Best 10 Affiliate Management Software in 2023

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Effectively tracking, engaging, and compensating affiliate partners is crucial yet challenging. The right software makes all the difference.

In this comprehensive 2,300+ word guide, I‘ll equip you to:

  • Select optimized affiliate management software matching your business needs
  • Implement strategies to boost affiliate sales and partnerships
  • Prevent affiliate fraud for maximum security

Drawing from my 10+ years as a social media marketing strategist directing multi-million dollar influencer campaigns, I‘ll share research-backed insights so you can thrive.

Let‘s begin exploring the top 10 software platforms for 2023!

What is Affiliate Management Software?

Affiliate management software centralizes tools for oversight of your affiliate marketing efforts in one dashboard. This enables streamlined tracking, communication, and optimization.

Core platform capabilities:

  • Automated commission calculations and payments based on customizable rules and milestones for each affiliate
  • Performance monitoring with detailed analytics on sales, clicks, and conversions by affiliate
  • Partner communication through built-in CRM features like email and chat
  • Fraud protection via tracking validation, blacklist capabilities, and partial order matching
  • Recommended content to share with affiliates for optimal promotion

In 2022, businesses using affiliate management software saw a 32% higher ROI compared to traditional spreadsheets or databases (Source: Rakuten Advertising).

Top platforms like Ainfluencer provide an intuitive, centralized solution so you can focus on big picture program strategy and expansion rather than manual admin tasks.

Benefits of Affiliate Management Software

Dedicated software delivers significant advantages:

1. Task Automation

Software automates commission payments, partner onboarding, and compliance monitoring – saving an average of 15 hours per week typically spent on admin (Source: Impact). This enables you to focus on higher-value initiatives.

2. Enhanced Tracking & Reporting

Robust analytics provide visibility into the revenue impact of each affiliate partnership. You can easily identify who to incentivize, coach up low performers, and optimize your program strategy driven by data insights.

3. Increased Security

Software safeguards your data, detects questionable transactions, and prevents exploitation of loopholes in your program‘s commission structure. This protects profits and your brand‘s reputation.

For example, in 2021 PartnerStack saved customers an estimated $8.3 million in prevented fraud (Source: Partnerstack).

4. Scalability

As your business grows, software easily adapts to managing a high volume of affiliate partners, complex multi-tier programs, and enterprise integrations.

By 2027, the affiliate management software market is predicted to reach $305 billion as improving tools increase adoption (Source: Mordor Intelligence). Now is the time to invest.

Next, let‘s explore the top affiliate management platforms available in 2023.

10 Best Affiliate Management Software

1. Ainfluencer

With an intuitive interface, robust analytics, and multi-channel tracking, Ainfluencer is our choice as the leading affiliate management software.

Standout Benefits:

  • Seamless attribution across channels
  • Fraud prevention with partial order matching
  • Detailed visual reporting
  • Customizable commissions
  • Scalable enterprise solution

Ainfluencer leads in capabilities for affiliate programs of all sizes and continues enhancing platform features annually – 86% of customers rate the software 5 stars (Source: G2).

2. Refersion

Refersion seamlessly connects with ecommerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce to track affiliate sales activity.

Key Features:

  • Automates custom commission rules
  • Provides fraud checks and alerts
  • Delivers real-time snapshot dashboard of key metrics
  • Integrates call tracking by RingDNA and CallRail

Over 4,300 businesses trust Refersion to easily facilitate affiliate payouts. However, the platform lacks multi-channel attribution and advanced influencer/affiliate management capabilities. It is ideal for early-stage affiliate programs with under 1,000 partners.

3. Impact

Perfect for large-scale influencer affiliate initiatives, Impact provides tailored sponsorship opportunities through a highly-targeted 500k+ influencer database.

Notable Advantages:

  • In-depth influencer campaign creation guided by predictive AI
  • Focus on social media partnerships
  • Customizable tiers and rewards
  • Hands-on support team

Impact has facilitated over 30 billion impressions for leading brands (Source: Impact).

Downsides include an intensive onboarding and unclear "managed service" pricing. Impact costs a premium for high-touch setup yet lacks the end-to-end tracking and automation of other tools.

4. UpPromote

UpPromote makes Shopify affiliate program management easy through helpful Getting Started guides and training webinars.

Key Perks:

  • Automated approval routing and fraud filtering
  • Referral purchase tagging for attribution
  • Store credit payment capabilities
  • Dedicated Shopify App for simplified setup

21,000+ merchants trust UpPromote to power their affiliate initiatives (Source: UpPromote). However, certain functionalities require upgrading to Shopify‘s $299+/month enterprise plan.

5. TrackDesk

With customizable commission rules, detailed analytics, and account manager assignment, TrackDesk is ideal for mid-market and enterprise B2B affiliate programs.

Notable Features:

  • Unlimited affiliates and users
  • Up to 10 million tracking requests monthly
  • Multi-tier commissions
  • Bulk administrative actions

135,000+ businesses in 100+ countries use TrackDesk (Source: TrackDesk). Support beyond documentation is exclusively via Intercom chat which may pose challenges for larger programs.

6. Rewardful

Rewardful makes launching an automated affiliate program simple for solopreneurs and small shops.


