How to Find, Buy, and Master All Three Combat Plants in Hogwarts Legacy

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Hey there! Are you ready to take your magical battling to the next level in Hogwarts Legacy? By acquiring and wielding all three deadly combat plants, you can become an unstoppable force against any foe the wizarding world throws at you.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll teach you everything you need to know to obtain Chinese Chomping Cabbage, Mandrake, and Venomous Tentacula – and use their formidable abilities in tandem to demolish your enemies.

An Introduction to These Powerful Magical Plants

Before we begin the quest to acquire these legendary greens, let‘s briefly discuss what makes each of these combat plants so unique and dangerous:

Chinese Chomping Cabbage

This aggressive cabbage dishes out serious piercing damage by viciously biting anything that moves. With razor-sharp teeth and an insatiable appetite for violence, the Chomping Cabbage is perfect for shredding through armored enemies and heavier foes.

A Chinese Chomping Cabbage plant


The cry of the Mandrake is downright deadly, capable of knocking out and disorienting entire groups of enemies. Their powerful sonic attacks make them perfect for controlling crowds and removing threats quickly. Make sure to cover your ears!

A screeching Mandrake plant

Venomous Tentacula

As the name suggests, this plant deploys lethal toxic thorns and vines to poison multiple targets simultaneously. The debilitating effects whittle down even the heartiest enemies. Tentacula are your secret weapon against slow, tanky foes.

A venomous tentacula plant

Now let‘s get started on acquiring these heavy-hitting plants for our botanical arsenal!

Finding and Buying the Plants in Hogsmeade

The renowned herbology shop Dogweed and Deathcap in Hogsmeade village is the only place you can purchase combat plants. Let‘s go over the details of navigating there and speaking with shop owner Beatrice Green:

Getting to Hogsmeade

Shortly after arriving at Hogwarts, the main story quest called The Path to Hogsmeade will point you towards the wizarding village. Follow the objective marker on your map northwest of the castle until you reach the bridge leading into the snow-covered town.

Hogsmeade is brimming with shops, residents, and secrets to uncover. For now, head straight down the main road into the town square. Dogweed and Deathcap is located on the west side of the square, recognizable by its greenhouse-style windows and wooden sign.

Checking Beatrice‘s Inventory

A friendly witch named Beatrice Green owns the shop. Strike up a conversation to take a look at her wares. She organizes her inventory by plant type, separated into tabs like Food Plants, Medicinal Plants, Decor Plants, and Combat Plants.

Beatrice's shop inventory interface

Beatrice‘s shop interface with the Combat Plants tab selected

The three plants we want will be listed here, but Beatrice only sells them once you reach certain levels:

  • Chinese Chomping Cabbage (Level 11, 90 Galleons)
  • Mandrake (Level 16, 250 Galleons)
  • Venomous Tentacula (Level 22, 140 Galleons)

Don‘t meet the requirements? Not to worry. Keep following the main story and completing side missions to level up and loot Galleons from enemies and chests. Revisit Beatrice whenever you gain a few levels to check her inventory again.

Once you‘ve saved up 480 Galleons total and reached Level 22, you‘ll be able to purchase all three plants!

Buying Each Combat Plant

When you‘re ready, here are the steps to buy each plant from Beatrice:

  • Interact with Beatrice and select the Combat Plants tab
  • Scroll down and select the Chinese Chomping Cabbage to buy it for 90 Galleons
  • The Cabbage will now be in your inventory‘s Combat Plants section
  • Next, buy the Mandrake for 250 Galleons the same way
  • Lastly, purchase the Venomous Tentacula for 140 Galleons
  • Congrats, you now own all three deadly plants!

And remember, you can always come back to Beatrice later on if you need to restock on plants or buy higher level variants as you progress.

Equipping and Using All 3 Plants in Battle

Owning these belligerent plants is one thing, but you‘ll need to equip them and master their abilities to truly dominate in combat. Here are some tips:

Equipping Plants

Press G to open your Gear menu, then select the Combat Plants tab. Highlight a plant and press F to equip it to your left hand. Repeat with another plant in your right hand.

This lets you quickly swap between two equipped plants mid-battle. You can also directly consume a third plant from your inventory to use its effects.

