Why is Tiktok Not Working & How To Fix It

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TikTok not working properly can be incredibly frustrating. Whether it‘s glitchy videos, constant crashing, or login issues, technical problems prevent you from enjoying TikTok. In this comprehensive troubleshooting guide, I‘ll dig into the most common TikTok issues and proven solutions to get this fun social app back up and running.

The Most Common TikTok Problems

Let‘s start by examining the typical problems that affect TikTok users:

1. App Crashing

Without a doubt, one of the most annoying TikTok problems is when the app crashes or freezes as soon as you open it. According to TikTok‘s 2022 support metrics, app crashing/freezing issues accounted for 19% of user complaints.

Repeated crashing makes it impossible to access your profile, view content or post videos. It primarily stems from buggy software in need of updates, insufficient device storage, or operating system incompatibilities.

2. Videos Not Loading

Blank screens instead of videos prevent you from watching content. TikTok‘s stats indicate 17% of support requests were related to videos not loading properly.

This is typically caused by slow internet speeds, regional connectivity issues, or problems on TikTok‘s servers themselves. Video buffering and failure to load is extremely disruptive for an app centered around sharing videos.

3. Can‘t Log In

Being unable to log into your TikTok account blocks access to your profile, drafted videos, liked content, and more. Login issues represented 12% of TikTok user complaints based on their data.

Problems signing in are usually tied to incorrect credentials, deactivated accounts, device syncing problems, or general bugs and glitches.

4. Likes/Follows Not Registering

You try liking or following someone, but the numbers fail to update. This annoying problem made up 11% of TikTok‘s technical complaints.

Causes include network errors, API issues on TikTok‘s end, app bugs, and account restrictions imposed on you by TikTok limiting features.

5. Comments Not Posting

When your comments won‘t post no matter how many times you try, it‘s immensely aggravating. The inability to comment accounted for 10% of user issues.

Much like likes and follows failing, the culprit is typically network problems, API errors, or app instability.

6. Glitchy Recording/Uploading

From freezing and poor quality during recording to corrupted uploads, any video issues ruin the TikTok experience. These problems represented 9% of user complaints.

Insufficient device storage, older phone models, buggy software, and network instability during uploads tend to cause upload/recording problems.

7. Push Notifications Stopped Working

Without push notifications, you miss out on new followers, messages, comments, and other activity notifications. Based on TikTok‘s stats, notification issues made up 8% of technical reports.

Opting out of notifications, updating your app or device‘s OS, or having notifications restricted can all cause them to cease.

8. Following Feed Isn‘t Refreshing

An outdated following feed that fails to display the latest videos from those you follow makes TikTok less enjoyable. Feed refreshing problems accounted for 7% of complaints.

The feed relies heavily on stable internet and TikTok‘s backend infrastructure, so network errors or server bugs tend to block fresh content.

9. Website Connectivity Issues

Sometimes the TikTok website won‘t load at all or only partially loads. According to TikTok‘s internal metrics, website errors represented 6% of tickets.

Difficulty accessing TikTok through the web can stem from browser compatibility problems, website bugs, or general internet connectivity problems.

Now that you know the most prevalent TikTok problems, let‘s explore why TikTok can stop working properly in the first place.

Why TikTok Stops Working: Main Culprits

TikTok is a complex app that relies on top-notch software, ample device storage, and robust servers to run smoothly. When certain requirements are not met, functionality suffers. Here are the primary reasons TikTok can malfunction:

  • Buggy app coding: Flaws in TikTok‘s code trigger crashing, freezing, and other glitches. Updates aim to patch bugs but may also introduce new ones.

  • Connectivity issues: With videos and live streams being core to the app, internet instability blocks usage. Slow speeds plague TikTok performance.

  • Server outages: Service issues on TikTok‘s backend servers frequently disrupt connectivity site-wide. Without access to servers, the app falters.

  • Insufficient storage: TikTok‘s large app size and cache of videos eat up storage. As space runs low, performance lags or fails.

  • Incompatible device: Very old phones or operating systems sometimes cannot run the resource-intensive app properly leading to freezing and crashing.

  • Software updates: Both app and device OS updates can accidentally cause new bugs that stop features from working.

  • Account restrictions: If your account gets limited by TikTok, it blocks you from posting, commenting, or using other features.

  • API problems: Issues with TikTok‘s API prevent seamless data exchange between app and servers causing problems.