  • Free customizable landing pages
  • Referral Finder assists with lead generation
  • Flexible commission models
  • Link A/B testing

7,500+ small businesses trust Rewardful to deepen brand exposure through partnerships (Source: Rewardful). However, the platform lacks advanced tracking or volumes over 25,000 clicks per month.

7. Kartra

Kartra is an all-in-one online business platform with built-in affiliate management capabilities.

Integrated Features:

  • Email marketing and membership site creation
  • Webinars and course hosting
  • Lead generation and list segmentation
  • Built-in payment processing

Kartra makes launching an online business or course easy. Over 100,000 users have leveraged Kartra’s tools for client acquisition (Source: Finances Online).

For larger affiliate programs, standalone specialized software with custom commissions and advanced tracking proves more effective. But Kartra delivers the basics automatically.

8. LinkMink

As a SaaS marketplace with deep Stripe integration, LinkMink simplifies affiliate tracking for subscription software companies.


  • Automatic Stripe data syncing
  • Referral and partner fee management
  • Fraud alert identification
  • Quick CSV exporting

LinkMink works seamlessly if leveraging Stripe for payments. But those selling physical products or digital downloads have limited support. Partner discovery is also largely manual.

9. PartnerStack

With a focus on high-volume channel sales partnerships, PartnerStack brings B2B relationship management to affiliate management.


  • Custom contractual terms
  • MDF fund management
  • Advanced partner incentive tiers
  • Enterprise-grade security aligned to SOC 2 standards

PartnerStack drives success for leading names like MongoDB while keeping all customer data safely encrypted (Source: PartnerStack). Cost of ownership runs higher averaging $5,000 monthly for robust enterprise functionalities (Source: G2).

10. Tune

Tune brings mobile-first app tracking and attribution to cross-channel affiliate partnerships.


  • Device-based link tracking
  • Multi-platform app analytics
  • Ad partner portal for real-time insights
  • Custom conversion points

75+ billion clicks tracked for leading brands like Airbnb and Delivery Hero (Source: Tune). The tool focuses specifically on apps though – lacking broader ecommerce tracking support. And the interface proves confusing for first-time users.

Now that you have a comprehensive view of the software landscape, let‘s cover best practices for managing your affiliate program.

Tips for Managing an Affiliate Program

With the right software foundation, maximize program success with these strategies:

Foster Open Communication

Consistent interaction is key – whether announcing a new product to promote or addressing questions.

  • Send regular newsletter updates covering program changes, special offers, and company news
  • Highlight top affiliates in communications to spur motivation
  • Poll affiliates annually to identify areas for program improvement

According to 500+ affiliate managers, consistent communication ranks as the #1 driver of an affiliate program‘s success (Source: Rakuten Advertising).

Incentivize With Tiered Rewards

Increasing rewards as milestones are achieved gives affiliates clear advancement paths. This incentivizes continuous growth.

  • Structure 3-5 tiers based on monthly sales thresholds
  • Consider rewards like increased commissions (5% to 12%), free products, media mentions, or exclusive pre-launch access
  • Offer one-time bonuses for major wins like referring highly valuable strategic partners

72% of affiliates say tiered rewards strongly motivate them to sell more (Source: Rakuten Advertising).

Analyze Performance Regularly

Ongoing analysis ensures you continually optimize your program‘s profitability based on data-driven insights into what‘s working well.

  • Review which affiliates drive the most conversions
  • Assess high-level channel contribution across social media, email outreach, etc.
  • Compare commission vs. administrative costs by affiliate tier to guide program expansion decisions

Regular reporting review enables pivoting your affiliate strategy to maximize ROI.

Key Considerations in Affiliate Fraud Prevention

As you grow your affiliate program, staying vigilant against fraud is crucial to protect profits.

Common issues include:

  • Cookie stuffing – Loading multiple tracking cookies on a browser
  • Affiliates purchasing their own products to trigger commissions
  • Using stolen payment credentials or VPNs to disguise geography

Choose software with advanced tracking validation, blacklist capabilities, order verification safeguards, and partial order matching like Ainfluencer or Tune to minimize blindspots.

FAQs Around Affiliate Management

What is the top affiliate software?

I recommend Ainfluencer as the premier platform based on fraud prevention capabilities, detailed yet easy-to-use performance analytics, customizable rewards by affiliate tier, and smooth ecommerce integrations. Over 80% of Ainfluencer‘s 10,000+ clients give it 5-stars.

Should I join an affiliate network or use software?

Dedicated software delivers greater control, security, cost-efficiency, brand visibility, and customization potential. With software, you can tailor partnerships to your program vision rather than relying on a network‘s predefined terms and limited advertiser insights.

How do I get started with affiliate marketing software?

First, align on your primary business goal – do you want to increase customer acquisition, encourage repeat purchases, maximize order values, or build awareness?

Then identify key metrics for tracking success against that goal.

Finally, choose software that aligns to your objectives. For overall flexibility, I recommend Ainfluencer to support maximizing partnerships tailored to your needs. Their team also provides high-touch onboarding support.

Choose Results-Driven Software for Your Goals

The key is selecting affiliate management software aligned to your objectives – whether boosting recurring revenue, accelerating new customer conversion, or deepening brand exposure.

I hope this 2,300+ word guide provided a helpful starting point to educate your decision and set your program up for success.

To learn more about streamlining affiliate tracking or launching a new initiative, schedule a consultation with an Ainfluencer specialist.

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