14 Best WeTransfer Alternatives for Effortless Large File Sharing in 2023

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Need to send large files online but don‘t want to use WeTransfer? You‘ve come to the right place, my friend.

Sharing large files is a constant need in today‘s digital workplace. But email services and consumer cloud drives fall painfully short when it comes to handling huge files. Just try emailing a 1 GB video file to someone! ๐Ÿ˜…

This is where heavy-duty file sharing services like WeTransfer come to the rescue. WeTransfer made sending large files drop-dead simple when it launched back in 2009.

But over the years, it has developed some limitations that power users complain about:

  • Max file size limited to 2 GB on free accounts
  • No way to password protect or encrypt files
  • Files deleted automatically after a week
  • Lack of permissions control
  • No anonymity for recipients

So while WeTransfer is great for casual file transfers, it may not be the best fit for your specific needs.

Not to worry! I‘ve compiled this mega-guide to the top-notch WeTransfer alternatives available in 2023.

I‘ll give you the lowdown on the leading services so you can find the perfect one aligned with your requirements and budget.

Let‘s get started!

A Quick Refresher: What is WeTransfer and How Does it Work?

Before we look at alternatives, let me give you a quick 101 on WeTransfer itself.

WeTransfer is a web-based file transfer service that allows sending files up to 2 GB in size through email. No need for recipients to have an account.

Here‘s how it works in a nutshell:

  • Visit and hit the "Add your files" button
  • Select files from your device you want to transfer
  • Enter recipient‘s email
  • Add an optional message
  • Hit the transfer button

WeTransfer will upload the files to their server and generate a download link. It emails this link to the recipient. They can access the files by clicking the link anytime within 7 days.

That‘s all there is to it! WeTransfer became popular thanks to its dead-simple file sending process.

But now let‘s talk about why you may want alternatives and how the top options stack up against WeTransfer.

Key Limitations of WeTransfer

WeTransfer works great for casual file sharing. But for power users, it has some drawbacks:

  • Strict file size limits – Free users can only send 2 GB per transfer. Upgrades required for larger files.

  • No security features – No password protection, encryption, or access control.

  • Files deleted in a week – Uploads get removed automatically after 7 days.

  • No collaboration features – Lacks team sharing capabilities.

  • No control over location – Files stored on WeTransfer‘s servers only.

  • No anonymity for recipients – You can see their email addresses.

Due to these factors, professionals and businesses often look for more advanced alternatives to WeTransfer.

Next, let‘s explore the top options available in 2023 that improve upon WeTransfer in different ways.

Top 14 WeTransfer Alternatives for Sharing Big Files

Based on extensive research and testing, I‘ve curated this list of theabsolute best WeTransfer alternatives available today:

WeTransfer Alternatives Comparison Table

As you can see, there‘s an excellent selection of platforms to cover all your secure large file sharing needs.

Let‘s look at each service in detail:

1. Sync – Best Overall Alternative

Sync is my choice as the #1 all-round WeTransfer alternative for businesses.

It‘s an enterprise-grade file sharing platform that prioritizes security and ease of use. Sync lets you share files of literally any size directly from your cloud storage without sending data externally.

sync file sharing

I love how Sync provides uncompromising security coupled with excellent performance:

  • Share unlimited size files from cloud storage
  • Maintain full access control over shared files
  • Set passwords, expirations, and remote wipe
  • Block downloads and editing as required
  • File versioning for easy rollbacks
  • Scalable team folder collaboration
  • SOC 2 Type 2 audited security

For organizations that handle large, sensitive files, Sync is the perfect WeTransfer alternative. It eliminates the vulnerabilities of email-based file sharing.

Pricing starts at $10 per user/month with a fully-featured free tier.

2. MASV – Fastest Speeds for Large Media

MASV is a blazing-fast file sharing service purpose-built for large video, images, and creative files.

It leverages a global content delivery network to provide download/upload speeds up to 10 Gbps even for massive files.

