Top 25 Russian Instagram influencers

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Reaching Russian Audiences Through Instagram Influencers

Instagram has exploded in popularity across Russia, with over 39 million monthly active users as of 2022. This huge audience represents an exciting opportunity for brands looking to expand their reach. However, effectively marketing to Russian Instagram users requires an understanding of the unique social media landscape and influencer ecosystem.

In this article I‘ll be profiling the top 25 Russian Instagram influencers that brands should consider partnering with in 2023. From mega-influencers with millions of engaged followers, down to rising star nano-influencers, this list reflects the diversity of voices that matter most right now to Russian audiences.

Whether your goal is to drive awareness, engagement, conversions or all of the above – collaborating with respected Russian Instagrammers can provide direct access to your target demographic. The influencers featured below span key interest areas like fashion, beauty, sports, music, parenting and more.

Let‘s explore some of the stand-out Russian Instagram influencers that can expand your brand‘s reach in 2023 and beyond!

1. Vasilisa Volodina (@vasilisa.volodina) – 1M Followers

Vasilisa is an astrologer and TV personality best known for her role on the hit Russian reality dating show "Let‘s Get Married". Her Instagram feed offers fans a glimpse into her personal life, while also promoting her astrology practice.

Niche: Lifestyle, personal branding
Why follow: Relatable personality with engaged national TV audience

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2. Angelica Andreeva (@summerloveesummerl) – 187K Followers

Angelica is a top Russian fashion model sharing stylish travel adventures and campaigns with luxury brands. She‘s an aspiring actress with a quickly rising Instagram following.

Niche: Fashion, modeling
Why follow: Esteemed fashion model reaching aspiring audience

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3. Viktoria Raidos (@viktoriaraidos) – 1.6M Followers

Known as "The Russian Witch", Viktoria Raidos (aka "The Elf") has cultivated an immense 1.6 million following through her exploration of magic, mysticism and spirituality.

Niche: Spirituality, personal development
Why follow: True influencer authority on magical themes

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4. Vlad Berenich (@vberberyy) – 760K Followers

Male model, actor and style icon Vlad posts chic fashion shoots along with glimpses into his work and personal life. His audience looks to him as an authority on men‘s fashion and grooming.

Niche: Men‘s fashion, modeling
Why follow: Top male influencer for fashion brands targeting Russian men

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5. Alina Zagitova (@azagitova) – 1.1M Followers

Former Olympic champion figure skater Alina Zagitova continues to inspire Russian audiences with her world-class talent combined down-to-earth personality.

Niche: Sports, fitness
Why follow: Beloved national sports icon, partnered with PUMA

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6. Tatiana Korsakova (@tati_vk) – 1.1M Followers

Tatiana Korsakova has earned her Instagram influencer status through a glamorous lifestyle brand built on travel adventures and luxury fashion partners like Dior.

Niche: Fashion, lifestyle
Why follow: High-end aspirational personal branding

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7. Alla Bruletova (@bruletova_) – 1.7M Followers

Bruletova is a top Instagram lifestyle influencer covering fashion, beauty and luxury travel destinations. She‘s known for partnering with leading brands.

Niche: Fashion, beauty, lifestyle
Why follow: Premium influencer promoting top global and Russian brands

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8. Dariya Mir (@dariyaa_mir) – 2M Followers

Singer, actress and entrepreneur Dariya Mir gives fans intimate access to her packed professional schedule and personal life as a musician and performer.

Niche: Music, entertainment
Why follow: Rising popstar rapidly expanding her audience

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9. Aleksa (@aleksa___official) – 713K Followers

"Momfluencer" Aleksa provides inspiration to fellow young Russian mothers looking to balance parenting with health, wellness and style.

Niche: Parenting, family, fashion
Why follow: Authentic mom content presented through a stylish lens

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10. Elena Kukoyaka (@panarinka) – 880K Followers

Comedian Elena Kukoyaka shares hilarious skits poking fun at everyday life as a wife and mother in Russia. Her relatable humor consistently goes viral.

Niche: Comedy, parenting
Why follow: Wide appeal to female audiences through joyful family content

Contact Elena

11. Rustam Kungurov (@rustamkungurov) – 153K Followers

Pastry chef Rustam Kungurov highlights his custom cake creations while giving his audience a peak into life running a popular Russian bakery.

Niche: Food, baking
Why follow: Unique high-end cakes attracting aspiring audience

Contact Rustam

12. Tanya Alkhimova (@tanya_alh) – 23.5K Followers

While smaller in size than top Instagram mega-influencers, micro-influencer Tanya Alkhimova punches above her weight in engagement and authenticity. Her content spans lifestyle topics, body positivity and feline friends!

