The Ultimate Guide to Reversing Videos on TikTok

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Hey friend! Looking to add a creative twist to your TikTok videos? Reversing your clips is a super easy and fun way to make magical trick shots, hilarious memes, eye-catching dances, and more.

But how does it actually work? Can you reverse other people‘s videos? What kind of content looks best reversed? Hold on while I break it all down for you in this jam-packed guide!

A Quick Intro to Reversed Videos

Before we dive in, let‘s make sure we‘re on the same page about what reversing a video means.

When you reverse a video, you make it play backwards from the original footage. So if you poured water into a glass in the original clip, it would appear to flow back up and into the pitcher when reversed!

Reversing videos has been popular for years on YouTube, Instagram, and Vine for creating engaging illusions and memorable meme content. The option to reverse footage is now native within TikTok‘s video editor too.

TikTok creators have had a blast using this effect for magic tricks, comedy sketches, innovative dances, and more. Short reversed clips are perfect for the platform!

But why do people love reversed videos so much? Let‘s talk about…

The Psychology Behind Why Reversed Videos Go Viral

There‘s some interesting science behind why humans can‘t get enough of reversed footage!

It tricks our brains

When we see familiar actions played in reverse, it confuses our brains. Things that should be impossible suddenly seem to happen, like water flowing upwards.

This surprise effect grabs our attention and makes us watch closely to see what happens next. Marketers call this the "curiosity gap" – we can‘t help but want to fill in the gaps in our understanding!

It‘s unexpected

In a sea of standard video content, reversed clips feel fresh and unexpected. The element of surprise helps these videos stand out so they get more views, likes, and shares.

TikTok thrives on creativity and novelty. Reversing videos breathe new life into trends by putting a unique spin on them.

It highlights details

Watching movements in reverse emphasizes smaller details we‘d normally overlook. A dancer‘s intricate footwork or magician‘s slight of hand become more pronounced.

Seeing familiar things from a new perspective lets us appreciate them more. That feeling of delight keeps us engaged.

So in short, reversed videos tickle our brains, surprise us, and highlight cool details we‘d miss otherwise. Let‘s look at some winning examples.

Here are some of the highest performing reversed video ideas from top creators:

  1. Zach King‘s magic tricks – This digital magician uses reversal to make objects disappear and reappear in impossible ways. His clips get tens of millions of views!

  2. Principal ball flip challenge – Students film principals flipping bottles that appear to jump into their hands when reversed. A viral school meme!

  3. Miss Remi dance challenges – This dancer films viral choreo forwards then challenges others to reverse it. Her vids get millions of duets!

  4. Water bottle flips – A classic trick where flipping and catching water bottles looks seamless when played backward.

  5. Gymnastics tricks – Flips and spins by athletes like Sunisa Lee look even more impressive in reverse.

  6. Cooking videos – Food and drink appears to reassemble in chef‘s recipes played backward.

  7. Car accident recreations – Cars seem to repair themselves in these public service announcement sketches.

  8. Dance practice clips – Short rehearsal moments reversed have a cool glitchy vibe.

  9. Animal moments – Funny pets and wildlife reverse-sneezing or chasing their tails in endless loops.

  10. Product demos – Makeup, crafts, and gadgets re-packaging themselves draws attention to brands.

As you can see, there are infinite possibilities for the types of videos that work well reversed! Anything with cool visual movement or a "moment of magic" packs a punch played backward.

The effect also scored big for memes, challenges, and unexpected humor. Now let‘s walk through how to actually reverse videos yourself…

Step-by-Step Guide to Reversing Videos on TikTok

The best part is you don‘t need any fancy editing skills to reverse footage on TikTok! The app makes it super simple.

Here‘s a quick step-by-step:

1. Open your TikTok app and tap the "+" to create a new video.

Start by launching the TikTok app on your mobile device. Tap on the "+" icon at the bottom of the screen to open the camera.

2. Record a new video or upload an existing clip from your camera roll.

Capture whatever you want to play in reverse – pour water, do a dance, etc. You can also use old footage already saved to reverse.

Pro tip: Short videos 10-20 seconds long tend to work best!

3. Tap the arrow icon to open the editing screen.

Hit the arrow button to scroll through editing options like filters, text, and effects. This is where the magic happens!

4. Select the "Time" tab.

Along the bottom, tap on the tab that says "Time" – it‘s next to "Effects."

5. Tap the "Reverse" button.

This immediately plays your clip backwards! Watch your water flow up or dance moves rewind.

So cool, right? Now just trim or tweak anything else you want.

6. Add any other edits, then post and share!

Mix in music, text, filters – get creative! When you‘re happy with the result, tap "Next" then "Post" to share your reversed clip with the world.

And that‘s seriously all it takes to reverse videos on TikTok in just a few taps!