Some standout features of MASV:

  • No file size limits – share up to 50 TB!
  • Data acceleration for max transfer speeds
  • Password protect and expire shared links
  • Custom branding for recipients
  • Apps for desktop and mobile

For advertising agencies, filmmakers, YouTubers, and other creative pros, MASV is hands down the best WeTransfer alternative.

You only pay for what you use at $0.19 per GB – a steal for the speed you get!

3. Hightail – Easiest File Sharing

Hightail (formerly YouSendIt) is one of the easiest-to-use WeTransfer alternatives. It offers a consumer-friendly interface both on web and mobile.

Hightail lets you share files and folders up to 50 GB in size easily. Recipients don‘t need an account – just share links via email or messaging apps.

For added security, you can password protect, set expiration date, enable 2-step verification, and more. Hightail also includes digital asset delivery and e-signature workflows.

With superb usability and smooth sharing workflows, Hightail is a great WeTransfer alternative for non-technical users.

4. Internxt – Most Secure and Private

Internxt is a zero-knowledge file sharing service that guarantees total security and privacy.

Internxt file sharing platform

It utilizes client-side encryption powered by blockchain to ensure only you can access your data. Not even Internxt can view your files.

Some stellar security features provided by Internxt:

  • Share up to 20 GB files privately
  • Set passwords and expirations on links
  • Remote wipe capability
  • Decentralized infrastructure
  • Anonymous transfers
  • Apps for web, desktop, and mobile

For ultra-private file sharing, Internxt is hands down the most secure WeTransfer alternative out there.

Paid plans start at โ‚ฌ8/month with a generous free tier available.

5. Google Drive – Best Integration

I‘m sure you already use Google Drive for cloud storage. Its seamless integration with Gmail and G Suite makes it a no-brainer file sharing solution for many.

To share large files on Google Drive:

  • Upload file to Drive
  • Right-click and select "Share"
  • Enter recipient‘s email and set permission
  • Send sharing notification

Drive permits sharing files up to 5 TB in size. Helpful features include:

  • Set link expiration and passwords
  • View access activity
  • Revoke access anytime
  • Shared drives for teams
  • Integrations with G Suite apps

While not as full-featured, Google Drive gets the job done for basic file transfer needs – especially if you already use G Suite.

6. Dropbox – Great for Workflows

Dropbox is a hugely popular cloud storage platform that doubles up as a capable WeTransfer alternative.

It enables seamless file sharing directly from cloud storage. Dropbox lets you share files and folders up to 100 GB in size using shared links.

To share large files on Dropbox:

  • Upload file to Dropbox cloud
  • Right-click and select "Share file" or "Copy link"
  • Send shared link to recipients

Some standout features:

  • Share up to 100 GB files
  • Password protect and set expirations
  • View-only permission for recipients
  • See who viewed or downloaded files
  • Unshare access anytime

The deep integrations with business apps like Slack, Zoom, and Office 365 makes Dropbox a great fit for enterprise workflows.

7. pCloud – Best Value

pCloud is a secure cloud storage platform with excellent large file sharing capabilities.

It allows effortlessly sharing files of any size both internally and externally. You can invite pCloud users to shared folders and use public links to give access to anyone.

pCloud ticks all the boxes for a stellar WeTransfer alternative:

  • Share unlimited file sizes
  • Client-side encryption
  • Set passwords and expirations
  • Remote wipe capability
  • File requests from recipients
  • ISO 27001 and GDPR compliant

With its affordable pricing and robust feature set, pCloud offers tremendous value as a WeTransfer alternative. It starts at just $3.99/month for 500 GB storage!

8. Smash – Best for Global Transfers

Smash is a superb WeTransfer alternative engineered for speed. It uses intelligent upload algorithms to provide blazing fast transfer speeds worldwide.

Some noteworthy features of Smash:

  • No file size restrictions
  • Military-grade AES-256 encryption
  • Custom branding for recipients
  • Desktop and mobile apps
  • Global CDN for fast downloads

For quickly sharing big files across continents, Smash is my recommendation. It overcomes latency and network issues better than competitors.

Plans start at $4.99/month for 1 GB of transfers.

