Why Does My Spotify Keep Pausing? The Ultimate Troubleshooting Guide

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Have you ever been jamming out to your favorite playlist on Spotify, only for the music to suddenly cut out and pause for no apparent reason? I feel your frustration. Random pausing is one of the most commonly reported issues on Spotify, and it can really disrupt your listening experience.

As an avid Spotify user myself, I‘ve dealt with annoying music stopping many times. Through trial and error, I learned what causes Spotify to pause and discovered some simple fixes to get uninterrupted playback.

In this detailed troubleshooting guide, I‘ll walk you through the root causes of the pausing problems and actionable solutions to resolve them. Consider me your Spotify guru – my goal is to solve your music interrupting woes once and for all!

Why Does Spotify Keep Pausing?

Before jumping into fixes, let‘s first understand what‘s behind the pesky pausing. From my personal experience combined with researching common user complaints, I‘ve identified the main culprits:

Connectivity Issues

At its core, Spotify relies on steady connectivity to stream audio without glitches. Any disruptions to your internet connection can lead to music stopping:

  • Weak WiFi signals
  • Switching between WiFi and cellular data
  • Using a VPN that limits bandwidth
  • Network congestion or outages

This makes sense when you think about it – Spotify can‘t play what it can‘t download efficiently. So any hiccups in your connectivity will translate into pausing.

Buggy App Versions

Like most apps, sometimes Spotify releases versions with pesky bugs that lead to technical issues like random pausing. Using an outdated app that hasn‘t been updated can be problematic.

Bluetooth Disconnects

If you primarily listen to Spotify through wireless Bluetooth speakers or headphones, temperamental Bluetooth connections can definitely cause music to pause.

Background App Limitations

On iPhones, if you have disabled Background App Refresh or Android Battery Saver modes are enabled, Spotify is limited in what it can do in the background so playback can stop.

Too Many Apps Running

When you have multiple apps actively running, it consumes a lot of your device‘s processing power and RAM. With resources stretched thin, Spotify may lag and pause.

Spotify Account Conflicts

Being simultaneously logged into your Spotify account across many devices or locations can sometimes create issues that lead to pausing.

Server Outages

During major Spotify server outages, which are rare, widespread playback issues like pausing can occur temporarily.

Ads Interrupting Playback

If you‘re on the free Spotify plan, ads will periodically interrupt your music listening every few songs which can seem like random pausing.

Now let‘s get into the good stuff – specific fixes and troubleshooting steps you can take when Spotify won‘t stop pausing on you all the time.

Fixes and Solutions For Spotify Pausing

Based on the root causes above, we can tackle solutions to address each one:

Fix Connectivity Issues

Since streaming relies on steady connectivity, start here to resolve any potential problems:

  • Move to a location with a stronger WiFi or cellular data connection. Test if the pausing persists in different spots before blaming Spotify.

  • Disable VPN connections on your device as they can throttle your bandwidth available for streaming.

  • On iPhone, reset your network settings which often resolves glitchy connectivity problems. Simply go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. This will refresh your WiFi and Bluetooth settings which helps.

  • On Spotify, toggle Data Saver mode to OFF which limits streaming quality. Having it on causes intentional lags and pausing.

If connectivity tests reveal you have a broader network problem, contact your internet service provider or use a friend‘s connection to isolate the issue.

Update to the Latest Spotify Version

Software updates often contain important bug fixes. Using an outdated Spotify app version prone to technical issues can definitely cause pausing problems.

Always make sure you‘re running the latest version of Spotify:

  • On iPhone – Check the App Store for any Spotify app updates available to download.

  • On Android – Go to the Google Play Store and tap your profile icon to view apps with updates. Select Spotify.

  • On Desktop – In the Spotify desktop app, click the user icon in the top right corner > About > Check for updates. Install any new versions.

Updating takes just a minute and can prevent countless headaches!

Fix Bluetooth Speaker or Headphone Issues

Here are some steps to troubleshoot temperamental Bluetooth devices leading to pausing:

  • Disconnect and reconnect your Bluetooth speaker or headphones to refresh the connection.

  • Make sure your Bluetooth device has sufficient battery charge and is not malfunctioning on its own.

  • Remove the pairing and set up your Bluetooth device again from scratch to clear any glitches.

  • Try connecting a different Bluetooth speaker or headphones to see if that resolves the pausing.

If your Bluetooth device is old, damaged, or incompatible, it may simply need replacing with better equipment.

Enable Background App Refresh (iPhone)

If you‘re an iPhone user, having Background App Refresh disabled can directly cause Spotify to pause randomly.

Here‘s how to check your settings:

  • Go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh.

  • Make sure Background App Refresh is toggled ON globally at the top.

  • Also check that Spotify is enabled under individual apps.

This allows Spotify to function properly in the background when you switch apps or lock your phone.

Turn Off Battery Saving Modes

To preserve battery life, Android and iPhones will restrict background app activity. This has the side effect of disrupting streaming apps like Spotify.

On Android devices:

  • Go to Settings > Battery > Battery Saver.

  • Toggle off Battery Saver completely or customize it to exclude Spotify.

On iPhones:

  • Go to Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode.

  • Turn off Low Power Mode so background activity isn‘t limited.

With battery saving features disabled, Spotify should run smoother without unwanted pausing.

Force Close Other Apps

Too many apps occupying your device‘s memory resources in the background can negatively impact Spotify.

To free up capacity, force close or swipe away any apps not currently in use:

  • On iPhone – Double tap the home button to view open apps. Swipe up on each app screen to close it.

  • On Android – Tap the Recents button to view open apps. Swipe each app window upward to close.

Restarting your device can also refresh system resources as a preventative measure.

