Crack the Code: How to Solve "Your Password Must Include the Name of This Country" in The Viral Puzzle Game Sweeping the Internet

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Hey friend! Have you heard about the latest viral web game that‘s stumping even the savviest internet detectives? I‘m talking about The Password Game by Neal Agarwal. This puzzle game skyrocketed in popularity thanks to its absurd and increasingly convoluted password rules that have users pulling their hair out and screaming in frustration – but in a good way!

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll be diving deep on how to decipher the geography-based password requirement that asks you to include the name of a mysterious country. With some clever sleuthing and research skills, you‘ll be well on your way to conquering this infuriatingly tricky but addictive game!

So What‘s The Password Game All About?

In case you‘ve been living under an internet rock, let me provide some background for the uninitiated. The Password Game exploded onto the scene in 2022 as the brainchild of developer Neal Agarwal.

Agarwal created the game as both a commentary on the ridiculous hurdles some websites make us jump through to create secure passwords, and as a fun creative challenge to stump even savvy players.

Here‘s how it works: users must create a password that follows an increasingly absurd set of constraints. As you progress through the levels, each new password must contain all the requirements from previous passwords PLUS an additional rule.

These start easy, like capital letters, numbers and symbols. But they quickly escalate to things like emoji, multiple languages, pronounceable words, GPS coordinates, math equations…and country names. Oof.

The game virally spread across social media as players encountered the later bewildering levels and cried out for help. And yes, I was one of them!

To date, The Password Game has amassed over 30 million players. Safe to say it‘s captured the internet‘s collective heart and grey matter.

Time to Get Geographical: The "Name of This Country" Rule

Which finally brings us to the pesky password requirement that is the subject of this guide: including the name of a mysterious country.

Typically appearing around level 14 or 15 in the game‘s progression, this rule adds a geographic element to the password constraints. At this point, you‘ve likely already included capital letters, symbols, emojis, and then some.

Now, with no other hints or instructions, you‘re presented with an overhead Google Maps-style screenshot of a neighborhood or street. It could be anywhere in the world!

Your mission is to inspect this image closely to identify which country it depicts, then include that country‘s name in the password following all previous rules. The pressure is on!

Having clawed my way to this level many times over, let me tell you – it stumped me good at first. But over time, I picked up some tricks that helped immensely in hunting down those elusive country clues hidden in the map.

Let me walk you through step-by-step how I now approach conquering the "name of this country" level whenever it appears:

Step 1: Analyze Every Inch of the Map for Place Name Clues

The first thing I do is really inspect every single inch of the map provided. I zoom way in and pan slowly around, scanning for any visible text or signs. This is by far the biggest giveaway for identifying the country.

Some things I‘m looking for:

  • Street names
  • Business names
  • Labeled roads or landmarks
  • Any text on signs, buildings, shops

You need to have the eye of a hawk here. The place name you need as a clue could be miniscule, like a tiny street sign. Or partially obscured, like a blurry shop awning.

Pro tip: use the highest zoom level possible, and scan methodically section by section to catch hard-to-spot details. Many times I‘ve nearly missed a key clue because it was such a small, low-resolution bit of text!

Step 2: Make Note of Any Foreign Languages

Here‘s an important thing I‘ve learned – often the place names and text in the map will be in a different language. It may not stand out as an obvious indicator for a country.

So I pay close attention to any languages on signs that seem different from English. This ends up being hugely helpful later when I go to search place names to identify the country.

I jot down any foreign languages I spot so I remember to use translation tools later if needed. Sometimes you‘ll see multiple languages in the same map, which tells you it could be a multilingual area like Belgium or Switzerland.

Once I‘ve harvested some place name possibilities from closely inspecting the map, it‘s go time!

I start cautiously Googling the names to see if they instantly point to a specific country. More often than not, one search gives it away.

For example, on one map I found a business called "Casa Italia Gelato." Boom – obviously Italy! Similarly, a road labeled "Jalan Sultan Ismail" led me directly to Malaysia after a quick search.

Occasionally the place names are more obscure. But a general rule is if you find clusters of places that share a language, safe bet that they point to the same country.

Step 4: Use Google Translate on Foreign Names Before Searching

When I come across text in other languages, Google Translate is my best friend.

I carefully type out, copy or screenshot the foreign place name I find. Then I translate to English through Google Translate and search the English version.

For instance, I recently found a sign "Calle Alcalá" which I could tell was Spanish. Translated, it became "Alcalá Street", and searching that revealed it as a famous street in Madrid, Spain!

