How to Hop on the Viral 90s AI Yearbook Trend on TikTok

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Wondering how to create those realistic-looking 90s high school yearbook photos of yourself that are taking over TikTok? Using AI face-swapping technology, you can easily generate your own convincingly retro senior yearbook pictures to ride this viral trend.

In this complete guide, you‘ll learn how the 90s AI yearbook trend started, which tools you need, step-by-step instructions to make your video, and pro tips to make your creation stand out. Follow this guide, and you‘ll be ready to imagine yourself in 90s fashion and culture while engaging your TikTok followers.

What Exactly is the 90s AI Yearbook Trend on TikTok?

If you‘ve been on TikTok lately, you‘ve likely seen videos of users unveiling AI-generated yearbook photos of themselves dressed in 90s high school fashion. Oversized jeans, crimped hair, chokers – all the 90s senior photo cliches are there.

So how are people making these insanely realistic looking photos? The trend relies on deepfake technology to seamlessly swap people‘s faces onto existing 90s yearbook pictures. It gives the uncanny appearance of the TikToker actually time-traveling back to attend high school in the 90s.

The trend took off in early 2023 when TikTokers discovered you could find public vintage yearbook photos by searching "90s yearbook" on Twitter. They saved these photos, then used AI face-swapping tools to insert themselves into the images.

Once they had a collection of the AI-generated photos, they compiled them into montage-style videos for TikTok. Outfits and hairstyles from the 90s senior photos were swapped onto their faces, transporting them back to the days of crimpers and chokers.

The trend tapped straight into 90s nostalgia, allowing TikTokers to envision themselves in the retro fashions and culture of the time. As the craze has grown, everything from animation effects to green screen reenactments have been added to elevate the videos.

Why 90s Nostalgia is Bigger Than Ever on TikTok

But why recreate your senior photos from a decade long gone? There are several factors that make the 90s such fertile ground for viral TikTok trends right now:

Fashion and Beauty Inspiration

Gen Zers are reclaiming 90s fashion in a major way. Trends like mom jeans, chokers, crop tops, and plaid skirts are back in full force. Even crimped hair is making a comeback thanks to TikTok!

Having an AI-altered version of yourself in authentic 90s gear is the ultimate fashion inspo for today. The yearbook trend provides endless costume ideas for recreating those iconic 90s outfits.

Retro Pop Culture Obsession

Beyond fashion, TikTokers are also obsessed with 90s movies, TV shows, music, slang, and pop culture references. Hashtags related to 90s pop culture staples like Clueless, Friends and the Spice Girls are enormously popular on the platform.

The 90s yearbook trend taps directly into youth culture‘s current fixation on all things retro. What better way to envision yourself immersed in the 90s than via digitally altered yearbook pics?

Access to Nostalgia

While today‘s teens and 20-somethings didn‘t grow up in the 90s, the decade‘s widespread cultural influence grants them access to feeling nostalgic about it.

Through reruns, revivals, and references in media, Gen Zers are able to participate in the nostalgia their parents feel towards cassette tapes, Dunkaroos and other artifacts of the decade.

The yearbook trend allows TikTokers to deep dive into the nostalgic aesthetics of the 90s. It‘s almost like time travel through the power of AI and digital photo alteration.

The Rise of 90s AI Yearbook Videos on TikTok

The 90s yearbook trend can be traced back to TikTok creator @hierophantgreen1, who posted one of the first examples in December 2022. Their video used the sound "Oh Yeah" by Yello which is now a signature track of the trend.

@hierophantgreen1‘s original video kicked off interest in faking 90s senior portraits. As the trend spread, more creators tried out the AI face-swap effect.

In January 2023, the trend gained huge momentum. Searches for "90s yearbook Twitter" skyrocketed as people hunted down source images from actual 90s yearbooks. Meanwhile, AI face swap apps saw surges in usage.

By February 2023, the #90syearbook hashtag had over 314 million views. Top examples included:

Part of what fueled the early growth was the ease of generating the face-swapped images for free. Apps like Artguru made participating in the trend accessible.

As the trend spread across TikTok, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, unique takes keep it feeling fresh. But most examples stick to the formula of: source vintage yearbook photos, run them through AI, post a compilation video showcasing the results.

Step-by-Step Instructions For Making Your Own 90s Yearbook Video

Ready to dive into the nostalgia and imagine yourself as a 90s senior? Here is an in-depth tutorial for making your own AI-generated 90s yearbook video for TikTok:

Find Authentic 90s High School Yearbook Photos

The key is starting with real vintage yearbook photos from the 80s or 90s. This sells the effect and provides authentic outfits/hairstyles to work with.

Search "90s yearbook" or related phrases on Twitter. You‘ll find lots of public domain yearbook photos posted. Look through and save any clear, high-quality images.

