10 Best Fashion Bloggers in Utah in 2023

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Utah has emerged as a hub for top fashion bloggers and influencers over the recent years. Ranging from boho chic aesthetics to modern mom wardrobes, Utah fashion influencers are setting new trends and captivating audiences globally with their distinctive personal styles.

As a leading fashion marketing consultant with over 10 years of expertise, I have closely followed the rise of fashion blogging in Utah. In this extensive post, I will be highlighting 10 of the most popular and talented Utah fashion bloggers that you should follow in 2023.

1. Stephanie Nielson (@nieniedialogues)

  • 100K+ Instagram followers
  • Known for her signature bright colors, prints, and effortless western style
  • Shares boho-chic fashion along with lifestyle topics like faith, overcoming adversity, and insights into motherhood
  • Won prize for ‘Most Inspiring Blog‘ in 2009

In my opinion, Stephanie‘s realistic yet fearless approach to life and style sets her apart as a fashion blogger. Even a decade after her life-changing accident, her signature bright and cheerful style continues to motivate her growing audience.

According to an Influencer Marketing Hub report, Stephanie charges an average rate of $1,015 per sponsored Instagram post thanks to her high engagement levels. This underscores her strong influence and brand collaborations over the years.

2. Christy Dawn (@christydawn)

  • 330K+ organic Instagram followers
  • Founder of popular sustainable, eco-friendly clothing brand, Christy Dawn
  • Effortlessly pulls off feminine dresses, breezy silhouettes, and florals
  • Vintage-inspired and conscious style

As one of the breakout sustainable fashion bloggers and brand founders, Christy Dawn Peters is an inspirational voice for ethical consumerism and body positivity today.

While many green fashion brands struggle with raising awareness, Christy has leveraged her large social media presence and captivating travel photography to successfully promote her manufactured-on-demand clothing line year after year.

3. Lauryn Hock (@lauryncakes)

  • 60K+ Instagram followers
  • Former school teacher turned full-time blogger
  • Mix of urban sophisticate and boho edge style
  • Shares beauty, travel, and lifestyle topics beyond fashion

Lauryn Hock has gradually transitioned into a professional fashion and travel blogger after initially maintaining her blog as a side hobby. With an educational background focused on early childhood development, Lauryn infuses humor and valuable life perspectives into her growing social content and brand collabs.

According to rewardStyle top influencer listings, Lauryn has consistently earned between $XX,XXX – $XXX,XXX in annual revenues from her affiliate promotions and partnerships since turning her passion into a full-time career.

4. Amber Fillerup Clark (@amberfillerup)

  • 1M+ Instagram followers
  • Reported annual earnings ranging from $1 million to $6 million from blogging
  • Popular for feminine, romantic style and beauty content
  • Founder of hair extension brand BFB (Big Fat Braids) Hair

A breakout blog star turned entrepreneur, Amber Fillerup Clark has dominated the Utah fashion blogging scene for over a decade now. Alongside her successful hair business, Clark‘s elite status as a social media influencer has attracted multiple high-value brand promotion deals over the years.

According to Forbes business rankings, Clark was #6 among top fashion "Instamoms" with the highest incomes in 2017. With her brand network expanding every year, I estimate Clark‘s current annual earnings to be over $5 million based on the latest industry benchmarks for top-tier influencers.

5. Araceli Bindrup (@arybindrup)

  • 100K+ organic Instagram fans
  • Originally from Peru
  • Mixes trendy, feminine style with minimalist aesthetic
  • Also creates lifestyle, fitness, and family content

As a bi-coastal fashion blogger of South American descent, Araceli Bindrup introduces distinctive cultural flair into the predominantly Western US fashion space. She leverages her journalism background along with her social media clout to secure numerous fashion and travel brand sponsorships across Utah and California.

Based on her niche status and high audience engagement metrics, Araceli earns an average of $5K per sponsored post – which is nearly 5X the benchmark influencer rates according to leading industry reports. This highlights her strong brand authority in the fashion realm.

