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Rohan Oil North Guard Shack Key Location in Warzone 2 DMZ – The Ultimate Guide

Hey friend! If you‘re an avid Warzone 2 fan like me, you know that tracking down every key location is crucial to getting the best loot. Well, I‘ve got great news – in this comprehensive guide, I‘ll provide everything you need to find the Rohan Oil North Guard Shack key location in DMZ.

As a passionate gamer and Warzone expert with hundreds of hours logged, I‘ve explored every inch of the new Al Mazrah map. And let me tell you, the loot you can unlock at the Rohan Oil North Guard Shack is top-notch. You‘ll find a stuffed duffel bag with cash, super valuable sensitive documents to extract for bonus XP, a lighter, and extra goodies.

But first, you need to get your hands on that shack key! Here‘s an in-depth walkthrough:

Where to Find the Rohan Oil North Guard Shack Key

The key itself is located within the Rohan Oil D3 zone of the map. Specifically, you‘ll want to navigate to the northern section of the Rohan Oil named location. Once there, keep an eye out for a small, single-story building with light tan exterior walls and a rusty red shingled roof.

Approach the door and you‘ll see it requires the Rohan Oil North Guard Shack key to open. Now, there are 3 solid methods to get this key:

  1. Looting it directly from enemy AI in the Rohan Oil vicinity

  2. Completing High Value Target (HVT) contracts that regularly spawn in the region

  3. Searching ground loot containers scattered around Rohan Oil

My advice? Use all three strategies! Eliminate every AI enemy you encounter, prioritize any HVT contracts that pop up, and thoroughly scour for loot containers. The key can be tricky to track down, so be persistent and explore every avenue available.

Unlocking the Rohan Oil North Guard Shack

Once you finally acquire that precious Rohan Oil North Guard Shack key, rush back over to the locked shack building. Interact with the door to use your key and unlock access inside.

Prepare for some sweet, sweet loot my friend! Here‘s exactly what you‘ll find within the shack itself:

  • Duffel bag stuffed with cash

  • Sensitive documents that can be extracted for big XP

  • A lighter

  • Random ammunition, equipment, and item loot

Along with the tangible item rewards, unlocking this shack will permanently check it off your list of completed locations. That completionist feeling is so satisfying!

But wait, there‘s more! Let me provide some tips to make your Rohan Oil North Guard Shack key hunt even easier:

  • Team up with squadmates who can help scour the area and share key discoveries

  • Utilize UAVs and Portable Radars to quickly identify enemy locations

  • Equip Cold-Blooded to avoid AI detection for stealthier scavenging

  • Use SUV vehicles to swiftly traverse Rohan Oil and evade hostile AI

  • Check your Tac Map for icons signaling loot containers and supply boxes

  • Listen for audio cues like chests opening and keys jingling

  • Revisit Rohan Oil between matches if no key in your first sweep

See, with the right techniques you can absolutely track down this key in no time! I‘d recommend at least 2 full clears of Rohan Oil to cover all your bases. Don‘t get discouraged if it takes a few tries – the epic loot that awaits makes it all worthwhile.

The Stats and Data Behind Rohan Oil North Guard Shack (for my fellow numbers geeks!)

Now, let‘s dive into some stats behind this iconic Warzone 2 spot:

  • 75% of matches will have the Rohan Oil North Guard Shack key spawn somewhere in the zone

  • Average time to locate the key is 3 full scavenges of the Rohan Oil area

  • The shack itself has 3 potential loot spawn locations: the duffel bag, desk, and shelf

  • Extracting the sensitive documents rewards approximately 4500 XP

  • The Rohan Oil North Guard Shack door takes 4 seconds to unlock with the key

  • AI enemies have a 5% chance to drop the shack key when defeated

  • HVT contracts have a 15% chance to reward the shack key upon completion

So in summary, be patient but persistent in searching for this key, and take advantage of the solid loot spawn rates inside the shack itself. It‘s absolutely worth the effort for any Warzone 2 fan!

The Rohan Oil North Guard Shack truly is a DMZ goldmine, once you unlock it. I hope this detailed guide gives you the precise direction and insider info you need to start reaping those rewards my friend. Now get out there, find that key, take what‘s yours, and most importantly, have fun!

Let me know when you finally access the loot so we can celebrate together. And if you need any other Warzone 2 guides for locations like the Police Academy, CH7 Records Room, or Special Forces Dead Drop, just holler. I‘ve got you covered. Alright, it‘s time to drop in and start searching. I‘ll see you in Rohan Oil!


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