10 Best Puzzle Android Games to Train Your Brain

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Puzzle games offer exceptional benefits for improving memory, concentration, problem-solving, and overall brain performance. This guide explores the science behind why these games are great brain-trainers. It also provides detailed reviews of the top 10 puzzle games for Android to boost your cognitive skills and intelligence.

Hey there! Looking for some mentally stimulating games? Well, you can‘t go wrong with puzzle games. These games are not just entertaining – they are scientifically proven to enhance your cognitive abilities. Let‘s first understand why puzzles are so good for your brain.

The Science Behind Benefits of Puzzle Games

Multiple research studies have demonstrated the positive impact of playing puzzle games on the brain. Here‘s an overview of the key benefits and the science backing them:

Enhanced Short-Term Memory

Puzzle games involve processing visual information like shapes, colors, patterns and sequences. A study by the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China found that just 30 mins of playing such games daily for a month improved short-term memory storage and access capabilities by over 10% on average.

Memory is key to overall effective thinking. So puzzles directly boost your cognitive performance.

Improved Executive Functioning

Executive functions are skills like planning, focus, multi-tasking that control other cognitive abilities. A study published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology showed that 2 weeks of consistent puzzle play led to increased activation in brain areas linked to executive functioning.

This shows that puzzles strengthen your ability to focus, solve problems and process information more efficiently.

Uplifted Moods

Playing puzzles releases dopamine in your brain which enhances positivity and feelings of accomplishment. Researchers from McGill University found that participants experienced lowered anxiety and uplifted mood after puzzle game sessions.

So you get a positive emotional boost along with intellectual benefits.

Delayed Cognitive Decline

Keeping your brain active reduces the risk of age-related neurodegenerative disorders like dementia. Per a study by the University of Erlangen, elderly adults who played puzzles had better memory retention and lower cognitive impairment than non-players.

Puzzles provide protection against cognitive decline associated with aging.

Clearly, puzzles offer powerful mental stimulation and exercise. Now let‘s look at some of the most effective and engaging options for Android devices.

1. Brain Out

Brain Out

Brain Out offers a fresh take on brain teasers and puzzles. The game presents you with seemingly impossible situations like moving a ball through a maze of blocks.

You need to think creatively and discover quirky solutions, like rotating the screen to redirect gravity. With over 23 million downloads and 100,000+ reviews, Brain Out is one of the most popular Android puzzle games.

Key Features:

  • Over 1200 puzzles across 20 categories
  • Unexpected solutions that challenge your thinking
  • No time limits for solving puzzles
  • Social sharing options to challenge friends

Difficulty: Medium to Hard

Brain Out provides an excellent mental workout through its innovative puzzles. The "Aha moments" after solving tricky puzzles are so satisfying!

2. Elevate


Elevate is a personalized brain training and self improvement app developed by qualified neuroscientists.

It offers games tailored to enhance skills like focus, processing, precision, memory, math, speaking, etc. The more you play, the more it adapts to your specific cognitive needs.

Key Features:

  • 35+ mini-games targeting different cognitive areas
  • Personalized daily workouts based on your performance
  • Detailed performance tracking and analytics
  • 5 million+ active monthly users

Difficulty: Easy to Medium

Elevate provides structured and measurable brain training. The customized experience ensures you are working on skills that need improvement.

3. Brain It On!

Brain It On

Brain It On! is a physics based puzzle game acclaimed for stimulating critical thinking.

Each level displays a scenario and some objects. You need to draw something to manipulate the objects to solve the puzzle. For example, drawing a lever to tip a box and roll the ball out.

With 200+ such levels, it offers an excellent mental workout. The minimalist art style also enhances the gaming experience.

Key Features:

  • Physics based drawing puzzles
  • Over 15 million downloads
  • 200+ levels across 4 environments
  • Minimalist and visually appealing art style

Difficulty: Medium

Brain It On! really makes you think out of the box. The puzzles feel immensely satisfying to unravel through logic and creativity.

4. Two Dots

Two Dots

Two Dots is a simple yet addictive puzzle game from the makers of Dots.

The objective is to connect as many colored dots as possible on the grid. You must clear 75% or more dots to complete each level. With over 3000 puzzles, it offers tons of playing time.

The game also has a competitive mode where you can challenge friends. Daily challenges and events add variety to the gameplay.

Key Features:

  • 3000+Levels across diverse themes like arctic, jungle, etc
  • Minimal rules that are easy to pick up
  • Multiplayer mode to compete against friends
  • Leaderboards and events for motivation

Difficulty: Easy

Two Dots is a perfect casual game to play whenever you have 5-10 mins of free time. It gives your brain a nice mini-workout.

5. Sudoku


Sudoku, as you likely know, is a popular number placement puzzle game. The goal is to fill the 9X9 grid with digits 1-9 without repeating any number in a row or column.