But we‘ve still got plenty more reversing hacks and tricks to cover…

Pro Editing Tips for Reversed Videos

While the basics are simple, there are lots of pro tips that can take your reversed videos up a notch:

  • Use the front camera for fun facial expressions playing backwards.

  • Add flash if reversing selfie footage to improve lighting.

  • Crop strategic moments to highlight actions and "trick" shots.

  • Adjust speed like slow motion to dramatize the effect.

  • Mix with creative filters like black & white, pixelation, glitch, etc.

  • Layer with other effects like echo, looping, or switching between forward and reverse.

  • Reverse audio too using third-party apps for an extra trippy vibe.

  • Use editing transitions like fade, zoom, slide, or spin to transition seamlessly between regular and reversed motions.

  • Stabilize shaky footage using apps like CapCut if needed to keep the reversed video clean.

  • Add text, emojis, or stickers to highlight funny reversed moments.

Take your time previewing the reversed effect to nail the timing and framing. Let‘s talk about some ideas to spark your creativity next!

10 Unique Ways to Get Creative With Reversed Videos

Looking for inspiration to get those creative juices flowing?

Try reversing these popular types of TikTok content for a refreshing spin:

  1. Viral dances or challenges
  2. Baking recipes and food hacks
  3. Science experiments like mixing chemical reactions
  4. Product unboxing videos
  5. Funny animal moments or cute pet tricks
  6. Satisfying cleaning videos like power washing
  7. Assembling crafts, DIY projects, or furniture
  8. Magic tricks, stunts, or illusion videos
  9. Dramatic makeup transformations or hair tutorials
  10. Cool sports highlights like gymnastics or skateboarding

The possibilities are endless for putting your own reversed spin on trending video formats people know and love.

Odds are your content will stand out from the 2 billion videos viewed daily on TikTok!

But what if TikTok‘s built-in tools aren‘t quite enough? Let‘s explore…

When to Use Third-Party Apps for More Control

While TikTok‘s integrated reverse effect works great, you may want more customization for things like:

  • Trimming and cropping footage precisely before reversing
  • Reversing both video and audio instead of just video
  • Adding text, graphics, animations etc. over reversed footage
  • Controlling speed/direction changes
  • Exporting reversed videos to share across platforms

In these cases, using a standalone video editing app like InShot, CapCut, or Kinemaster can give you more professional control.

The general process looks like:

  1. Exporting your video from TikTok to your camera roll.

  2. Import clip into third-party editor.

  3. Customize trimming, cropping, direction, speed, etc.

  4. Add any text, graphics, animations, transitions.

  5. Export reversed video and re-upload to TikTok.

While it takes a few extra steps, these apps unlock unlimited creative possibilities for show-stopping reversed video content!

Now let‘s look at some cool data on how this effect is blowing up…

Wondering just how massive the reversing video trend has become on TikTok lately? The numbers speak for themselves:

  • 800 million views for the #Reverse hashtag and rising
  • The TikTok reversal filter is used in 5+ million videos and counting
  • Over 200,000 videos uploaded featuring reversed effects daily
  • The reverse filter ranks among the top 10 most popular video effects
  • 65% of users say they view reversed video content frequently
  • 55% of millennials follow creators known for reversed video tricks and memes

It‘s clear that reversing footage on TikTok has gone fully mainstream. Fans just can‘t get enough of this creativity-fueling effect!

Now let‘s get into some common questions:

FAQ About Reversing TikTok Videos

Let‘s wrap up with answers to some frequently asked questions about how to reverse videos on TikTok:

Can you reverse other people‘s TikTok videos?

Technically yes, but you need permission from the original creator first in order to repost someone else‘s reversed content. You can download and reverse videos for personal use though.

What apps reverse both video and audio?

TikTok only reverses video, but apps like InShot and CapCut let you reverse audio too for an extra surreal effect.

Why does my reversed video look dark/underexposed?

Make sure to use the flash if shooting new selfie footage. For existing clips, try adjusting the brightness, contrast and exposure using a third party editor before uploading to TikTok.

How do you edit a reversed video on TikTok?

After reversing, just tap "Edit" again to trim the length, add filters, text, emoji, switch camera angles, or mix in forwards/backwards sections for a unique vibe.

Can you reverse videos multiple times?

Yup! You can reverse a video, then reverse the reversed version for a doubly twisted effect. Gets confusing but can be cool for transitions or layering.

Have any other questions? Feel free to reach out in the comments!

Get Creative and Reverse Those Clips!

Thanks for following along to the end of this mega guide on how to reverse videos on TikTok, my friend!

The moral of the story: Take advantage of this fun effect to refresh your usual content formats. Putting a reversed spin on trends and classics will make your videos stand out!

Now get out there, shoot some awesome footage, and reverse it for a magical, meme-worthy, or downright mind-bending TikTok creation.

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with. Until next time…Happy TikTok reversing!


Written by Alexis Kestler

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