It takes a bit more work than just Googling English names. But taking the time to translate provides that pivotal clue to identify the country.

Pro tip: Google Translate has a handy image import function on mobile. Just take a screenshot of the foreign text on the map, and import it to auto-detect the language and translate it. Super helpful for tricky characters or languages you can‘t identify.

Step 5: Confirm with Multiple Place Name Searches

Here‘s a rookie mistake to avoid: assuming you found the country after a single place name search.

It‘s important to cross-reference multiple names from the map to confirm the country match. I got thrown off once thinking I had it solved from one obscure name, when a second search revealed I was totally wrong!

Look for at least 2-3 names that point to the same place. This helps rule out false positives from strangely named businesses or misleading clues. Cross-referencing locks in the country with certainly.

Step 6: Add the Two-Letter Country Code to Your Password

Whew, we did it! With the country confidently uncovered, the last step is simple.

Just add the two-letter country code to the password following all previous rules. ISO standard codes are what you‘ll typically search for and find.

For Mexico? MX. France? FR. South Africa? ZA. Pop those letters in, and the geographically perplexing password requirement is now satisfied!

Country Name Level Got You Down? Try These Advanced Tips and Tricks

Stuck on identifying the right country even after trying the steps? Don‘t quit! Here are some pro power-user tips to uncover even the most stubborn location-based clues:

  • Use Google Street View yourself to "walk" the map area virtually. Sometimes seeing businesses and street names written out helps piece together clues.

  • Look for cars and license plates. They‘ll usually indicate the local country.

  • Scan for geographic features like mountains, fields, vegetation. This can give clues on climate and region.

  • Search unique architecture elements combined with language info for location spoilers.

  • Check user forums and comment sections – if truly stuck, someone may have posted the answer already!

With these next-level strategies, no map-based country challenge can withstand your clue-hunting prowess!

Country Name Rules vs. Other Puzzle Games Like Wordle

Speaking of viral puzzle games, you simply can‘t escape Wordle references these days. It‘s safe to say Wordle took the internet by storm much like The Password Game did.

Both require a combination of logic, creative thinking and pop culture knowledge to solve. But while Wordle presents a new blank slate daily, Password Game builds on previous puzzles.

However, there are similarities in the need for savvy web research. Just like hunting for obscure country clues in a map, Googling random words for Wordle solutions is a common tactic.

Password Game takes this a step further though with increasingly outrageous and multifaceted requirements. Solving later levels can mean combining emojis, math equations, pronounceable phrases AND geography/language clues. It‘s next level!

Why Following Obscure Password Rules Improves Critical Thinking

Stepping back, you may be wondering what practical purpose password games like this even serve. Is it just a pointless online distraction?

Far from it! Solving challenges like the name of this country requirement helps build valuable critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Strengthens research abilities using online tools and resources
  • Improves visual observation and analysis skills
  • Builds mental flexibility with out-of-the-box thinking
  • Teaches lessons about world cultures and geography
  • Keeps the mind sharp with unique brain-teaser puzzles

By powering through unpredictable password problems, you‘re actually levelling up real-world skills around resourcefulness and creativity.

So while it may seem silly on the surface, games like Password Game provide rewarding brain training disguised as entertainment. Mastering the country name rule means you‘ll be ready to tackle all kinds of unconventional obstacles life throws your way!

Country Identified! How Do You Continue Your Password Game Domination?

Hopefully you now feel fully prepared to decipher even the most mysterious map-based password challenges. With some careful sleuthing, you‘ll have that country name integrated in no time!

Looking to continue honing your password puzzle prowess? Here are some recommendations:

  • Complete all 35 levels of The Password Game (if you can handle the frustration!)

  • Try the Spin-Off Sequel: Tabulation Simulation

  • Check Neal Agarwal‘s other brain teaser projects like Rhythm of Reinvention

  • Follow puzzle forums like r/passwordgame for new level help and discussion

  • Learn speedcubing and conquer a Rubik‘s Cube (great for mental flexibility)

  • Play geoguessr to build country identification skills from landscapes

  • Practice creative problem-solving sites like

Thanks for sticking with me on this journey to unravel the geography-based password level! With your new know-how, no obscure internet puzzle can stop you. Just remember: when in doubt, turn to search engines, translation tools and good old-fashioned eagle-eyed observation.

Now go show that tricky Password Game who‘s boss! I believe in you!


Written by Alexis Kestler

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