How to Show Off Your NFT Collection as Your Twitter Profile Picture

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Hey there NFT enthusiast! Have you heard about the new feature on Twitter that lets you show off an NFT from your collection as your profile picture?

It‘s a game changer for collectors who want to rep their favorite NFT projects on their Twitter profile. But you may be wondering – how does it actually work?

In this step-by-step guide, I‘ll walk you through everything you need to know to connect your NFT as your new Twitter profile pic.

Here‘s what we‘ll cover:

  • What is an NFT Twitter Profile Picture?
  • Requirements to Use an NFT as Your Profile Picture
  • How Twitter Verifies Your NFT Ownership
  • Step-by-Step Instructions to Connect Your Wallet & Choose Your NFT
  • Tips for Picking the Best NFT for Your Profile
  • What Happens When You Sell or Transfer Your NFT
  • How People Can View Your NFT Details
  • When Will This Feature Expand to More Users?
  • Showcasing Your NFT Collection on Social Media

Let‘s get started!

What is an NFT Twitter Profile Picture?

An NFT Twitter profile picture allows you to set an NFT from your crypto wallet collection as your profile photo. This displays your ownership of the unique digital collectible right on your Twitter profile.

Instead of the standard circular profile frame, NFTs show up in a cool hexagonal shape. This lets anyone who visits your profile quickly recognize that you have an NFT set as your pic.

When people tap on your NFT profile pic, they‘ll be able to see details like the NFT‘s title, description, and collection name pulled from its metadata stored on the blockchain.

Requirements to Use an NFT as Your Twitter Profile Picture

Twitter has specific requirements for which users can utilize NFT profile pics:

  • You need a Twitter Blue subscription – The NFT profile pic feature is currently limited to Twitter Blue subscribers on iOS. An Android rollout is expected soon. Twitter Blue is Twitter‘s $2.99/month premium subscription that unlocks additional features.

  • You must connect through an iOS app – Due to the crypto wallet connection process, iOS apps like MetaMask and Trust Wallet are required to link your NFT to Twitter. Android and web support will follow.

  • Only select crypto wallets are compatible – Twitter supports connecting to wallets like Coinbase Wallet, MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Argent, and Rainbow. Support for more wallets is on the way.

  • Only static image NFT types are allowed – Video, GIF, and 3D model NFTs aren‘t yet usable. Twitter is limited to JPG, PNG, and other standard image file NFTs hosted on public blockchains.

  • You must maintain ownership of the NFT – Your NFT will show in its hexagonal frame on your profile as long as you continue to own it. If you sell or transfer the NFT, your profile pic will revert to a normal circle.

So if you‘re an iOS Twitter Blue subscriber ready to show off one of your NFTs, you‘re good to go!

Next let‘s look at how Twitter is able to verify NFT ownership on the blockchain.

How Twitter Verifies You Actually Own the NFT You Set as Your Profile Picture

NFT ownership information lives on the public blockchain where the NFT token is minted. Twitter utilizes this public information to verify profile pic NFTs.

Here‘s how it works:

When you connect your crypto wallet to link your NFT as your profile picture, Twitter initiates an authentication request with your wallet.

This generates a pop-up within your wallet app asking you to sign the authentication request from Twitter to approve linking your wallet.

By having your wallet sign the transaction, this allows Twitter to definitively verify that you own the specific wallet address in question.

Your wallet address is publicly viewable on the blockchain along with records of all associated assets, including any NFTs minted to that address.

So by linking your authenticated wallet address, Twitter can check that you are the owner of the NFT on the blockchain tied to your wallet. Pretty cool!

This verification occurs each time you initially connect your wallet, switch the linked wallet, or change the NFT you have set as your profile picture.

Now let‘s walk through the step-by-step process to connect your wallet and choose your NFT.

Step-by-Step Instructions to Connect Your Wallet & Choose Your NFT as Your Twitter Profile Picture

Ready to connect your NFT profile pic? Here are the steps:

Step 1: Tap "Edit Profile" in the Twitter App

Open up the Twitter app on your iPhone and tap your profile icon to visit your profile page. Then tap the "Edit Profile" button.

Step 2: Select "Choose NFT"

On the Edit Profile screen you‘ll see a "Choose NFT" option under your profile photo. Tap this to move forward.

Step 3: Pick Your Wallet App

You‘ll now see a list of compatible crypto wallet apps. Choose the app where your NFT is held, like MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, Trust Wallet, etc.

Step 4: Authenticate Your Wallet

After selecting your wallet app, Twitter will initiate an authentication request. A pop-up will ask you to sign the request using your wallet app to approve connecting it to Twitter.

Step 5: Select Your NFT

Once your wallet is linked, you‘ll see a list of your eligible NFTs. Pick the specific NFT you want to set as your profile photo.

Step 6: Admire Your New NFT Profile Pic!

That‘s it – you‘ll now see your selected NFT in its sleek new hexagonal frame as your Twitter profile picture!

Easy enough, right? The whole process takes less than a minute. Now let‘s go over some tips for picking the best NFT for your profile.