Update Your Spotify Password

Outdated Spotify account credentials can potentially lead to account conflicts if your password is compromised.

Here‘s how you can update your password just to be safe:

  1. Visit and log into your account.

  2. Click on your profile picture > Account.

  3. Select Change Password in the Security section.

  4. Create and confirm a new, strong password.

For extra protection, enable two-factor authentication which adds a secondary login check via text message code.

Log Out Everywhere

When you‘re logged into the same Spotify account on multiple devices simultaneously, it can sometimes create technical quirks.

Logging out everywhere resets this which can fix pausing:

  1. In the Spotify app, tap the Settings icon.

  2. Select Log Out Everywhere at the bottom.

  3. Log back into Spotify only on the device(s) you want to actively use.

Reinstall Spotify App

If all else fails, completely uninstalling and redownloading the Spotify app often resolves persistent performance issues and bugs causing pausing:

On iPhone

  • Hold down the Spotify app icon until the icons start wiggling.

  • Tap the X on the Spotify app to delete it.

  • Open the App Store, search for Spotify, and reinstall the app. Log into your account.

On Android

  • Go to Settings > Applications > Spotify. Tap Uninstall.

  • Open the Play Store, search for Spotify, and reinstall it.

On Desktop

  • Search for "Add or remove programs" on your Windows computer.

  • Find and uninstall Spotify.

  • Visit to download and reinstall the desktop app.

This wipes the slate clean, giving you a fresh Spotify install which should run smoother. Reinstalling takes a bit of time but is worth trying if Spotify keeps pausing and bugging out.

Best Practices to Avoid Spotify Pausing in the Future

After troubleshooting, here are some tips to prevent Spotify playback issues going forward:

  • Close resource-heavy apps before streaming Spotify to maximize performance.

  • Disable Battery Saver modes and enable Background App Refresh options.

  • Connect to stable high-speed WiFi whenever possible for glitch-free streaming.

  • Regularly check for Spotify updates to stay up to date on the latest versions.

  • Repair or replace Bluetooth devices prone to disconnects and malfunctions.

  • Consider upgrading to Spotify Premium which provides ad-free uninterrupted listening.

When to Contact Spotify Support

I know how frustrating intermittent pausing can be – you just want to enjoy your playlists in peace!

If you‘ve diligently tried the troubleshooting steps above and are still encountering playback issues, here are some options:

  • Use Spotify‘s handy contact form to explain your pausing problem in detail to their tech support experts.

  • Email Spotify customer support at [email protected] with your username, playback issue, and steps attempted.

  • Tweet or message @SpotifyCares on Facebook to report your persistent pausing problems.

Describe your troubleshooting efforts so Spotify Support can pick up where you left off. With over 422 million users, they deal with this issue all the time and can help uncover any elusive bugs.

When to Consider Canceling Your Spotify Premium Subscription

I‘ll be honest with you – random pausing can make Spotify downright unenjoyable at times. Before you angrily cancel your subscription, take a breath and consider these factors:

  • Have you thoroughly tried all troubleshooting advice and contacted Spotify support? Technical glitches happen but can often be resolved with patience.

  • Does the pausing seem to occur only under certain conditions? Like maybe it only happens when you switch to cellular data. Try narrowing down the root cause.

  • Take note of whether the pausing happens every few songs or just occasionally. Persistent vs intermittent issues have different severities.

  • Check Spotify‘s @SpotifyStatus page for any known widespread technical issues during the time problems occur.

However, if you‘ve done your due diligence and Spotify still pauses incessantly, enough is enough. Here is how to cancel your Premium subscription:

  1. Open the Spotify app and tap your profile picture.

  2. Select Account > Scroll down to Spotify Premium and tap Cancel Premium.

  3. Follow the prompts to confirm cancellation. You can choose to cancel immediately or finish your billing cycle.

Once canceled, you can explore alternative streaming apps like Apple Music, YouTube Music, Pandora, Amazon Music Unlimited, and Deezer to see if they better fit your needs. Leaving Spotify may be the right call if pausing persists despite your best efforts.

Spotify Pausing FAQs and Summary

Here are answers to some common Spotify pausing questions users like you ask:

Q: Why does my Spotify keep pausing on my iPhone?

On iPhones, the most common culprits are Low Power mode limiting background activity, connectivity problems, outdated app versions, or too many apps running simultaneously. Refer to the solutions earlier in the guide.

Q: Why does Spotify pause after every song?

Pausing after every single song typically indicates ads are interrupting your playback. Upgrade to a Premium plan to enjoy uninterrupted ad-free music listening.

Q: Why does Spotify pause when I lock my phone?

Spotify will automatically pause when your phone locks to save battery life. Enable the Background Audio feature in Spotify settings to keep music playing with the screen off.

Q: Why does Spotify pause when I open another app?

Switching apps triggers a pause if you have Background App Refresh disabled (iPhone) or Battery Saver modes enabled (Android and iPhone). Turn on background activity options.

Q: Why does my music pause when my Bluetooth disconnects?

Spotify is reliant on the Bluetooth connection to your speaker/headphones. Make sure your Bluetooth device stays charged and in range to avoid playback interruptions.

Q: Why does Spotify keep stopping after every song?

If Spotify stops after every single song, there are likely account conflicts if you‘re logged in on multiple devices. Also check your internet connection stability.

Well, there you have it! I covered all the common reasons Spotify pauses, actionable troubleshooting tips, and scenarios when contacting support or canceling your subscription may be warranted.

I hope this guide serves as your trusty reference to banish random playback interruptions for good. If you have any other Spotify questions, feel free to reach out! I‘m always happy to help a fellow music lover.


Written by Alexis Kestler

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