Ideally gather 10-15 examples featuring a variety of:

  • Senior portrait style shots
  • Group photos
  • Candid photos

Save or screenshot images where the face is clearly visible. Avoid selecting blurry, low resolution photos.

Use Artguru to Face Swap Yourself Into the Photos

The easiest way to generate the face-swapped images is using the AI face swap tool at Artguru. It‘s completely free and doesn‘t require signing up.

Go to Artguru‘s face swap page. Upload one of the yearbook photos you saved from Twitter.

Next, upload a clear, well-lit photo of your own face. Adjust the masking tool to fully cover your facial features.

Hit "Generate" and let the AI work its magic! Artguru will seamlessly swap the face from the yearbook photo onto your own facial features.

Save the final swapped image. You can download it or take a screenshot.

Repeat this process for all the vintage yearbook photos you want to include. Generate multiple variations to give you options.

Enhance Images (Optional)

For an extra realistic effect, you can optionally use photo editing software like Photoshop to touch up the AI-generated images.

Try techniques like:

  • Adding film grain
  • Boosting colors
  • Matching skin tones
  • Adjusting brightness/contrast

This makes the photos look authentically like scanned vintage prints. Just don‘t overedit to the point the images look fake.

Compile Images into a Video with CapCut

Now comes the fun part – turning your collection of AI-swapped photos into a shareable TikTok video!

Import the saved images into your video editing app. CapCut is perfect for easily compiling and stylizing clips.

Arrange the photos into a montage sequence, showing each for 2-3 seconds. Add fun transitions like glitch or VHS effects between images.

CapCut has ready-made 90s yearbook templates to make this process fast. Their vintage filters give off authentic 90s vibes.

Don‘t forget a soundtrack! Choose a recognizable 90s hit or meme sound like "Oh Yeah" to complete the effect.

Post and Promote Your Video on TikTok

With your 90s AI yearbook video complete, it‘s time to upload and share it!

Post the video to your TikTok account. Use relevant hashtags like #90syearbook, #yearbooktrend and #90saesthetic so it surfaces in searches.

Interact with your comments section. Reply to commenters guessing which photo is your favorite look.

Consider promoting your video across other social platforms too like Instagram and Twitter. Check back and see if the TikTok gods bless you by making your video go viral!

Pro Tips to Take Your 90s Yearbook Video to the Next Level

Looking to step up your 90s AI yearbook video with advanced editing tricks and effects? Try these pro tips:

Animate the Photos

Add movement to your photos using pan and zoom effects in your editing app. This keeps the visuals dynamic.

Slowly zooming in on faces or panning across group photos adds energy. Just don‘t overdo it.

Incorporate Green Screen Recreations

Set up a green screen backdrop to film yourself recreating the poses/scenes from the AI photos for a meta effect.

This trend elevates the nostalgia factor as you engage with the digitally altered images.

Add Authentic 90s Animations

Search for 90s-style animations like flying toasters or video game graphics. Layer these over the AI photos briefly for fun throwback effects.

Include Video Selfie Reactions

Film selfie-style reaction shots of you reacting to seeing each AI photo for the first time.

Cut these reaction shots in between the photo compilation for added personality.

Dress Up to Match Photos

Take the trend to the next level by doing costume changes to match each 90s yearbook photo look.

This sells the effect you really traveled back to high school in the 90s to rock those outfits.

Share BTS Photo Comparisons on Instagram

Post side-by-side comparisons of the original yearbook photos next to the AI edits on Instagram.

This gives followers cool BTS looks at how you created the video.

If you‘re enjoying the 90s yearbook trend, here are some related TikTok crazes to try out:

AI Time Machine Filter

This effect ages or de-ages you to different decades. Make 90s version of yourself for added nostalgia.

80s Celeb Lookalike Videos

Use AI to generate photos turning yourself into 80s celebs like Madonna or Molly Ringwald.

@deepnostalgia on Instagram

This profile specializes in AI-generated vintage photo animation. Their old timey "talking" photos are super fascinating.

#frozenintime on TikTok

Check out this hashtag for trendy videos of people transforming from the present day into retro fashion/hair looks.

#iammyparentskid on TikTok

Imagine yourself as your parents‘ kid by using clothes, music and pop culture references from their generation.

Relive the 90s With This Fun TikTok Trend

The 90s AI yearbook trend brilliantly taps into the current obsession with Y2K nostalgia among Gen Zers and Millennials. With AI technology making easy face swaps accessible to anyone, now everyone can transport themselves back to the days of boy bands and scrunchies.

Following this guide will have you mastering the 90s yearbook trend in no time. Discover just how convincing today‘s deepfake tech can be at blending you seamlessly into vintage photos. Then put your digital creation skills on display by sharing your 90s-style video with TikTok.

Have fun channeling those retro vibes, and getting inspired by the fashions and culture of everyone‘s favorite throwback decade. Just be careful not to get stuck permanently living in the past!


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