How to Find and Extract the Shadow Company USB Stick in Warzone 2 DMZ

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Hey there fellow operator! Have you been jumping into Warzone 2‘s new DMZ mode and wondering how to find some of the key intel out there? Well you came to the right place. I‘m going to walk you through step-by-step how to locate and extract the super valuable Shadow Company USB stick on the new Ashika Island map.

As a streaming and gaming expert who‘s spent hours exploring DMZ, I can tell you this Shadow Company intel is crucial for any operator looking to get the upper hand against this mysterious new faction. My guide will show you exactly how pros like me pinpoint the USB stick location and extract safely to unlock new secrets.

So strap on your gear and grab your preferred loadout weapons, it‘s time to dive into the details!

Why the Shadow Company USB is Vital Intel

Before we jump into the nitty gritty of finding the USB stick, let me explain exactly why you need to get your hands on this intel as an operator.

Shadow Company is a completely new faction introduced in Warzone 2 Season 2 that has taken over parts of Al Mazrah and the new Ashika Island map location. Very little is known about their motives, leaders, or size. However, we do know they are extremely hostile to anyone entering the DMZ zones.

This is where the Shadow Company USB stick comes in. Extracting this intel item will provide the first solid clues into who this faction really is and what they might be planning across the maps.

As a technology and intel geek, I can tell you this is the kind of vital data that can give you a leg up against tough new opponents like Shadow Company. The more you know about their ops, the better prepared you can be.

So if you want to have any hope of surviving and thriving as an operator in DMZ moving forward, getting your hands on this Shadow Company intel needs to be a top priority.

Now let‘s get into the exact steps you need to follow.

Locating the Shadow Company USB Stick

The Shadow Company USB stick is tucked away out of sight underwater near the Ashika Beach Club point of interest (POI). This is over on the southeastern part of Ashika Island in sector F8 for those looking at the map.

Specifically, you‘ll need to swim under the observatory deck attached to the backside of the Beach Club building itself. At the bottom of the ocean floor underneath the deck platform is a sunken toolbox. Interact with this toolbox to pop open the lid and claim your Shadow Company USB intel prize!

Step-By-Step USB Stick Extraction Guide

Follow these key steps to find and extract the Shadow Company USB stick successfully:

1. Infiltrate Ashika Island

  • First things first, you‘ll need to parachute or helicopter into the Ashika Island map.

  • The Beach Club POI is located on the southeastern part of the island, so look to drop somewhere nearby.

  • I‘d recommend an infiltration spot to the southwest such as Coastal Village or Taraq Town so you can make your way up to Beach Club with cover.

2. Approach the Beach Club cautiously

  • As you move toward the Beach Club POI, keep your head on a swivel and move deliberately from cover to cover.

  • The area will likely be patrolled by AI combatants from the new Ashika Island faction or deadly Shadow Company operatives.

  • Utilize suppressors on your weapons and avoid open combat when possible on your approach.

3. Swim under the observatory deck

  • Once at Beach Club, locate the observatory deck extension on the backside of the building going out over the water.

  • Quietly enter the water and submerge, swimming beneath the deck itself.

  • On the ocean floor you‘ll spot the sunken toolbox containing the USB stick.

4. Collect the USB stick

  • Interact with the sunken toolbox to pop open the lid and grab the Shadow Company USB stick intel item.

  • You‘ll want to equip the USB stick into your inventory straight away.

5. Extract the intel successfully

  • Carefully make your way to one of Ashika‘s extraction points, preferably via water to stay stealthy.

  • Scope out the extraction point from a distance and watch for ambushes before moving in.

  • Utilize smoke grenades as cover when extracting. Calling in a helicopter extraction can also make a quick getaway.

  • If you extract successfully, the Shadow Company USB stick will remain in your inventory for future DMZ missions.

Gear Tips for the Shadow Company USB Mission

Based on my own experience securing this valuable intel, here are some gear recommendations:

Weapons: Suppressed SMG or AR for stealth, Sniper rifle for long range defense, RPG or Grenades for emergency firefights

Perks: Cold Blooded to stay undetected, Tracker to monitor enemy movements, Spotter to detect equipment/traps

Equipment: Smoke & stun grenades to aid extraction, Stim for self-healing, Proximity mine to cover flanks

Other: Night vision goggles for dark areas, Ammo box to replenish, Gas mask in case of circle ending far

Extracting the Other Intel Items

Once you successfully bank the Shadow Company USB stick, your next missions will be to locate and secure two additional intel items:

  • Ashika Island Intel – Found inside a shipping container in the northeast waterway caves

  • Crown Intel – Located inside the power plant control room in central Al Mazrah

I‘d recommend going after the Ashika Island intel next since it provides more details on this new map location within DMZ. Apply the same stealth tactics and focus on quick extraction.

Having all 3 intel pieces (Shadow USB, Ashika, Crown) will give you maximum insight into the enemy factions and secrets hidden across these DMZ zones.

Final Extraction Tips

Here are some final expert tips to keep in mind when extracting any intel from DMZ zones:

  • Patience and planning will win out over rushing. Never compromise your extraction.

  • Have an extraction strategy in place before securing intel. Know your routes, danger zones.

  • Limit combat and noise discipline. Stealth exfiltration is better than guns blazing.

  • Check your six. Enemies can swarm extraction points. Watch rooftops, corners, hideouts.

  • Utilize all tools/utilities available – Smokes, flashbangs, stuns, decoys, etc. Anything to buy time and space.

  • If you have intel, getting it back safely is the ONLY objective. Don‘t get sidetracked looting.


Alright my operator friend, that covers everything you need to know about tracking down and extracting the Shadow Company USB stick in Warzone 2‘s DMZ mode. With this intel in hand, you‘ll be critical steps ahead against this formidable new faction.

I hope my guide has given you the exact location details and expert extraction tips to bank this vital data for yourself. Now get out there, keep your head on a swivel, and secure that intel using the steps and advice I‘ve laid out here. Let me know when you‘ve got it so we can team up and take down Shadow Company together soon!

Stay frosty out there in the DMZ!


Written by Alexis Kestler

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