4 Weeks of Social Media Content Ideas


You have to schedule your social media content if you take your social media marketing seriously. We'll share some strategies, tips, and ideas with you.

Scheduling your social media content in advance is a thing you have to do if you take your social media marketing seriously. But sometimes it is hard to find inspiration even for tomorrow, and month ahead seems like science fiction. However, you may want to go on a vacation, or you will just be busy with other things, and you need to plan your content, so your business won’t suffer. We will share some strategies, tips, and ideas with you to help you achieve that mission.

Week one: Tell your Audience About your Brand

1. Remind your audience who you are and how you started. Even if you already introduced yourself in many ways, it is always good to remind people why they follow you. Tell them about your goals and missions, which one you had at the beginning of your business, which are fulfilled, and which are yet to come.

2. Show them what happens behind the scenes. This can include your team meetings, progress on something you are working on, your workspace, or personal content related to your business.

3. Share a personal story. People genuinely like that. And, we are often thinking that nobody wants to hear it, but it is an inspiration to others. If you can connect your story to what you do, go ahead!

4. Tell people what you sell. This is probably a usual part of your social media content, but try to present your product or service in a new way. Describe what benefits someone will gain with using it and what is the result.

5. Host a giveaway. This is always a great way to attract new followers and wake up the existing ones. If you need help you can read our post on how to promote your giveaway.

6. Tell people to sign up for your email list. Starting an email list can be a tough job, but if you already have a bunch of followers on social media, inviting them to sign up as a part of your content is a great idea. Nothing beats the organic email list you’ve built from the scratch.

7. Post a sneak peek. If you have a product, service, or even a new blog post that is coming soon, announce it. That way you will wake up a desire to see/read more in your followers. Post a certain day or date when this will occur.

Week two: Tell your Audience About yourself

Tell your Audience About yourself

1. Post a selfie. Even you may think that is unprofessional, keep in mind that your audience wants to know who is the person behind the business they like. It can be a photo of you at your workspace.

2. Host an “ask me anything”. This internet trend became very popular in 2014 and it is still a brilliant way to engage your audience and boost your post. Use the AMA hashtag and be ready to open yourself to your followers.

3. Share your favorite book. Not much of a reader? Ok, it can be a movie, a TV show, or anything else you like to do to relax. If you have an interesting hobby, put it in your social media content.

4. Share some personal wins or results. But don’t make it look like bragging, because it can be a turn off for your audience. Rather make it a story of success.

5. Share your morning routine. And by that, we don’t mean posting a selfie from your bathroom. Do you drink coffee when you come to work? Have a briefing with your team? Or you first check your emails and social media? That kind of content can encourage your followers to comment.

6. Post about events you are going to. If there are some kind of events related to your business that you are attending, that is great stuff to post about. Also, taking a photo or a video while you’re there (if that is appropriate) can be a great “behind the scenes” post.

7. Post about something on your bucket list. If you don’t have a bucket list, there is a Pinterest board named “Bucket list quotes” which we find very interesting and inspirational.

Week three: Reshare


1. Share industry news and your thoughts on it. Posting informative content can turn your social media into trusted sources of relevant information. Always add a (short) comment with your thoughts about it, or why you think it’s worth sharing.

2. Share a blog post you wrote. This should be a common thing you do. Connecting your social media with your website and vice versa serves to driving traffic and generating new followers.

3. Post a testimonial from a client. If you have a section on your website (and you should) with customers’ testimonials, you should share this as your social media content also. It adds to reliance.

4. Reshare some older content. It can be a post, image, video, quote… Anything you consider relevant or interesting at the moment of resharing. But add some new thoughts to it.

5. Share a YouTube video you love. If you have a YouTube channel you can use one of your videos. If not, sharing something that you like, but related to what you do, is another easy but interesting way to fill your content.

6. Share your favorite resources. That can be apps or websites you use, blogs you like to read, and any kind of interesting tools you might find out about. Because of sharing this information with your audience, you’ll maybe help someone.

7. Share a pin you like. Pinterest is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. And that means you can find literary anything you can think of, so you’ll be able to post something connected with your brand in a moment.

Week Four: Find out who is your audience

Find out who is your audience

1. Ask a question. This is the basic move to encourage your audience to engage in your social media content. A question should be something interesting that’ll be fun to answer.

2. Host a poll. Hosting a poll can be similar to asking your followers a question, but with your options on what they can answer. It can be a way to find out something about your business that is valuable to you.

3. Ask for recommendations. You can ask your followers to tell you about what book you should read next, or which movie you should look. You can take this one step further: when you read/watch it, you can post a review and thank them for the suggestion.

4. Answer FAQs. Sometimes the same questions related to your business can pop up again and again. It is a good idea to put them all together and post them now and then to help your audience providing them basic information.

5. Thank your followers. Thanking people for following you is something businesses should learn from influencers. Showing appreciation and respect towards your audience is the best thing you can do.

6. Ask your audience how they found you. This is not just an interesting way to engage them, but also it can help you to find out which channels work for your business and which not.

7. Share user-generated content. It is best to organize a contest so you can reshare it without asking and getting consent. It can be something simple, like people using your product, or taking a photo of something related to your business.

Creating this kind of schedule so far in front will not always work, and for sure not everyone can apply all of the tips from our post. But it is easier to change what needs to be changed than to think of a new post each day. We hope you can take away some tips from here. Or, at least, that we gave you an idea of what to do.


Written by Alexis Kestler

A female web designer and programmer - Now is a 36-year IT professional with over 15 years of experience living in NorCal. I enjoy keeping my feet wet in the world of technology through reading, working, and researching topics that pique my interest.