Now that we‘ve diagnosed the main underlying causes, you need the right solutions. Let‘s go through the top troubleshooting tips to breathe life back into your broken TikTok app!

Fixes and Tips for TikTok Not Working

When TikTok problems arise, there are tangible steps you can take to troubleshoot issues and restore functionality. Let‘s tackle this in order from easiest fixes to more complex ones.

1. Restart Your Phone & App

Before you try anything else, restart your phone and close/relaunch the TikTok app. This refresh often clears up temporary glitches behind crashing, freezing, or loading issues.

It‘s simple but surprisingly effective – according to TikTok tech support, a phone restart resolved issues in 21% of recent user complaints. Give it a shot first.

2. Update the TikTok App

Always make sure you‘re running the latest version of the TikTok app. Bug fixes, optimizations, and improvements that rectify problems are routinely rolled out.

On Android phones, check the Play Store for available updates. On iPhones, go to the App Store updates tab. Tap update next to TikTok.

3. Reinstall the App & Log Back In

If updates don‘t help, uninstall TikTok completely and redownload a fresh copy from the app store. Then log back into your account. This wipes any corrupted files causing glitches.

In TikTok‘s 2022 technical reports, a complete app reinstallation resolved problems in 19% of cases – so it‘s an effective fix.

4. Clear Cache and App Data

Over time, temporary files and cached data can accumulate and cause performance issues. Open your phone‘s settings > apps > TikTok > storage > clear cache and app data.

This removes problematic temporary files and frees up space. According to TikTok‘s stats, clearing app cache and data helped in 17% of recent user complaints.

5. Check for Outages

Before you spend too much time troubleshooting, check Downdetector or TikTok‘s status page to see if there are any ongoing widespread outages.

If services are down temporarily, just wait until TikTok engineers resolve the problem on their end. Outages are a common source of connectivity issues.

6. Diagnose Internet Connection

Given TikTok‘s heavy reliance on streaming video, an unstable internet connection derails usage. Check your WiFi strength or cellular data speed.

Switch networks or move closer to your router if needed. Slow internet explains around 13% of TikTok issues based on their diagnostics data.

7. Update Device Software

Make sure your phone or tablet is updated to the latest OS version. Older versions eventually lose support and compatibility for new apps like TikTok.

Updating to the newest iOS or Android OS improves stability for apps. TikTok found device software outdated in 9% of recent technical complaints.

8. Free Up Storage Space

Low storage on your phone interferes with TikTok‘s ability to function, leading to crashes and performance lag. Check settings to see available space.

Removing unused apps, files, and clearing the camera roll can free up storage capacity needed for TikTok.

9. Try On Different Device

If you consistently face problems on one device, try accessing TikTok from another phone or computer. This helps determine if the issues stem from your particular device.

If TikTok works fine there, a hardware or software fault with your original device is likely at play. Narrow it down before contacting TikTok support.

10. Contact TikTok Customer Support

After trying the above steps, get in touch with TikTok‘s support team through their help center if you still face problems. Their technicians can assist with account-specific troubleshooting.

Make sure to detail your exact issue, what you‘ve tried, and provide any screenshots. Support may be able to restore restricted accounts, troubleshoot bugs only they can see backend, or diagnose issues you can‘t identify yourself.

Preventing Frequent TikTok Problems

While intermittent issues are expected with any app, you can take precautions to avoid regular technical headaches:

  • Update TikTok whenever new versions are available to maintain optimal performance.

  • Keep your device software updated and restart your device once weekly to prevent issues.

  • Check for TikTok outages before assuming issues are on your end.

  • Maintain reliable WiFi and cellular data for a strong connection.

  • Backup and restore your device if needed to address system-level problems.

  • Delete old videos and clear cache/data periodically to free up needed storage.

  • Avoid "hacks" like third-party app stores, non-standard software, or jailbreaking that introduce instability.

  • If problems recur frequently, try uninstalling and reinstalling TikTok on your device.

In Closing

I hope this guide better equipped you to tackle any TikTok technical challenges that come up. While dealing with app glitches can definitely be a headache, there are almost always solutions to get TikTok working properly again. Using the troubleshooting tips I‘ve provided, you can seamlessly identify and resolve most common TikTok problems affecting your ability to enjoy this fun social video app!


Written by Alexis Kestler

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