Tips for Picking the Right NFT to Showcase as Your Twitter Profile Picture

With your wallet connected, you can change your Twitter profile NFT at any time. Here are some tips for selecting the perfect one:

  • Pick your rarest NFT – Showcase pride and exclusivity by choosing your rarest, most valuable NFT. Limited 1/1 drops are great choices.

  • Rep your favorite project – Support an NFT collection you love and help promote the project by displaying one of its NFTs.

  • Match your brand – If you have an online persona or brand, select an NFT that fits your image and style.

  • Celebrate your art – Are you also an NFT artist? Feel free to show off your own created NFT artwork.

  • Rotate regularly – Change your profile NFT frequently to exhibit the full extent of your collection.

  • Add your NFT‘s name – Edit your profile name to include your NFT‘s title so people can identify which one you have set.

There are so many cool options to consider as you choose which of your prized NFT possessions you want to showcase. Have fun exploring all the possibilities!

Now let‘s talk about what happens if you sell, transfer, or otherwise relinquish ownership of your profile picture NFT.

What Happens if You Sell or Transfer Your NFT After Setting It as Your Twitter Profile Picture

Since Twitter relies on the public blockchain to verify you as the owner of the NFT, your profile pic will change if you sell or transfer the NFT to a new owner.

Specifically, here is what will happen:

  • Your profile photo will remain the same, but Twitter will remove the hexagonal frame and revert it to a standard circular shape.

  • This indicates you no longer possess the ownership of the NFT according to the blockchain records.

  • You can then connect a new NFT from your collection to set as your profile picture, which will replace the previous one.

  • If someone else acquires your previous NFT, they can connect it to display the hexagonal frame since they now rightfully own it.

So while your original photo stays visible, Twitter adjusts the frame to accurately reflect who owns the NFT based on live blockchain data.

Next let‘s explore the NFT details people can see when they tap your NFT profile picture.

Viewing NFT Profile Picture Details on Twitter

When someone taps your NFT profile pic, a pop-up will show details like:

  • NFT title – The official name of the NFT.

  • NFT description – Any description associated with the NFT.

  • NFT collection – The overarching NFT project the asset belongs to.

  • NFT owner – The public wallet address that owns the NFT.

  • Other attributes – Any other metadata like art style, edition number, properties, etc.

These details provide context around the specific NFT you own. People can also click through to the NFT‘s page on its marketplace like OpenSea for more info.

However, the actual NFT media itself (the image, video, etc.) is not displayed in Twitter outside of your profile picture. People can‘t download, steal, or otherwise access the underlying NFT file through Twitter.

Ownership and bragging rights only! Now let‘s check out when more people will be able to utilize NFT profile pics.

Expected Expansion of NFT Profile Picture Feature to More Twitter Users

The ability to connect an NFT profile pic is still limited while Twitter rolls out the capability. Here‘s the expected expansion timeline:

  • Android support – Android Twitter Blue subscribers will gain access in early 2022.

  • More crypto wallets – Additional wallet apps will be integrated throughout 2022 like Rainbow and Ledger.

  • Feature expansion to more countries – The NFT profile picture option will gradually roll out from the initial limited countries to more geographies globally.

  • Potential launch for all Twitter users – Twitter may eventually make this feature available to all users, even without Twitter Blue. No definitive timeline yet.

So while currently limited, Twitter is clearly making this a priority by steadily expanding support to more platforms, wallets, locations, and users throughout 2022 and beyond.

Rep Your NFT Collection Across Social Media

As adoption grows, NFT profile pics open up a new way for collectors to represent their prized NFT possessions:

  • Show it on Twitter – Twitter NFT profile pics are just the start. Showing off your collections here allows connecting with the active NFT community on Twitter.

  • Cross-post everywhere – For maximum impact, use the same NFT image across your profiles on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more.

  • Solidify your brand – Become instantly identifiable by consistently using the same NFT as your profile pic across networks.

Social profiles are the new virtual storefronts – take advantage by proudly displaying your carefully curated NFT collections for all to admire!

You‘re Ready to Show Off Your NFTs on Twitter!

Connecting your NFT as your Twitter profile picture is an awesome way to showcase your digital collectibles.

Now that you know how the process works and what to consider when selecting your perfect NFT, you‘re ready to show off your prized crypto art possessions on Twitter.

Here‘s a quick recap of what we covered in this guide:

  • What an NFT Twitter profile pic is and how it works

  • Requirements to use the feature like needing Twitter Blue

  • How Twitter verifies ownership using your connected crypto wallet

  • Step-by-step instructions to connect your wallet and choose your NFT

  • Tips for picking the best NFTs for your personal brand

  • What happens when you sell or transfer ownership of your profile pic NFT

  • How people can view your NFT‘s key details by tapping your profile

  • When Android and more wallet support will launch

  • How to cross-post your NFT profile pics across social media platforms

So join in on the fun and let the world know you‘re an NFT collector! Questions about how any part of the process works? Just ask!


Written by Alexis Kestler

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