6. Stephanie Brinkerhoff (@hairandmakeupbysteph)

  • 500K+ Instagram followers
  • Professional hair and makeup stylist
  • Popular for feminine braids, glam waves, editorial makeup looks
  • Works with celebrities and taught specialized workshops/classes

Stephanie Brinkerhoff is undoubtedly one of Utah‘s biggest breakout stars on social media as well as the professional beauty industry. While most influencers focus exclusively on content creation or their primary field, Stephanie has managed to seamlessly intertwine both worlds through her viral hair and makeup artistry tutorials.

Having worked New York Fashion Week runways as well as with A-List Hollywood celebrities like Rhianne Barreto and Rhea Seehorn, Stephanie‘s proven artistry skills bolster her credibility and employer demand significantly. This fascinating personal brand positioning makes her beauty influencer earnings exeed far beyond the norm.

7. Angie Harrington (@angieharrington)

  • 135K Instagram followers
  • Star of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City (RHOSLC) reality show
  • Shares snippets from her role as a mother, wife, and fashionista
  • Also runs successful blog – The Fashion Ruse

Reality TV stardom has shined an even bigger spotlight on Angie Harrington‘s fashion and lifestyle persona recent years. Alongside running her popular blog since 2011, Angie‘s appearance on RHOSLC has introduced her relatable mom content and aspirational style to more mainstream audiences.

According to Career Explorer, the average Bravo TV reality star earns around $65K per season in wages alone. With her social following multiplying after joining RHOSLC, I estimate Angie‘s annual income from brand sponsorships to now range between $150K-$300K.

8. Rachel Parcell (@rachparcell)

  • 1M+ Instagram followers
  • Founded her own clothing and jewelry brand
  • Ultra feminine, soft aesthetic with lots of florals and textures
  • Named Utah’s Social Media Influencer of the Year (2018)

A globally recognized fashion icon today, Rachel Parcell has come a long a way from humble small-town roots in Utah. She worked multiple odd jobs before finally investing her last $1,500 in launching her namesake clothing line in 2016.

Within an astoundingly short span, Rachel has built her eponymous brand into a multi-million dollar fashion and jewelry enterprise. According to Forbes, she clocked $16 million in annual revenues by 2019 – marking her meteoric rise to the top.

9. Emily Myers – The Freckled Fox (@thefreckledfox)

  • 250K loyal Instagram followers
  • Shares raw, inspiring perspective on grief and single parenting
  • Also creates fashion, lifestyle, and family content
  • Lost husband to cancer 8 years ago

Emily Myers of The Freckled Fox stands out even among the top bloggers for the resiliency and vulnerability she brings to each of her posts. Having endured immense personal tragedy, Emily writes movingly about cherishing everyday joys and overcoming life‘s unthinkable hurdles.

Even years after her husband‘s passing, she continues to command an impressively high 85% engagement rate across her social content. This emotional connection with fans maintains her influencing clout and income year after year.

According to analytics firm HypeAuditor, Emily charges between $679 – $1,132 per sponsored Instagram post thanks to her premium audience quality.

10. Cara Loren – Cara Loren Shop (@caraloren)

  • 2M Instagram followers
  • Founder of popular fashion blog and eCommerce site, Cara Loren Shop
  • Also created own pearl jewelry line
  • Shares style, beauty, and family life snippets

Lastly, no list of top Utah fashion bloggers is complete without the phenomenally successful Cara Loren Van Brocklin. With one of the largest national follower bases spanning multiple platforms, Cara has dominated the industry through a distinctly effortless style that feels both luxe and relatable.

Alongside lucrative fashion brand collabs on social media, Cara Loren Shop rakes multi-million dollars in annual sales. According to DNB‘s financial data, the company hit staggering 65% YoY online revenue growth during 2022.

This sustained success illustrates Cara‘s multidimensional strength as a fashion influencer – making her role aspirational yet attainable for her expansive audience.

The Takeaway

In closing, Utah has nurtured some of the most creative and business-savvy fashion influencers in recent times. Leveraging their specialty niches and distinctive styles, these bloggers continue gaining immense traction across different consumer demographics. Their content also offers inspiration beyond just clothing or beauty for female audiences navigating life‘s ups and downs.

As a leading brand marketer with insider expertise in this space, I highly recommend collaborating with any of the talented influencers highlighted above for your next influencer marketing campaign. Feel free to reach out to me anytime to explore effective social media initiatives tailored for your brand‘s unique needs and goals.

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