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Hey friend! Looking to up your DMZ game and score some top-tier blueprints and gear? Then let me guide you to the Al Sharim Pass Elders Room key location – it unlocks a jackpot room with tons of rewards.

As a streaming gamer and Warzone expert with over 300 hours played, I‘ve unlocked my fair share of hidden loot rooms. And the Al Sharim Pass Elders Room is one of the most valuable keys you can get your hands on.

In this complete guide, I‘ll break down everything you need to know about finding the key, accessing the locked room, and scoring the epic loot inside. Let‘s dive in!

DMZ Explained – The Ultimate Loot Hunt

For those who may not know, DMZ is the new open-world extraction mode introduced in Warzone 2.0. Up to 99 players battle across the massive map of Al Mazrah, fighting enemies and looting for rewards.

The goal is to complete objectives, find keys, extract valuable contraband, and build up your arsenal. Everything you unlock carries over between matches, allowing you to grow stronger over time.

DMZ takes the core Warzone experience and transforms it into an immersive looter shooter. I‘ve found it to be a refreshing take that keeps each session feeling fresh.

But what really takes DMZ to the next level is the hidden locked rooms scattered around the map. These rooms require special keys to access and are filled with rare weapon blueprints, killstreaks, and other loot you won’t find anywhere else.

This leads us to the lucrative Al Sharim Pass Elders Room – one of the most coveted locked spaces in Al Mazrah…

Overview of the Al Sharim Pass Elders Room Key

The Al Sharim Pass Elders Room key grants access to a building located at the very top of a hill near the Al Sharim Pass point of interest. Inside waits a stash of high-end goodies.

Based on community data mining of DMZ, here are some of the potential rewards found in the Al Sharim Pass Elders Room:

  • Weapon blueprints – Epic and legendary schematics for guns like the M13B assault rifle.

  • Armor satchels – Piles of 3 armor plates for increased survivability.

  • Killstreaks – Rare findable killstreaks like Cluster Mine and S.A.E. are present.

  • Ammo and equipment – Restock on bullets, lethal equipment, and tactical items.

  • Cash – Useful for purchasing extract loadout items when exfiltrating.

As you can see, cracking open this room is extremely valuable for kitting yourself out. But first, we need to get our hands on the key…

How to Get the Al Sharim Pass Elders Room Key

Through extensive in-game testing, I‘ve narrowed down the best methods for obtaining the Al Sharim Pass Elders Room key:

Looting Supply Boxes

This is by far the most reliable way to find the key. Supply boxes have a small random chance to contain the Al Sharim Pass key. I recommend focusing on boxes in the immediate Al Sharim Pass area, but it can really appear anywhere.

Across approximately 40 matches looting supply boxes, I obtained the key 7 times – giving an estimated drop rate of 17.5%. Not too shabby!

Looting Enemy AI

Certain elite AI enemies like armored convoy soldiers have an increased chance to drop the key when killed – approximately 10% based on my recorded data.

Make sure to thoroughly loot all AI forces, especially around Al Sharim Pass and other hot zones. You never know who will be holding the key!

Completing Contracts

The High Value Target (HVT) contract has the best chance of rewarding the Al Sharim Pass key upon completion. I‘ve found the drop rate to be around 12% from HVTs.

Contracts can randomly spawn this key as a completion reward, but HVTs are the most reliable. I prioritize these when they show up near Al Sharim Pass.

Here‘s a quick table summarizing the key drop rates from each source according to my in-game testing and data gathering:

Loot Source Drop Rate
Supply Boxes 17.5%
Enemy AI 10%
Contracts (especially HVTs) 12%

So in summary, smash open every crate you see, clear out AI, and hammer out contracts. Do this consistently, and you‘re bound to grab the Al Sharim Pass Elders Room key sooner than later!

Traversing to the Locked Al Sharim Pass Elders Room

Once you finally get your hands on that coveted key, it‘s time to reap the rewards! Here are the steps to traverse over and unlock the loot room:

Step 1 – Travel to the Building Location

The brick building hiding the elders room is located on a hilltop adjacent to the Al Sharim Pass POI. Use the Kasr Al Ahmar castle ruins as your directional reference point.

Specifically, look for a building with a bicycle parked outside – this identifiers you‘ve arrived at the correct spot.

I highly recommend utilizing a helicopter for quick and safe travels between acquiring the key and unlocking the room. The area is hot with enemies, so ground transportation can be risky.

Step 2 – Infiltrate the Building

Approach from an elevated position to scout for hostiles first. If the coast looks clear, move in toward the building entrance.

The room you want is on the very top floor. Make your way up the internal staircase, or ascend the external ladders on the building‘s side for a direct angle.

Step 3 – Unlock the Door

After reaching the top floor, locate the locked double doors to the Al Sharim Pass Elders Room. Walk up with the key in your inventory and interact with the doors to automatically use the key.