Niche: Lifestyle
Why follow: Proven ability to drive engagement with mid-sized audience

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13. Khabib Nurmagomedov (@khabib_nurmagomedov) – 34M Followers

As the longest-reigning UFC Lightweight Champion ever, Khabib is nothing short of a national hero and living legend across Russia and beyond. Fans obsess over his training regimen.

Niche: MMA, fitness
Why follow: Most influential Russian athlete with unmatched reach

Contact Khabib

14. Olga Buzova (@buzova86) – 23.2M Followers

Singer, TV personality and former reality star Olga Buzova has earned her title as the most influential female voice on Russian Instagram today.

Niche: Entertainment, music
Why follow: Largest female influencer audience in Russia

Contact Olga

15. Timur Yunusov (@timatiofficial) – 20M Followers

Better known by his stage name Timati, the Russian rapper leverages his social media to give fans exclusive access to his work, luxury lifestyle and expanding business empire.

Niche: Music, lifestyle
Why follow: Leader in Russian hip hop scene

16. Pavel Volya (@pavelvolyaofficial) – 15M Followers

Comedian Pavel Volya is best known for his viral sketches on Russia‘s hit show Comedy Club. His Instagram showcases his showbiz talents and family life.

Niche: Comedy, entertainment
Why follow: Beloved household name for comedy content

17. Valeriya Chekalina (@ler_chek) – 10M Followers

Blogger Valeriya Chekalina gives fans intimate access to her extraordinary life as a glamorous digital creator jet-setting to the world‘s most beautiful destinations.

Niche: Fashion, lifestyle, travel
Why follow: Enviable luxury personal branding

18. Nastya Ivleeva (@_agentgirl_) – 18M Followers

Nastya Ivleeva is an über-popular digital creator focused on humor, parody and meme-style content. She‘s known for her bold style and adventures across Russia.

Niche: Comedy, parody
Why follow: Massive Gen Z following drawn to rebellious humor

19. Irina Shayk (@irinashayk) – 22.4M Followers

The first Russian model to land the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover, Irina Shayk is now a household name both in Russia and globally. Fans obsess over her effortless beauty, iconic fashion shoots and A-list personal life.

Niche: Fashion, modeling, celebrity
Why follow: Russia‘s #1 supermodel, global influencer icon

20. Goar Avetisyan (@goar_avetisyan) – 11.7M Followers

Celebrity makeup artist Goar Avetisyan uses her pro techniques and endless creativity to produce an always-inspiring Instagram feed filled with beauty insights, tips and inspiration.

Niche: Beauty
Why follow: Top makeup expert driving trends in Russian beauty space

Guide to Connecting With Top Russian Influencers

As this roundup of notable Russian voices demonstrates, Instagram offers direct access to highly engaged audiences spanning every interest niche imaginable.

But knowing where to start can feel overwhelming for brands that lack on-the-ground knowledge and connections within Russia‘s vast influencer networks.

Leverage influencer marketing platforms

Thankfully influencer marketing tools like Ainfluencer eliminate much of the legwork. Brands can instantly search Russian influencers by engagement metrics, budget, interests and more – then directly connect through built-in collaboration features.

I recommend sorting Russian influencers using filters like location, language and interests to narrow options to those most relevant for your brand.

Engage with influencers across social channels

In addition to leveraging a platform like Ainfluencer for discovery and outreach, brands should directly engage with prospective Russian influencer partners across their social accounts when possible.

Follow them, like posts, comment and respond when they engage back to start establishing a relationship. Flattery will get you everywhere – so when relevant, re-share user generated influencer content focused on your brand by tagging and thanking them.

Consider micro and mid-tier influencers too!

While mega-influencers with millions of followers can provide immense reach, brands often achieve fantastic ROI partnering with nano and micro-influencers in the 1K – 100K follower range. Their small but extraordinarily engaged audiences help drive authentic recommendations and conversions.

And their reasonable pricing allows brands to activate multiple influencer partners at once – multiplying their campaign impact across Russian target audiences.

Let Top Russian Voices Share Your Brand Story

For brands serious about expanding awareness and sales within Russia, aligning with respected social media voices offers unparalleled access to target consumers.

As outlined in this exclusive list of top Russian influencers on Instagram today, passionate audiences stand ready to discover, engage and purchase from brands recommended by their favorite digital creators.

I highly recommend taking the time to research Russian influencer options using a data-driven platform like Ainfluencer. Filter by niche, audience interests and other variables until you find proven partners that align with your brand values and campaign KPIs.

The growing influencer marketing sector provides efficient and cost-effective exposure within Russia‘s expansive – and often elusive – social media landscape. Let these dynamic digital voices become your brand advocates in 2023!

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