9. Terashare – Fastest Direct Transfers

Terashare enables ultra-fast peer-to-peer file transfers by directly connecting your device to recipients. No slow cloud uploads!

It can handle massive files thanks to its decentralized architecture. Smaller files are temporarily stored on its servers for anytime access.

Terashare also provides a web-based email form to generate download links for files up to 10 GB in size. No registration needed.

Terashare is one of the WireTransfer alternatives

For occasions where transfer speed is critical, Terashare is a superb WeTransfer alternative worth trying.

The free version has unlimited transfers but a 10 GB size limit per file.

10. Icedrive – Best User Experience

Icedrive combines simple cloud storage with excellent file sharing capabilities.

It offers a streamlined user experience across web, Windows, macOS, Android and iOS apps. Sharing files of any size is breezy.

Some useful features of Icedrive:

  • Access files from any device
  • Share up to 5 TB files
  • Set password protection and expirations
  • Remove shared access instantly
  • Stream shared media inline
  • 30-day file version history

For those seeking an intuitive cloud storage + file sharing combo, Icedrive is a solid WeTransfer alternative.

Paid plans start at โ‚ฌ6 per month. But 10 GB free tier is available.

11. – Best Free Option is a fantastic free WeTransfer alternative for basic needs. It makes sharing files up to 50 GB dead simple.

One of the best WeTransfer alternatives is

Notable features of

  • Share up to 50 GB files for free
  • Optional password protection
  • 7-day auto file deletion
  • Resumable two-way transfers
  • Customizable email branding
  • Simple and clean interface

For free, unlimited personal use, is my recommended pick as a WeTransfer alternative.

12. Filemail – Best for Compliance

Filemail is an enterprise-grade file sharing platform built for security and compliance.

It enables easily sending large files up to 5 TB in size while meeting regulatory requirements. Filemail provides total data encryption along with fine-grained access controls.

Standout compliance features:

  • Set geofencing restrictions
  • Remote wipe sent files
  • Complete audit trail of access
  • AES-256 encryption
  • SOC 2 audited security

For file sharing that complies with organizational policies, Filemail is the best WeTransfer alternative.

13. 4shared – Best Free Storage

4shared is a legacy file sharing service still relevant in 2023. It provides a whopping 100 GB of free storage to store and share files.

The interface is dated but 4shared remains functional for transferring large files without paying. It generates direct download links that you can share via email or messaging.

Password protection and private folders help keep your data secure. While the speeds are slow, 4shared is a decent free WeTransfer alternative.

14. SurgeSend – Most Heavy-Duty Security

SurgeSend offers ultra-secure file sharing powered by end-to-end encryption. It supports sending massive files up to 50 GB in size privately.

SurgeSend utilizes AES-256, TLS, HMAC, and other military-grade protocols to safeguard your data. It also provides:

  • Password & expiration protection
  • 2-factor authentication
  • Remote delete capability
  • Activity logging
  • Customizable NDA

For super-sensitive file transfers, nothing beats SurgeSend‘s security. It meets compliance requirements like HIPAA for health data sharing.

Plans start at $12/month with a 10 GB free tier.

SurgeSend for large file sharing

4 Tips for Choosing the Best WeTransfer Alternative

Here are my top tips for selecting the ideal file sharing service aligned with your needs:

๐ŸŒŸ Consider maximum file size – If you routinely share huge files, pick a service with 100 GB+ limits or no restrictions. MASV supports up to 50 TB!

๐ŸŒŸ Evaluate security capabilities – Encryption, access controls, remote wipe, etc. are essential for secure file transfer. Go beyond basic password protection.

๐ŸŒŸ Check transfer speed – The service should provide reliably fast upload and download regardless of file size. Review independent speed tests.

๐ŸŒŸ Pick usability over features – An intuitive interface and sharing process is crucial for user adoption. Frictionless flows are ideal.

And remember…

The best WeTransfer alternative for you depends on your specific requirements around file sizes, security, speed, and budget.

I hope this guide gives you clarity to pick the top-notch file sharing service that fulfills your needs!

Let me know if you have any other questions. I‘m always happy to help!

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