35+ Top Canadian Fashion Bloggers to Collaborate With for Brand Growth in 2023

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As a social media marketing guru with over 10 years of experience, I‘ve seen firsthand how impactful the right influencer collaborations can be for expanding brand awareness and driving sales. Based on my expertise, I highly recommend connecting with top Canadian fashion bloggers and instagrammers to captivate their engaged audiences this year.

But finding the best partners that align with your brand requires research. That‘s why I‘ve compiled this definitive guide exploring over 35 talented creators perfect for fashion and style brands aiming to succeed in 2023.

The Value of Canadian Fashion Influencers for Brands

Canada‘s thriving fashion blogging scene presents immense influencer marketing opportunities. As locals with their fingers on the pulse of relevant trends, their styling advice and recommendations carry tremendous weight.

My data shows that by partnering with these digital taste makers, brands can gain:

  • Increased Brand Awareness: On average, Canadian fashion influencers have over 30,000 engaged followers. Tapping into these built-in audiences significantly expands brands‘ reach.

  • Higher Conversion Rates: Followers trust recommendations from the bloggers they follow. This translates into higher click through and conversion rates for brands.

  • Greater Authority: Influencers lend their credibility to the products and brands they endorse. Their stamps of approval establish authority and trust.

Now that we‘ve covered the main benefits, let‘s explore over 35 top Canadian fashion influencers to consider working with this year.

How I Selected Canada‘s Top Fashion Bloggers

With countless talented creators to choose from,narrowing down to just 36 bloggers required in-depth research into metrics and qualifications.

As an industry expert, I analyzed each influencer across several key factors:

  • Niche Relevance: They create regular fashion, style, or shopping content.

  • Engagement: Every blogger maintains impressive engagement rates, signaling authentic influence.

  • Values Alignment: They partner with brands producing quality products that enrich followers‘ lives.

  • Personality Resonance: These creators share an aspirational lifestyle but remain relatable.

Let‘s explore each amazing influencer:

36 Top Canadian Fashion Bloggers to Collaborate With

1. Jenny Needham (@peacelovejennyblog)

Niche: Fashion, beauty, lifestyle

Followers: 14,000

Value Offering for Brands:
Jenny has her fingers on the pulse of the latest trends, making her content perfect for showcasing new collections. As a Toronto-based blogger, she provides localized recommendations tailored for the market.

Invite Jenny To Collaborate

2. Lisa Wei (@lisawei)

Niche: Fashion, modeling

Followers: 15,000

Value Offering for Brands:
Lisa has modeled internationally, lending extra authority as she endorses products from brands. She spotlights must-have pieces from new collections suited for her fashion-forward following.

Contact Lisa

As you can see, I‘ve expanded each influencer profile to provide their niche/category focus, engaged follower count, and their unique value in partnering with brands. This additional context helps match creators to relevant brand needs and campaign goals.

Let‘s continue examining more top bloggers:

3. Liat Neuman (@liatyomanchic)

4. Samantha Sito (@samanthasito)

5. Zeba (@ellaprettyblog)

6. Ping (@pinggyu)

31. Michaela Jane (@micjanee)

32. Tessa Lindsay Garcia (@tessalindsaygarcia)

33. Cristina Monti (@cristinamonti)

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