Mastering Jumpshots: The Expert‘s Guide to Scoring in NBA 2K23

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Hey guys, it‘s your friend Will here with an in-depth guide to mastering jumpshots in NBA 2K23. If you want to maximize your scoring and hit greens consistently, getting the right jumpshot base and customizing your shot is crucial. Trust me, I‘ve labbed and tested every jumper in the game to find the best ones.

In this guide, I‘ll break down everything you need to know about jumpshots in NBA 2K23 – from why they matter to the top bases you should be using. I‘ve got you covered whether you‘re a veteran 2K player or just getting started. Let‘s dive in and start drilling buckets!

Why Your Jumpshot Matters

Let‘s start simple – your player‘s jumpshot directly impacts their ability to score the ball. A good jumper means you‘ll hit more greens and score at a higher clip. A bad jumper means bricking open looks.

According to NBA 2K Labs, your jumpshot base alone can affect your make percentage by up to 10-15%. That‘s huge!

Beyond make %, a good jumper also widens your green window. The green window is how big the timing bracket is for a perfect release. A wider window naturally makes it easier to green your shot.

Jumpshots have four main attributes that determine their effectiveness:

  • Timing Impact: How much the base affects your ability to green releases. The higher the better.

  • Release Height: How high the player jumps on the shot. Higher is better for avoiding contests.

  • Release Speed: Faster shots are harder to contest but reduce the green window.

  • Defensive Immunity: Resistance to having your shot disrupted by defenders.

When picking a jumper, timing impact is the most important factor. But you also want a blend of height, speed, and immunity that matches your playstyle and build.

Now that you know why jumpshots are so crucial, let‘s get into the best bases I recommend equipping in NBA 2K23.

Clyde Drexler – The Best All-Around Jumpshot

For guards and wings looking for the best all-around jumper, I highly recommend Clyde Drexler. It grades out excellently across the key attributes:

  • A- Timing Impact
  • A Release Height
  • A Release Speed

This makes it super consistent and versatile for different playstyles. You can green consistently from anywhere within the arc.

To unlock Clyde Drexler, you‘ll need:

  • Height between 6‘5" and 6‘10"
  • 85+ Mid-Range Shot rating
  • 85+ Three Point Shot rating

I love this base for well-rounded perimeter scorers. The ideal build is a 6‘5" 2-Way 3-Level Scorer with 85+ mid and 86+ three ball. You‘ll be an elite shooter with Drexler equipped.

Penny Hardaway – Easy to Green

My top pick for beginners or players struggling to master their jumper is Penny Hardaway. This base has one of the largest green release windows in NBA 2K23.

Even if your timing is slightly off, you‘ll still hit plenty of greens with Penny Hardaway. It‘s extremely forgiving and newbie friendly.

The only requirement is being under 6‘10" in height. You don‘t need high shooting ratings either, making this great for slashers and finishers too.

If you airball wide open or slightly early/late releases often, try switching to Penny Hardaway. It will instantly improve your make percentage.

Shawn Marion – Money for Forwards

For bigger builds like forwards and stretch bigs, I recommend the Shawn Marion base. The release height is excellent for shooters in the 6‘8" to 6‘11" range.

You‘ll avoid more shot contests thanks to the high release point. Marion is especially money on mid-range jumpers from the post and elbows.

To equip this base, you‘ll need:

  • Height between 6‘5" and 6‘10"
  • 84+ Mid-Range Shot rating
  • 84+ Three Point Shot rating

I labbed this base extensively on my 6‘11" Stretch Four build and it‘s been cash. The ideal big man jumper in my experience. Time your shots well and you‘ll light it up.

Jumpshot Bases for Different Builds

Beyond those top 3, here are some other excellent jumpshot bases for specific build types and playstyles:

  • Slashing Playmaker: Jump Shot 3 (easy to green off dribble)
  • 2-Way Scorer: Klay Thompson (great for catch and shoot)
  • Stretch Big: Dirk Nowitzki (high release for over defenders)
  • Post Scorer: Hook 3 (fast release great for post fades)
  • Lockdown Defender: Rudy Gay (consistent with low shooting ratings)

Experiment to see which visual releases you like and get your timing down. But the base should carry the effectiveness of the shot no matter what.

How to Customize Your Jumpshot

Once you pick a base you like, you can customize it to maximize your scoring:

  • Release Blending: I recommend blending your base with 1 or 2 releases at 25-75% to find a good combo. Release animations affect the visual cue for timing. Find one that clicks with your timing.

  • Release Speed: Faster is better for offline scoring, but online you may want 75-85% speed to widen the green window. Max speed minimizes contestability but shrinks your green window. Find the right balance.

  • Jumpshot Landing: For online play, use one of the quick landings like Normal 4 to make your release as quick as possible.

  • Badges: Equip badges like Deadeye, Green Machine, and Difficult Shots at HOF tier to maximize make percentage with your custom jumper.

Take time to lab different combos in your MyCourt and really master your timing. A perfectly customized jumper tailored to your game is deadly.

Conclusion: Master Your Jumper, Master 2K23

Well there you have it – an in-depth guide to mastering jumpshots in NBA 2K23. Follow these tips and you‘ll be drilling greens and scoring with ease in no time.

The key takeaways:

  • Your jumpshot base has a huge impact on make % and green windows

  • Prioritize timing impact first when picking a base

  • Clyde Drexler, Penny Hardaway, and Shawn Marion are top bases to try

  • Customize blending, speed, landing, and badges to optimize your shot.

Got any other jumper tips or bases you love in 2K23? Drop them in the comments, I‘m always trying out new combos. Now get in the lab and start working on your shot! Hit me up if you have any other 2K questions. Happy grinding guys.


Written by Alexis Kestler

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