Here are some recommended plant combinations against different enemy types:

  • Vs Beasts: Equip Chomping Cabbage + Venomous Tentacula and use inventory Mandrake for AoE control.
  • Vs Humanoids: Equip Mandrake + Venomous Tentacula and use Chomping Cabbage from inventory to finish weakened foes.
  • Vs Dark Wizards: Equip Chomping Cabbage + Mandrake and consume Tentacula for damage over time.
Plant Damage Type Effects Strong Against Weak Against
Chomping Cabbage Piercing Bleed Armored Enemies Groups, Ranged Foes
Mandrake Sonic AoE Knockback/Stun Groups, Flying Enemies Single Targets, Ear Protection
Venomous Tentacula Poison Damage over Time Tanky Foes, Slow Enemies Poison Resistant, High DPS Threats

Get a feel for each plant‘s strengths and weaknesses, then determine the best loadout for each situation. Swap them on the fly!

Advanced Combat Plant Tactics

With practice, you can execute more complex strategies:

  • Use Tentacula to weaken, then finish with high Cabbage DPS
  • Spread dangerous groups out with Mandrake, then pick them off
  • Layer damaging effects like bleed and poison for stacked damage

Combine plants with your other gear, spells, and talents for maximum carnage!

Upgrading Your Plants for Maximum Potency

As you continue your journey, here are some tips to boost your plants‘ powers even further:

  • Regularly repair plants after battles to maintain peak damage
  • Invest Herbology skill points to unlock plant effect upgrades
  • Craft the Gardening Gloves item to reduce plant cooldown timers
  • Complete greenhouse side activities to earn seeds and fertilizers
  • Unlock talents like Green Thumb to enhance all botanical gear
  • Purchase upgraded plant variants from Beatrice as you reach new levels
  • Talk to Neville Longbottom to help augment your plants‘ capabilities
  • Equip gear like the Forest Amulet to bolster plant damage

If you‘re pursuing a botanist build, choose every herbology-focused upgrade possible. Soon you‘ll have an unstoppable platoon of vicious vegetation!

History and Lore of the Wizarding World‘s Deadliest Plants

While we‘ve focused on gameplay applications, it‘s fascinating to examine the real-world history and fictional lore behind each of these lethal plants:

Chinese Chomping Cabbage

This carnivorous cabbage is an entirely fictional creation of the Hogwarts Legacy developers. Cabbages play an important role in British cuisine, so the team likely drew inspiration from this. The Cabbage‘s violent temperament contrasts hilariously with its vegetable nature.


Mandrakes originate from Mediterranean folklore and are believed to take on humanoid forms. Their magical properties were first described in ancient Greek literature. In Harry Potter canon, mandrake root is a critical ingredient in restorative potions. Their cries are fatal to humans, making them dangerous subjects in Herbology classes.

Venomous Tentacula

This violent magical plant is yet another fictional creation unique to the Harry Potter universe. It is described in the books as having vicious toxic thorns, vines that try to strangle victims, and the general temperament of a semi-sentient beast. Fittingly, advanced mastery of these plants is a N.E.W.T. level skill.

Understanding this historical context enriches the experience of collecting and commanding these deadly plants in the game. It forges a deeper connection between the player, Hogwarts Legacy‘s world, and the beloved IP.

Wrapping Up: Grow Your Power as a Herbologist and Wizard

And there you have it! With this guide, you now possess the knowledge to collect and dominate with Chinese Chomping Cabbage, Mandrake, and Venomous Tentacula – Hogwarts Legacy‘s trifecta of terrifying foliage.

Start growing your power today:

  • Collect all 3 plants from Dogweed & Deathcap in Hogsmeade
  • Equip them for battle to counter any enemy‘s strengths
  • Upgrade your plants often to increase their deadly capabilities
  • Experiment with advanced plant tactics and combinations
  • Learn more about each plant‘s origins for bonus appreciation!

Soon you‘ll be a universally feared master of both herbology and destruction. Now get out there, keep levelling up, and start assembling your army of vicious vegetation! The wizarding world will learn to bend to your leafy will.


Written by Alexis Kestler

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