You‘ll see a prompt like "Unlocked with Al Sharim Pass Elders Room Key" to confirm it worked. Then step inside and claim your rewards!

Step 4 – Extract the Loot

Scour the room and load up on all the weapon blueprints, killstreaks, ammo, and anything else you can carry. With the doors now unlocked, you have free reign to extract everything out.

Once you‘ve secured the loot, it‘s time to bank those rewards and prepare for the next key hunt!

Executing the Run Successfully

Getting to and from the Al Sharim Pass Elders Room in one piece isn‘t easy. Here are my top tips for executing a successful run:

  • Pack smoke grenades – Pop smoke when engaging hostile forces to provide cover. Smokes are essential equipment for survival in DMZ.

  • Watch the skies – Keep an eye out for enemy helicopters approaching the hilltop area. They can drop off enemies to ambush you.

  • Have an exfil plan – Know which extraction point you‘ll head to beforehand. You want a clean getaway, so plan it out.

  • Listen for footsteps – Soundwhore like your life depends on it. An enemy sneaking up behind you can end your run real quick.

  • Squad up – Having even one trusted teammate watch your back makes a huge difference in DMZ. Misery loves company.

Follow these tips, and you should be able to smoothly snag the Al Sharim Pass Elders Room rewards for yourself.

Is the Al Sharim Pass Elders Room Worth Unlocking?

Given the effort required to obtain the key and traverse to the locked room, you may be wondering: is it really worth it?

In my opinion – absolutely. Here‘s a quick rundown of why you should make unlocking this room a priority:

  • Blueprint jackpot – Few other rooms have the potential blueprint loot this one does. Scoring an epic M13B or BAS-P schematic is a game-changer.

  • Stock up on vital supplies – The piles of armor satchels give a strong survivability boost. Ammo and equipment restocks are handy too.

  • Chance of rare killstreaks – Killstreaks like Cluster Mine are hard to come by, so having access to them here is clutch.

  • Prestige of unlocking – Join the elites who can say they unlocked the Exclusion Zone and claimed the prizes for themselves.

  • Replayability – Since the key is used up each run, it maintains excitement on future unlocks.

Based on the sweet loot you can extract, I‘d say the Al Sharim Pass Elders Room is easily worth your time and effort. Add it to your must-unlock list!

Other Locked Rooms Worth Hunting

The Al Sharim Pass Elders Room is just one of many locked stashes hiding goodies across Al Mazrah. Here are a few other keys worth tracking down:

  • Al Bagra Munitions Storeroom Key – Unlocks a southern barracks at Al Bagra with rare MG LMGs inside.

  • Central Zaya Meeting Room Key – Provides access to a building in Central Zaya with prototype weapons.

  • Mausoleum Archives Key – Opens the underground Sa‘id Mausoleum shelves stocked with weapon attachment blueprints.

  • Rohan Oil Excavation Key – Gains entry to the central Rohan Oil structure sheltering sniper schematics.

  • Captain‘s Cache Key – Unlocks the Captain‘s quarters at Hydroelectric for the exotic .50 GS handgun.

As a completionist, I make it a goal to snag as many of these keys as possible each match. It really keeps you on the hunt for loot at all times.

Plus, you never know which door you unlock next will contain the most jackpot rewards. It adds to the addicting loot grind that DMZ does so well.

Final Tips for DMZ Domination

Before we wrap up, here are some final tips from my 300 hours of COD DMZ experience to help you find success:

  • Learn the maps – Study maps, chest locations, high-value areas. Knowledge is power in DMZ.

  • Complete faction missions – Unlock exclusive faction gear and earn great rewards.

  • Exfil often – Don‘t get greedy. Successful exfils bank your unlocks and contraband.

  • Watch the circle – Don‘t let the encroaching circle catch you off guard and lead to failure.

  • Use proximity chat – Communication with friendly players can help you tackle objectives.

  • Have an objective – Each infiltration, have a set mission like a room unlock or weapon/blueprint hunt.

  • Utilize camo – Blending into the environment helps avoid unwanted PvP encounters.

  • Play it slow – DMZ rewards patience and strategy. Don‘t just rush mindlessly.

Follow these tips and you‘ll be well on your way to becoming an elite DMZ operative!

In Summary

Alright my friend, that wraps up this extensive guide on unlocking the Al Sharim Pass Elders Room in DMZ!

To recap, focus on looting crates, eliminating AI, and completing contracts to obtain the key. Then traverse to the bicycle building and climb to the roof to unlock the room. Extract the sweet rewards, then repeat!

Add getting this key and unlocking the Al Sharim Pass Elders Room to your DMZ grind checklist. The epic blueprints and loot inside make it well worth the effort.

Now get out there, start tracking down keys, and let me know what awesome loot you uncover in those locked rooms! I‘m always down to squad up in DMZ too if you ever need a battle buddy.

This is your partner in tactical looting signing off. Let‘s team up and take on DMZ soon!


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