How to Activate the Central Control Device in Genshin Impact: A Detailed Guide

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As a Genshin Impact player, you‘ve likely heard about the huge new 3.6 update that just launched. This guide will walk you through one of the most complex new puzzles – activating the central control device. With the steps below, you‘ll solve this puzzle in no time and unlock amazing new rewards!

Introduction to Genshin Impact 3.6 Update

The Genshin Impact 3.6 update, also called "A Parade of Providence", introduced an enormous amount of new content. We‘re talking new characters, domains, artifacts, weapons, resources, and much more.

But one of the most talked-about additions is the mysterious factory location. This creepy, abandoned facility houses some unique new puzzles and challenges.

The central control device is one of the main puzzles you‘ll encounter in the factory. Activating the control device unlocks access to the deepest parts of the facility. This then allows you to find luxurious chests, new enemies, tree sap material and more.

So solving this puzzle is absolutely essential to fully experience the factory location. That‘s why I‘ve put together this detailed guide on how to activate the central control device in Genshin Impact.

Step-By-Step Walkthrough to Activate the Control Device

Here‘s an in-depth walkthrough of how to find and activate the central control device:

Locate the Central Control Device

First, you need to navigate through the winding passages of the factory until you reach the upper platform.

Look for a large mechanical device in the center of the platform. This is the central control device you need to activate.

Around the device you’ll see three pillars, each displaying a symbol – a triangle, inverted S, and W-like shape. Make note of these as you‘ll need to match them soon.

Central control device location

The central control device located on the upper platform

Rotate the Upper Level

Approach the central control device and you‘ll see it has three rotating dials split into upper, middle and lower levels.

Interact with the upper level dial and rotate it until the symbol displays a triangle with a dot inside the triangle.

Turn the dial until it clicks into place on this symbol, then the upper level will be fully activated.

Rotate the Middle Level

Next, interact with the middle level dial and rotate it until the inverted S symbol with a dot inside is displayed.

Again, keep turning until it clicks firmly into place on this symbol.

Rotate the Lower Level

Finally, repeat the process with the lower dial, rotating it until the W-like symbol is displayed.

Once all three levels show the correct symbols, the device will be fully activated.

Watch the Cutscene

After matching all three symbols correctly, a short cutscene will play. This confirms that the central control device has been activated.

You‘ll also now be able to use the nearby elevator which was previously inoperable. This will let you ride down to the deepest parts of the mysterious ruin.

Here is a quick recap of the full process:

  1. Reach the upper platform
  2. Rotate upper dial to triangle symbol
  3. Rotate middle dial to inverted S symbol
  4. Rotate lower dial to W-like symbol
  5. Watch the cutscene and take the elevator down

And that‘s all there is to it! With these steps you‘ll have the central control device activated in no time.

What Activating the Device Unlocks

So what treasures and adventures await you once the central control device is activated? Here‘s a sneak peek:

  • A Luxurious Chest guarded by a tough Ruin Drake mini-boss
  • Precious and Luxurious Chests scattered around the lower levels
  • Valuable crafting materials like Tree Sap and Fungi
  • New types of enemies to battle like Ruin Defenders
  • Electrogranum-themed puzzles and challenges
  • Achievements and exploration progress for clearing the area

As you can see, this area houses many unique and valuable rewards. It‘s well worth taking the time to activate the central control device and delve into the deepest reaches of this mysterious ruin.

Tips and Tricks for Solving the Puzzle

While activating the central control device itself is straightforward, here are some tips to make the process smoother:

  • Zoom your camera in when rotating the dials for a clearer view of the symbols. They can be hard to see from a distance.

  • Each level locks after rotating it to the correct symbol. You don‘t have to hold the button down.

  • If you forget the symbols, check the nearby pillars as they display the correct ones.

  • Use skills and bursts from a distance if enemies approach while you‘re interacting with the device.

  • Have co-op partners each activate a dial simultaneously to speed up the process.

How the New Region and Characters Change Exploration

Activating this device opens up just a small slice of the huge amount of new content introduced in version 3.6. To really change up your exploration strategies, make sure to also unlock:

  • New characters Baizhu and Kaveh – Both offer new Dendro elemental skills and gameplay.

  • Three new domains – Each provides exciting new challenges and artifact/material rewards.

  • The expansive desert region – This drastically changes exploration and resource gathering.

  • Fishing system additions – Two new fishing spots with rare catches are available.

With all these new characters, domains, resources, and an entire desert region, you have an incredible amount of fresh content to dive into!

Comparison to Prior Puzzle Mechanics

Let‘s take a quick look at how activating the central control device compares mechanically to some similar Genshin Impact puzzles:

  • More complex than activating elemental monuments, which just require matching symbols.

  • Requires more precision than Constellation Activation puzzles which use broad geometric matching.

  • Has less room for error than bypassing Ruin Guard/Hunter security, where you can retry after mistakes.

  • Provides more satisfying payoff than Blossom of Wealth challenges that offer only Mora.

So in terms of mechanical complexity, this new puzzle hits a nice sweet spot. It builds on concepts used previously in innovative ways to create a fresh but accessible challenge.

Final Tips for Completing This Puzzle

To summarize, here are my top 5 tips for activating the central control device:

  1. Locate the upper platform and central control device.
  2. Zoom in and carefully match the symbols on each dial.
  3. Refer to the nearby pillars if you forget the symbols.
  4. Use skills/bursts to defend from enemies during activation.
  5. Take the elevator down to explore the awesome new area!

That concludes my complete guide to unlocking the deepest parts of the mysterious Genshin Impact ruin by activating its central control device. I hope these detailed steps and tips help you access an amazing new realm of challenges and rewards! Let me know if you need any other Genshin Impact advice as you continue your exploration journey!


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