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10 Best YouTube Name Generator of 2023

YouTube Name Generator

Whether you’re an aspiring makeup artist, have a large cookbook, or want to showcase your technical knowledge with computers, YouTube is a great opportunity for your business to bloom.

Because it’s a visual network, many vloggers will choose to build a YouTube channel over creating a blog, and it can be relatively cheaper if you’re good with maintenance.

However, coming up with an inspirational and eye-catching name can be extremely tiring. Fortunately for you, we compiled a compelling list of the best YouTube name generators you can find online.

How to Choose The Right YouTube Name?

Whether you’re a business or a personality wanting to build their own influencer’s name, your YouTube name needs to be unique, eye-catching, and relevant to the niche you’re in (unless you want to brand your name, that’s something else.)

There are two things relevant to the compelling YouTube name – it tells your viewers and subscribers what your online channel is about and is easy to remember to your audience as catchy.

If you feel creative enough, you can even try to come up with your YouTube name without using an external name generator. Here’s how.

Use Relevant Words

If you’re more of a paper person, open up a journal (or a Word document if you’re more of a tech person. You can check our best Microsoft Office Word alternatives here if you can’t afford the Office 365 bundle,) and mark down the most important keywords related to your brand and niche.

You can make a list of words that you find relevant to yourself, your brand, product or service you provide. Those can be personality traits, appearance-related traits, nicknames, titles, hobbies and more. These are extremely helpful if you focus on a particularly popular niche such as gaming, makeup, cooking, travelling, or more.

Combine more ideas

Combinations always make names look better and stand out among the competition. That’s why you need to apply the “you” words you listed up in your journal and pair them up with your particular niches such as cooking, engineering, traveling, beauty, and more.

It’s also worth noting that people live fast lives, and they don’t have time to read bunch of words bundled up together. Instead make sure all the names are less than three to four words long. Otherwise, your name might appear downright annoying, and your viewers will have a feeling like you can’t channel the right, concise information with the content you provide.

It’s also worth noting that numbers haven’t been seen as the best practice in making usernames, so try to avoid it.

Make sure you’re loud enough

We’re almost certain that there will be a lot of names you may come up with, so now the shortlisting starts. As you start shortlisting them, try reading them out and seeing how dod they sound for you, do you like the tonality? Does it fit into the message you’re trying to send?

Will your followers remember it easily? Will it help your brand grow? These are all the questions you need to make sure are answered before you accept your YouTube name.

Best YouTube Name Generator

If none of the ideas listed above helped you craft your YouTube name, here’s a list of the best YouTube generators that will help you stand out from the crowd and help your online video content get easily recognized. Let’s dive in!

#1 – SpinXO

SpinXOSpinXO is like your own personal assistant in creating a compelling list of YouTube names. However, it won’t only work for YouTube; it’ll also help you generate an Instagram username, a Gamer Tag for different gaming engines and much more. You can use SpinXO in combination with the journal we mentioned above, make a list of names and purposes of your YouTube channel and begin brainstorming. You can pick the main keyword, hobbies, things you like or don’t like, focus on niche, topics and much more. After you generate filters you want to use, SpinXO will generate a compelling list of names, although not all of them will appear so great.

Another thing that this website is great for is that you can insert your own name idea and check whether it’s available or not. When the YouTube name generator creates a list of names, you can click on it and see whether it’s available for you to take. It also has an interactive sidebar which showcases news, name generator competitions, and more.


#2 – Name GeneratorName Generator

As its name suggests, Name Generator will help you create an insightful name for your YouTube channel. Its simplistic and straightforward UI will easily lead users to generate the name based on their keywords and other info they’ll provide in the textbox. The homepage shows a guide that you can use to make a name easier, but it’s straightforward enough for everyone to understand. You can input a prefix and a suffix in which the name will be placed, and generate an entirely new username. Below the textbox and a “Generate” button, there are two boxes, and one will display the names that were generated with the insight you provided while the other box can be used for copying and shortlisting names you like so that it’d be easier to read all the names you’re choosing between. Also, this site can also be used for picking baby names, Instagram usernames, fantasy names, game names like WoW, and others.