Playing Sudoku trains logical thinking and pattern recognition skills. An Oxford University study linked regular Sudoku play to reduced cognitive decline.

This version has over 5000 free puzzles across difficulty modes, auto-saving, and helpful hints. You also get daily challenges and can create your own puzzles.

Key Features:

  • 5000+ sudokus from easy to hard levels
  • Additional hard and extreme modes for experts
  • Auto-check errors and provide hints
  • Track solve times and streaks
  • Create and share custom sudokus

Difficulty: Easy to Hard

Sudoku offers addictive yet mentally stimulating puzzles. And it‘s free! The higher levels will truly test your logic skills.

6. Words Story

Words Story

Words Story puts your vocabulary skills to the test through word search puzzles.

Each puzzle displays a grid of letters. You need to find words associated with the given theme like fruits, animals, jobs, etc. There are over 1000 levels with varying difficulty and grid sizes.

Playing improves your pattern recognition as well as language skills. You can also enable a timed mode for an added mental challenge.

Key Features:

  • 1000+ word search puzzles
  • 38 themed packs like nature, music, sports etc
  • Timed difficulty modes
  • Addictive gameplay suitable for all ages

Difficulty: Easy to Medium

Words Story offers engaging themes and variations to keep the word puzzles feeling fresh. It really pushes your vocabulary too!

7. Antimatter Dimensions

Antimatter Dimensions

Antimatter Dimensions is an incredibly addictive incremental / idle game with deep mechanics.

The main goal is to repeatedly prestige and reset the game to gain higher levels and multipliers. You need to balance resource allocation to boost your dimensional power.

With over 50 layers of prestige systems, the complexity is mind-boggling. Solving the deeper intricacies provides a serious brain workout.

Key Features:

  • Incredible depth through incremental prestige layers
  • Endless theorycrafting and optimization potential
  • Appealing sci-fi theme and aesthetics
  • Absolutely free to play

Difficulty: Medium to Hard

Don‘t be fooled by the simple graphics. Understanding the complex interlocking systems in this game requires serious analytical thinking.

8. Genius!


Genius! calls itself an "unfair IQ test", and for good reason. This game offers daily sets of brain teaser style questions testing math, logic, visual, and language skills.

The questions get progressively tougher, starting easy before ramping up difficulty. You have a limited number of mistakes permitted, so careful thinking is a must.

With over 38,000 puzzles, Genius! provides quite a cerebral test. Solving the advanced challenges requires true out-of-box thinking.

Key Features:

  • Daily sets of 20+ questions
  • 38,000+ unfair brain teasers
  • Questions test math, verbal, logic and visual skills
  • Challenge yourself on global leaderboards

Difficulty: Medium to Hard

Genius! lives up to its name. You‘ll feel a real sense of intellectual accomplishment after tackling the tougher question sets.

9. Euclidea


Euclidea is the perfect game for geometry fans. The puzzles here require you to use a ruler and compass to construct mathematical shapes.

You need to draw lines, angles, bisect circles, and leverage geometric principles to solve levels. With 100+ constructions, it offers a thorough geometry education packaged in game form.

Key Features:

  • 100+ geometric constructions and shapes to create
  • Step-by-step clues for help
  • Learn principles like bisecting, trisecting angles etc.
  • Relaxing soundtrack and visuals
  • Absolutely free to play

Difficulty: Easy to Medium

Euclidea provides a wonderful introduction to geometry basics. The puzzles feel more fun than textbook style learning.

10. Total Party Kill

Total Party Kill

Total Party Kill is an indie puzzle RPG game with a darkly comedic twist.

The goal in each level is to manipulate party members to kill themselves in all sorts of horrific ways. You need to account for variables like environmental hazards, character personalities etc.

With 120+ levels, the game offers a substantial puzzle challenge spanning hours of gameplay. The mock RPG mechanics and black humor provide a uniquely fresh experience.

Key Features:

  • 120+ levels to "kill" party members
  • Manipulate characters and environment
  • Engaging dark humor and parody RPG elements
  • Minimalist pixel art aesthetics

Difficulty: Medium

Total Party Kill combines puzzle strategy with quirky gameplay full of macabre humor. The puzzles will flex your planning and logic skills.

Final Thoughts

That wraps up our picks for the top puzzle games on Android for improving your cognitive abilities. These games provide a fun yet effective way to strengthen your memory, concentration, processing skills, flexibility and problem-solving capabilities.

Puzzles also uplift your mood, reduce anxiety, and protect against age-related cognitive decline. So there are both short and long-term mental benefits to be gained.

The options here cover a diverse range of puzzles including physics, math, visual, word, geometric, logic-based games and more. Try out a few that seem appealing, or mix and match different genres to get a complete mental workout.

Just be sure to practice puzzles in moderation alongside physical activity and socializing for a holistic lifestyle. Have fun flexing those mental muscles! Let me know if you discover any other great brain-training puzzle games out there.


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