Finding the Coveted Al-Safwa Stone Block Office Key in Warzone 2‘s DMZ Mode

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Hey there! If you‘ve been grinding away at the new DMZ mode in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0, you know how intense the struggle is to extract with rare and valuable loot. Well my friend, one of the most important keys you can hope to find is the Al-Safwa Stone Block Office key, unlocking a room full of awesome weapon blueprints.

In this detailed guide, I‘ll walk you through everything you need to know about tracking down the Stone Block Office key location and safely extracting with the sweet blueprints inside. Stick with me and you‘ll gain a big advantage in your future DMZ raids!

What Exactly is DMZ Mode?

For anyone unfamiliar, DMZ is the new open-world style extraction mode added in the Warzone 2.0 update. Up to four players team up to infiltrate various zones around the massive new map Al Mazrah.

The goal is to explore, loot as many supply caches and rare items as you can, take down AI enemies, and optionally complete special types of contracts. Once you‘ve gotten what you came for, your squad can move to an extraction point and exfiltrate out of Al Mazrah to keep all acquired weapons, equipment, and loot.

However, this is extremely high stakes! If you die at any point during the match, you permanently lose all items in your backpack. The only things you keep are insured primary weapons. This creates an incredibly tense and tactical experience where every decision matters.

According to Activision‘s latest earnings call, Warzone 2.0 and DMZ have been a huge success with "record engagement" across the player base. It‘s thrilling to drop into the map and see what loot you can escape with against the odds.

An Overview of Al Mazrah’s Diverse Environments

DMZ matches take place on the brand new Al Mazrah map, which is broken up into several massive and diverse regions. You‘ve got:

  • City of Al Mazrah – a large urban downtown area with hotels, stores, apartments, and more.

  • Ahkdar Village – a marshy rural town with small homes, farms, and a central mosque.

  • Al Malik Airport – a spacious airport with commercial planes, hangars, control towers, and terminals.

  • Zarqwa Hydroelectric – an industrial dam facility spanning a huge lake and river basin.

  • Sarrif Bay – a massive port city with cranes, storage facilities, shanty buildings, and the Gulag!

  • Al Safwa Quarry – a sandy mining basin dotted with excavation equipment, refineries, warehouses.

  • Cement Factory – a factory complex with smokestacks, heavy machinery, mining trucks, and train yards.

  • Observatory – a high altitude cliffside area with radar arrays, scientific equipment and a massive satellite dish.

Each zone has a very distinct look and feel. You‘ll want to learn the lay of the land, high tier loot spots, and potential extraction points in each area. This brings us to…

How Does the DMZ Extraction Loop Work?

At the start of a match, your squad will select one of several possible extraction points to begin your infiltration. Each extraction zone comes with nearby general loot areas and buildings to investigate.

You‘ll start with a basic loadout of a pistol, light armor, and small backpack. From there, you need to loot up! Search supply caches, eliminate enemy AI NPCs, and openchests in landmarks to find cash, armor plates, lethal equipment, attachments, killstreaks, and importantly, keycards and keys.

Keys allow you to unlock specially marked rooms and buildings that contain rare top-tier blueprint and item rewards you can extract with. More on keys later.

Optional objectives include taking contracts to hunt down High Value Target enemies for bonus contraband loot. You can also purchase insurance for favorite weapons at Buy Stations to recover them upon death.

Once you‘ve gotten what you came for, battle to an extraction zone, activate the countdown timer, and defend your position from waves of enemies until exfil!

Based on community feedback, the team at Infinity Ward continues to fine tune the DMZ extraction loop for the most rewarding yet challenging experience. Even top Call of Duty pros struggle to consistently extract with rare loot!

Pinpointing the Location of the Coveted Stone Block Office Key

Now onto the good stuff. Veteran DMZ players know that keys leading to exclusive loot are the real prize. Arguably the most coveted key is the one that unlocks the Stone Block Office room located in the southeast Al Safwa Quarry region.

This relatively small rectangular building contains immensely valuable weapon blueprint rewards inside, but getting there is a serious challenge.

The Stone Block Office building can be found on the northern edge of the main Circular Quarry pit, identified by the white exterior and orange cargo container placed out front. Check the map and screenshots below for the exact location:

[Map Image]

[Screenshot 1]

[Screenshot 2]

As you can see, the building overlooks the sandy quarry basin with mining equipment and towers. Trekking here through enemy infested terrain is risky, so come prepared for a fight!

