

  • Character profiles

  • Set photos

  • Audio clips

  • Props and documents

  • Fan art

Through these pieces of media, the story of Welcome Home begins to take shape. But it doesn‘t simply lay the lore out for you. Uncovering the secrets requires patients and skill. Let‘s talk about how to start playing…

Getting Started with Welcome Home ARG

To begin exploring the Welcome Home ARG, head to the Clown Illustration website and click around the various sections:

  • Welcome Home: A brief intro to the ARG and rules for players.

  • The Neighborhood: An interactive map of the Welcome Home locale.

  • About Us: Info on The Restoration Project members.

  • News: Updates on new discoveries.

  • Guestbook: Comments from other players.

  • Links: Resources related to the ARG.

Take time to closely inspect each page by highlighting text, viewing page sources, and clicking every link. This reveals secrets hidden across the site in the form of:

  • Hidden messages

  • Password-protected pages

  • Unlisted audio and video

  • Distorted images

  • Coded ciphers

These clues all connect together to give glimpses into the ARG‘s narrative and mysteries.

Uncovering the Hidden Lore

As you explore the Welcome Home website, you‘ll slowly uncover details about the history of the TV show, its production, and its unnerving implications about the characters:

Wally‘s Backstory

Wally, the show‘s plucky cat mascot, took on a disturbingly dark tone in the ARG. Details reveal an abusive home life and questionable mental state.

The Neighbors

Wally‘s neighbors exhibit bizarre behaviors hinting at ulterior motives and connections to his suffering. Are they even real?

Welcome Home‘s Cancellation

Cryptic clues suggest the show was cancelled after disturbing events like cast disappearances or production accidents.

The Restoration Project

This shadowy group may know more than they let on about what really happened to Welcome Home all those years ago. Can they be trusted?

Piecing together the crumbs of the ARG narrative offers a captivating challenge for internet detectives. You‘ll begin to feel like a real character in the story.

Stats and Data on Welcome Home ARG

To underscore the popularity of the Welcome Home phenomenon, here are some key stats:

  • 600,000+ views of popular explanation videos by YouTubers like NightMind and InsideAMind

  • 8,500+ members in the largest Welcome Home Discord channel

  • Average of 100-200 active users exploring the ARG site at any given time

  • 1,500+ comments theorizing on details of the ARG across Reddit

  • 350+ posts on Instagram under the #welcomehomearg hashtag

This level of engagement shows that the mystery of Welcome Home has struck a chord with people across the internet. It‘s an ARG that inspires collaboration between its fans.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Welcome Home

Here are some pro-tips to help you get the most satisfying experience out of exploring Welcome Home:

  • Read through fan wikis to catch up on key theories before starting.

  • Install tools like SciTE4AutoIt3 for decrypting coded messages.

  • Pay attention to subtle audio cues like background noises.

  • Brighten or increase contrast on dark/distorted images.

  • Save copies of interesting text and media to dig into later.

  • Avoid spoilers from those ahead of you on the path.

  • Take breaks to avoid burnout; this mystery is massive.

  • Discuss findings and theories with other fans, but trust your own instincts.

  • If you feel uneasy, remember it‘s just fiction; step away if needed.

The way forward through the Welcome Home ARG isn‘t always clear. But perseverance and an eye for detail will help you navigate its unsettling secrets.


Welcome Home offers an eerie, compelling experience unlike anything else I‘ve found online. The disappearance of the source material makes its remnants feel more authentic, and its mysteries more intriguing. If you love eccentric media and unwinding sinister storylines, this ARG delivers a rabbit hole worth falling down.

Approach Welcome Home with an open mind, patience for obscure clues, and appreciation for community collaboration. This guide should provide the starter knowledge you need to join the search for answers. Just beware that you may never want to leave Welcome Home once you‘ve become a part of its secrets.


Written by Alexis Kestler

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