Finding the Coveted B.C. Toolbox Key in Call of Duty‘s New Warzone 2 DMZ Mode

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As a hardcore Call of Duty fan and avid gamer, unlocking the B.C. Toolbox in DMZ mode has been high on my priority list since Warzone 2 launched. The brand new DMZ sandbox experience has proven to be my favorite addition to Warzone yet, with its tense extraction gameplay and persistent weapon/loot progression system.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll be breaking down everything you need to know about locating the B.C. Toolbox Key within Al Mazrah‘s massive map. Securing this key should be a top objective for any DMZ operator thanks to the high-tier loot contained inside this locked toolbox.

Let‘s get right into it! Here‘s your ultimate guide to finding the B.C. Toolbox key location in Warzone 2‘s new DMZ mode.

What Exactly is DMZ Mode in Warzone 2?

For those who haven’t had the chance to drop in yet, DMZ is an all-new open world, sandbox-style experience exclusive to Warzone 2.0. Up to 99 operators are dropped into the sprawling city of Al Mazrah with the goal of completing faction missions, looting valuable items, fighting off AI combatants, and ultimately extracting safely.

It’s an immersive mode without any closing circle or sole winner. The focus is on survival, teamwork, collecting gear, and securing extraction by defending set exfil zones against waves of enemies. What really makes DMZ stand out is the ability to keep loot you extract with, allowing you to build up a formidable arsenal over time.

According to Activision, DMZ draws inspirations from hardcore extraction shooters like Escape from Tarkov and Stalker. The tone is gritty and realistic, with lethal combat where just a few shots can be fatal. Operators have one life per match, so staying alert and using tactics is key.

Why You Should Find the B.C. Toolbox Key

The B.C. Toolbox Key is one of the most valuable items you can obtain in DMZ mode. It unlocks a reinforced toolbox containing top-tier loot to boost your odds of survival.

Based on community reports, potential rewards from unlocking the B.C. Toolbox include:

  • Armor plates and helmets
  • Lethal and tactical equipment
  • Weapon attachments like scopes and silencers
  • Killstreak rewards like UAVs and precision airstrikes
  • Large amounts of cash and armor satchels
  • Rare weapon blueprints you permanently keep

Having access to this kind of high-level gear can be game-changing during a DMZ infiltration. The key itself takes up no inventory space, so securing one early on can really pay dividends later. You’ll want the key handy for whenever you come across the B.C. Toolbox out in the world.

Below I’ll cover precisely how to obtain the B.C. Toolbox Key to unlock this loot for yourself.

Where to Find the B.C. Toolbox Key in Al Mazrah

The B.C. Toolbox Key has a guaranteed spawn location inside the main airport building at Al Malik International Airport.

Specifically, you can find this key insider the airport’s interior conveyor belt room on a table next to a large metal box along the right side wall.

Here are the step-by-step directions to locate this key:

  1. Infiltrate Al Malik International Airport – This large airport building is situated northwest of the city center of Al Mazrah. You can breach via several entry points or parachute onto the roof for a daring insertion.

  2. Enter the Main Airport Building – Once inside the exterior walls, head towards the central section of the building which houses the conveyor belt and luggage handling systems.

  3. Follow Signs to the Conveyor Belt Room – Keep an eye out for signs directing you to the conveyor belt area if you need help navigation the expansive airport interior.

  4. Grab the B.C. Toolbox Key – Inside this conveyor belt room, you’ll see the key sitting on a table next to a large metal box along the right side wall.

B.C. Toolbox Key Location Image

The B.C. Toolbox Key positioned on a table next to a metal box along the conveyor room wall

And that’s it! The table with the key should be easy to locate once inside the conveyor belt room. Now you’ll have permanent access to the B.C. Toolbox’s high-tier rewards whenever you come across it out in Al Mazrah.

Alternate Sources for the B.C. Toolbox Key

Although the airport conveyor belt room has a guaranteed key spawn, there are a couple other potential sources worth mentioning:

  • Looting Eliminated AI Enemies – AI combatants around Al Mazrah have a small chance of dropping the key when defeated. Take down enemies methodically for loot.