Now let‘s look at ways to actually acquire the precious Stone Block Office key…

Where to Find the Al-Safwa Stone Block Office Key

The bad news is the Al-Safwa Office key does not have any guaranteed spawns. However, there are a few solid methods to obtain it:

Eliminate AI Enemies – Clearing out hostile NPCs in the Quarry region will eventually cause the key to drop as loot from one of them.

Complete Contracts – High Value Target contracts that spawn in adjacent areas like Ahkdar Village commonly provide the key as a reward for eliminating them.

Search Supply Caches – The key can spawn as a random loot item from any supply cache or locker you search in Al Mazrah.

Based on community reports, your best odds seem to come from taking out AI enemies and completing contracts in the southeast zones of the map where the Office is located.

With some dedicated looting and combat, you‘re bound to get that super rare key drop. But holding onto it is the real challenge…

Turning the Key to Unlock the Stone Block Office Rewards

After likely multiple attempts, once you finally acquire the key, immediately make your way to the Stone Block Office building itself. Look for the white and orange exterior we highlighted earlier.

Interact with the locked front door to use the Al-Safwa Office key and gain access inside.

Within the office room, multiple rare weapon blueprint rewards will be waiting on shelves, tables, and floors. These include blueprints for custom assault rifles, sniper rifles, and more.

Blueprints are a massive prize because they allow you to craft specialty weapons only found through looting DMZ areas. The Stone Block Office arguably has some of the most desirable gun blueprints!

Exfiltrating Safely with Your Hard-Earned Loot

You did it! You managed to get the Al-Safwa key and unlock the weapon blueprints. But your job isn‘t done yet. Now comes the extremely tense challenge of safely extracting out of Al Mazrah with the goods.

It‘s almost always best to save extraction for the very end when you‘ve gotten everything of value possible. Traveling to an extraction site is when you‘re most exposed.

Move tactically and use cover to avoid needless fights with enemies on your way to extract. Conserve armor plates and ammo. Listen closely for audio cues of nearby foes or caches.

Once at a usable extraction point, activate the countdown timer and bunker down to defend against waves of aggressive AI combatants looking to ruin your run. Survive just a bit longer!

If you die to enemies at this point, you lose all contraband items in your backpack permanently. Painful after coming so far! But escape alive and that sweet blueprint loot is yours to utilize in future DMZ raids.

Other Notable Key Locations Across Al Mazrah

While the Stone Block Office key is likely the most coveted, there are a number of other valuable keys scattered around the DMZ zones. Here are some additional examples:

  • Algae Covered Toolbox Key – Unlocks a chest in Zarqwa Hydroelectric containing a pile of GRM Sensor grenades.

  • Keep Ritual Room Key – Provides access to a small ritual building in Ahkdar Village with rare attachments and armor.

  • Mineshaft Entrance Key – Unlocks the central mineshaft in the Cement Factory area with unique contraband.

  • Radar Tower Maintenance Key – Allows roof access on the main radar tower building at the Observatory. Features rappel ropes off the tower roof along with loot items.

Learning key locations around Al Mazrah and planning quick looting routes will help you build your collection of rare weapon blueprints the fastest.

Top Tips for DMZ Extraction Success

After countless extraction attempts, I‘ve picked up on some key tactics for survival and success in DMZ:

  • Loot first, fight later – Focus on quietly looting before engaging in fights when viable to gear up.

  • Learn AI behaviors – Different enemy types have unique abilities like throwing smoke or flanking. Know their patterns.

  • Listen closely – Make the most of Warzone 2‘s stellar audio. Pinpoint enemies and caches by sounds.

  • Avoid greed – Extract as soon as you score top-tier loot rather than risking losing it all.

  • Insure favorites – Use Buy Stations to insure primary weapons you rely on to reclaim after death.

  • Stock armor plates – Carry extra plates beyond just one set to survive longer in combat.

  • Use silencers – Suppressors allow stealthy repositioning during fights versus being overwhelmed.

Wrapping Up

And there you have it my friend! Everything you could need to know about tracking down the super valuable Al-Safwa Stone Block Office key in Warzone 2‘s DMZ mode and safely extracting with the sweet weapon blueprint rewards.

DMZ provides such a thrilling high-risk, high-reward experience. I hope my guide gives you the advantage to loot rare keys and take on Al Mazrah like a pro. Now get out there, be stealthy, and escape with some blueprints!

Let me know if this helped or if you have any other DMZ tips to share. Good luck in your future extraction runs!


Written by Alexis Kestler

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