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As a long-time technology analyst and remote support expert, I‘m excited to share with you a comprehensive review of Zoho Assist. This innovative software can help your business provide top-notch technical support, but how does it stack up against the competition? Read on for my in-depth analysis.

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The global pandemic forced many companies to embrace remote work. This turbocharged growth in the remote computer support tools market, which Fortune Business Insights predicts will expand at a compound annual growth rate of 18% from 2022-2029.

Year Market Size
2022 $2.27 billion
2029 $7.22 billion

As you can see, the market potential is tremendous. But not all products are created equal. Based on my testing, Zoho Assist stands out from competitors like GoToMyPC and TeamViewer for several reasons.

What Makes Zoho Assist Unique?

Zoho Assist is a 100% cloud-based solution. Technicians can access customer devices remotely without requiring any software installation. The web console provides strong encryption and other security features to protect sensitive data.

According to my research, over 8,000 businesses use Zoho Assist today, including industry leaders like Tata Elxsi, Merck, and Radisson Blu. But what sets it apart?

Easy Remote Access

Connecting to a customer‘s device takes just a few clicks. Once granted permission, you gain full remote control over Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android systems. Zoho Assist even lets you reboot into Safe Mode when troubleshooting.

Chat Support

The built-in chat window facilitates two-way communication. You can guide customers through repairs, provide updates, and exchange files. This helps build trust.

Unattended Access

With enterprise policies enabled, you can access unattended computers after-hours for maintenance. This avoids disrupting employees and improves productivity.

Screen Sharing

Zoho Assist‘s screen sharing feature doubles as a virtual whiteboard. Use annotation tools to highlight areas or draw instructions on-screen. You can also record sessions.


End-to-end 256-bit AES encryption secures remote connections. Advanced features like two-factor authentication, session recording, and single sign-on support help keep customer data safe.

As you can see, Zoho Assist offers an impressive lineup of capabilities for remote tech support teams. Next, let‘s compare it to two popular alternatives.

How Zoho Assist Compares to Rivals

Zoho Assist goes head-to-head with GoToMyPC and TeamViewer in the competitive remote access software market. Here‘s how they stack up:

Zoho Assist GoToMyPC TeamViewer
Cloud-based Yes No No
Remote reboot Yes Yes Yes
Unattended access Yes Yes Yes
Screen annotation Yes No Yes
Chat support Yes No Yes

Let‘s analyze the key differences:

Cloud Platform – Only Zoho Assist runs 100% in the cloud. Alternatives require installing software on each device.

Screen Annotation – Zoho Assist‘s virtual whiteboard feature is great for visual troubleshooting. GoToMyPC lacks annotation tools.

Chat Support – Zoho Assist and TeamViewer incorporate live chat. But GoToMyPC relies on external tools for communication.

Security – All three solutions provide strong encryption. Zoho Assist offers extra protection with two-factor authentication.

Pricing – Zoho Assist offers flexible plans starting at $12 per month for unattended access. TeamViewer charges a minimum of $32/mo and GoToMyPC starts at $17/mo. Zoho Assist is the best value for small businesses based on my analysis.

So in summary, Zoho Assist comes out ahead for its cloud platform, competitive pricing and support focused features. But it‘s not perfect…

Zoho Assist Drawbacks

Despite outpacing the competition overall, Zoho Assist falls short in some areas:

  • Limited mobile access – Technicians cannot initiate remote sessions from the mobile app. You need a computer for full functionality.

  • No Linux client – Zoho Assist does not offer a remote assistance app for Linux PCs at this time.

  • No file transfer – You cannot directly transfer files between devices like with TeamViewer. Must upload/download from chat window instead.

  • No multi-monitor support – Only one monitor can be accessed per remote session. TeamViewer lets you switch between multiple displays.

These limitations may be deal breakers for some use cases. However, Zoho Assist still provides excellent value for small business IT support and help desks.

Is Zoho Assist Right for You?

Zoho Assist is a top contender in the remote computer support market. Its cloud-based access, inexpensive pricing and focus on security make it a great choice for:

  • Managed Service Providers (MSPs) – Remotely monitor client networks and provide rapid support.
  • Small Business IT Teams – Cost-effective solution for tech support with unattended remote access.
  • Customer Support – Assist customers by quickly accessing their device to resolve issues.
  • Field Technicians – Provide secure remote troubleshooting for clients without travel.

Businesses that need mobile access, multi-monitor support or Linux compatibility may prefer TeamViewer. But most will find Zoho Assist to be an affordable and full-featured option for outsourced technical support.

I hope this analysis gives you a comprehensive understanding of Zoho Assist‘s capabilities compared to alternatives like GoToMyPC and TeamViewer. Please feel free to reach out with any other questions!

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