Why Spotify Logged Me Out and How to Fix It

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Hey there! Have you ever been jamming out to your favorite playlist on Spotify, only to suddenly find yourself kicked out and logged off? I feel your frustration!

As an avid Spotify user myself, I know how annoying it can be when the app logs you out unexpectedly. But don‘t stress – there are some simple steps you can take to troubleshoot why this happens and prevent it in the future.

In this detailed guide, I‘ll share the inside scoop on the most common reasons why Spotify logs people out, along with actionable solutions to get you back listening in no time.

5 Reasons Why Spotify Logs You Out

Through troubleshooting countless logout issues over the years, I‘ve narrowed down these 5 main culprits:

1. App Updates Are Needed

One of the most common reasons Spotify will log you out is because the app needs to be updated. Bugs or glitches in older app versions can sometimes interfere with staying logged in properly.

The fix is simple – just make sure you are running the latest version of the Spotify app for your device. For iPhone, head to the App Store and check for any updates. On Android, visit the Play Store and tap update. For desktop apps, go to Settings > Update in Spotify to force a refresh.

2. Server Outages Temporarily Down

While not super common, server outages or technical issues on Spotify‘s end can also be the culprit behind sudden logouts across devices.

To check if an outage is causing problems, I recommend sites like DownDetector that show real-time outage reports. Usually server issues are resolved in just a few hours. Once they are back up, you shouldn‘t have any problem staying logged in.

3. Spotify Account Compromised

If someone else gained access to your Spotify username and password, they could login on another device and knock all your other sessions offline.

You‘ll want to reset your Spotify password ASAP if your account may have been compromised. Do this by going to the Spotify website and selecting Forgot Password. Also be sure to enable two-factor authentication for extra security.

4. Conflicts with Third Party Apps

Some third party apps like VPNs, ad blockers, security tools, or system cleaners can interfere with saved Spotify login credentials, leading to abrupt logouts.

If another app is the suspected culprit, try updating it or uninstalling completely to see if your Spotify problems are resolved. Rebooting your device afterward doesn‘t hurt either.

5. "Log Out Everywhere" Used on Shared Account

Now this one stings a bit. If you were using a shared Spotify account that didn‘t belong to you, the actual owner may have intentionally logged out all devices via the "Log Out Everywhere" option under account settings.

In this unfortunate scenario, your only real option is to start up your own Spotify account to avoid issues with shared logins. On the bright side, at least now you can customize all your playlists!

How to Troubleshoot Spotify Logout Issues

If Spotify keeps logging you out, don‘t panic. Here are 6 effective troubleshooting steps to help identify and fix the bothersome logout problem:

1. Update Your Spotify App

As I mentioned before, the first step is to make sure your Spotify app is updated – whether on mobile, tablet, desktop, or web. Force a manual update if needed. This fixes logout issues caused by bugs.

2. Check for Spotify Outages

It‘s always smart to check third party sites like DownDetector to confirm if server problems on Spotify‘s end are causing temporary logouts. If that‘s the case, just ride out the outage until services are restored.

3. Reset Your Spotify Password

If your account was potentially hacked, resetting your password is crucial. Do this via the Spotify website and make it long and strong. Turn on two-factor authentication too for extra account security.

4. Reinstall the Spotify App

For persistent app issues, uninstall and reinstall Spotify completely. On desktop, grab the latest installer from the website. On mobile, delete and re-download the app from the App Store or Play Store.

5. Remove Problematic Third Party Apps

Check for any non-Spotify apps that could be meddling with login data and cause logouts. Delete or update them, then restart your device and test Spotify again.

6. Contact Spotify Customer Support

If you still can‘t stay logged in after trying the usual fixes, your best bet is to reach out to Spotify‘s customer support team for assistance. They can help identify and resolve stubborn account issues.

What To Do If Spotify Repeatedly Logs You Out

For those really tricky cases when Spotify keeps logging you out over and over, here are some advanced troubleshooting tips to try:

Log in through the web player – Try accessing Spotify through the web app at to see if the problem is isolated to one device type or platform.

Log out then back in on all devices – Manually logging out then logging back into Spotify freshly on all your devices can sometimes clear up stuck sessions that cause issues.

Check device date/time settings – Incorrect date or time on your gadgets can definitely lead to logins failing, so double check this setting.

Toggle wifi and cellular data – Use wifi and cellular data at alternate times to see if one gives you a more stable connection for staying logged into Spotify.

Disable any VPN apps – VPNs routes can interfere with Spotify traffic resulting in repeat logouts. Temporarily turn off any VPN and test.

Turn off security or antivirus software – Overzealous antivirus or internet security programs can block Spotify logins sometimes. Disable temporarily to see if this helps.

Completely reinstall Spotify app – For desktop issues especially, fully uninstalling then re-downloading the latest Spotify app from scratch could fix recurrent problems.

Delete app data and cache – On mobile apps specifically, wiping the app data and cache via your device settings might get things working normally again.

Remove and re-add Spotify account – If you‘ve tried absolutely everything, deleting your Spotify account from devices and adding it again fresh should get you up and running.

Best Practices to Avoid Spotify Logout Problems

Based on all my experience over the years battling Spotify logout woes, here are my top tips to help avoid issues in the first place:

Keep Your Apps Updated

Be sure to install app updates as soon as they become available to get important bug and performance fixes. Enable auto-update if you can.

Use Strong Passwords and 2FA

Always use randomly generated, lengthy passwords for your Spotify account. Turn on two-factor authentication for an extra layer of login security.

Beware Third Party Apps

Be cautious of unnecessary apps like VPNs, cleaners or security programs that could interfere with Spotify‘s login processes.

Keep Your Account Email Current

Make sure the email on your Spotify account is valid and accessible. Outdated emails can cause login snafus.

Log OutUnused Devices

If you have old devices or computers you no longer use, log out of Spotify on them to free up slots in your allowed device sessions.

Contact Support if Hacked

If your Spotify account was potentially compromised, get in touch with customer support right away to investigate and restore security.

Summing Things Up

I hope this guide gave you clarity on exactly why Spotify can suddenly log you out, along with actionable troubleshooting advice to get your account back up and running smoothly.

Here are the key takeaways:

  • App issues, server outages, account breaches, third party apps, and shared logins are the main culprits behind surprise Spotify logouts.

  • Updating apps, checking for outages, resetting passwords, reinstalling Spotify, removing suspicious programs, and contacting support are great ways to fix common logout problems.

  • Staying updated, using strong account security, being cautious with extra apps, maintaining your account info, logging out unused devices, and getting help if hacked will all help avoid headaches in the future.

At the end of the day, unplanned logouts are just a temporary hiccup – a little bit of troubleshooting will get your Spotify account back on track. Now get back to jamming out to those playlists!

Let me know if you have any other questions!


Written by Alexis Kestler

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