  • Completing Contracts – Certain contracts like High Value Targets may reward the B.C. Toolbox Key upon completion. Quick cash and quality loot!

  • Searching Supply Boxes – Check weapon crates, bags, and other loot containers for a random chance at obtaining the key.

However, the conveyor room is the only reliable way to get guaranteed access to the B.C. Toolbox Key every match. The airport building is a high risk, high reward area.

Securing the Key from Al Malik Airport

Al Malik International Airport is one of the most active hotspots for PvP and PvE combat in Al Mazrah. Here are my best tips for safely securing the B.C. Toolbox Key within the airport:

  • Come prepared – Bring armor plates, lethal equipment, and plenty of ammo when infiltrating the airport. Engagements with AI and enemy squads are very likely.

  • Use suppressors when possible – Firing unsuppressed shots will draw a lot of attention to your position. Stay stealthy.

  • Check corners and clear rooms – Enemies could be hiding anywhere inside. Move slowly and watch for campers.

  • Bring flashbangs – Flashbangs can give you a huge edge in close quarters engagements inside the terminal.

  • Watch the skies – Be alert for enemy helicopters, UAVs, and other aircraft when outside and fighting towards an extraction.

  • Avoid rushing the key – Some squads may camp the key room right at infiltration. Delaying your approach could help avoid them.

  • Strength in numbers – Having trusted teammates provides security and gives you more tactical options.

Entering a hot zone like the airport to secure a high value target takes coordination, skill, and patience. Exercise extreme caution and leave yourself an escape route at all times.

Extracting Safely with Your Key

Once you’ve secured the coveted B.C. Toolbox Key, next comes the challenging part – successfully extracting from Al Mazrah with it in your inventory.

Here are some tips to safely extract with your hard-earned key:

  • Avoid extraction points near the airport – These tend to be active combat zones after infiltrating the airport itself.

  • Keep moving – Camping can make you an easy target. Keep repositioning after grabbing your objective.

  • Listen for audio cues – Paying attention to sounds of gunfire and vehicles can help avoid trouble.

  • Travel along the circle edge – Sticking to the outskirts of the play zone reduces your exposure.

  • Have an emergency extract plan – Always have a backup extract point marked in case your primary gets compromised.

  • Watch extraction lines-of-sight – Pick extract spots with cover you can use to break line-of-sight from threats.

  • Extract immediately next match – Unlock the B.C. Toolbox rewards as soon as possible before risking losing that key!

Escape and evasion is just as important as securing objectives in DMZ. Get your key safely extracted to bank those rewards permanently.

Putting Your Secured Key to Use

You‘ve successfully located and extracted the B.C. Toolbox Key – great work! Here‘s how to make the most of it in your next DMZ infiltration:

  • Rush to open the B.C. Toolbox – Unlock the toolbox early next match before risking loss of your key.

  • Head to the central airport offices – This is where the locked B.C. Toolbox itself is located in Al Mazrah.

  • Utilize new killstreaks and equipment – Killstreaks like Cluster Strikes can quickly turn the tide in your favor.

  • Attach weapon scopes and silencers – Enhanced attachments will give you an edge in ranged engagements.

  • Bank weapon blueprints – Successfully extracting will let you permanently unlock any weapon blueprints found.

  • Barter your spare keys – You can negotiate with squads to trade keys for other rare loot if needed.

As you can see, securing the B.C. Toolbox Key gives you access to equipment that can significantly improve your survival and lethality during DMZ infiltration matches. Make sure to put it to good use!

Closing Recommendations

Alright, that wraps up my deep dive on securing the extremely valuable B.C. Toolbox Key within Warzone 2‘s new DMZ mode! Here are my key takeaways:

  • The B.C. Toolbox Key grants access to top-tier loot to boost your power.

  • It has a guaranteed spawn in Al Malik Airport‘s conveyor belt room.

  • Grab the key quickly, but exercise extreme caution in this high risk area.

  • Successfully extract with the key to permanently unlock the toolbox rewards.

  • Equip new weapon blueprints and gear to dominate your next DMZ match!

I hope you found this comprehensive guide helpful. Now get out there, secure the key, take down Al Qatala forces, and collect incredible new gear along the way! Stay frosty out there operators.


Written by Alexis Kestler

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