#3 – Username Generator

Username Generator

One of the best YouTube name generators is certainly the Username Generator, which can list a vast variety of unique and creative names in a short time. However, what makes it different compared to other sites we listed is that you can only enter one word, and eventual number of lines you want to be generated. That said, you can customize the number of names to get generated which is a great addition. The upper limit is picking to display 300 usernames at once. One of the bad sides of this approach is that you won’t be able to see more customized, filtered and personalized content like you can using SpinXO. Another good service to this site is because you can use it for multiple social media networks like Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit and more. Additionally, you can get random name generations, baby names, fantasy names, and more.


#4 – Business Name GeneratorBusiness Name Generator

The business name generator is great for picking name for your online business, with capability to even check the domain availability in case you want to decorate your business with a website. Additionally, there is a feature that helps you generate a reliable YouTube name, with a compelling analysis and description how to do it. There is only one textbox, so the searching functions by you inputting one word that you want to use to generate a YouTube name. On this website, you can also find other name generators like Blog, Brand, Podcast, Product, and much more. It’s a perfect engine for creative minds with a writer’s block who want to start their online name but need a little push to show then how.


#5 – KparserKparser

Kparser is one of the most popular YouTube name generators, and it works in a simple and innovative way. There is an extensive search box, equipped with a short guide on how to stack keywords together, separate them and combine them to deliver the most original and compelling name. It’s worth noting that aside from YouTube, you can choose other networks such as Amazon store, Twitter, Fiverr and others.

Additionally, you can pick the region and different languages other than English. The simple generation tool comes free and doesn’t require registration. However, there is an advanced option that can be used to generate more keywords and criteria that will help you choose the right name. If you’re looking for a more refined and detailed search and generation process, Kparser may be the right YouTube name generator for you. Its service can also be used for Amazon and Google Trends and help you increase SEO and improve your site’s visibility.


#6 – Name GeneratoidName Generatoid

If you’re looking for a compelling website with a darker theme and easier user interface to shortlist the best YouTube names for your channel, try Name Generatoid. Similarly to Name Generator, this site offers you to pick a prefix and a suffix to generate the name that will best fit your website’s needs. It has a dark theme, and it’s more soothing to your eyes and more efficient for your laptop or phone’s battery. There’s also a PDF file that will allow you to easily download 99 YouTube names without generating a name for yourself. The website also hosts generators for games like Skyrim and Minecraft and an interactive blog that will help you choose the right name, as well as list helpful tips in starting a YouTube channel and things to focus on to grow your business. If you plan to start a big name on this video-sharing network, this blog may come in handy.


#7 – Masterpiece Generator

Masterpiece Generator

While Masterpiece Generator isn’t exactly a YouTube name generator, it will help you generate a witty, eye-catching name even without the network-focused name. On this site, you can find a name generator for absolutely anything, starting from first, baby, and last names to details like gaming names, dating profile names, blog names, and much more. If you’re a book writer or a blogger, you can seek inspiration on this website. If your YouTube channel is focused on any of the particular themes presented on the website, you can use this YouTube name generator to generate a niche-related name with ease. Additionally, there is an app coming soon, which you can use to access names from mobile much easier.


#8 – BizNameWiz


If you’re about to spread your business wings onto YouTube but don’t know how to name your channel, this is one of the best YouTube name generators you can find. Users mostly get attracted to it because its easy user interface. However, just like most of other options it comes with only one keyword search. If you also want to build a website to accompany your channel, you can check the domain availability via the GoDaddy plugin. Another great perk of this name generator is because it’ll check the availability of listed names, this is an advancement many websites in this list don’t have. This site can generate more than 1,000 YouTube names, making it a large specter for a proper and unique name for your channel.


#9 – Namechk


If you’re looking for a site to assist you for your entire business brand building, and not just YouTube, Namechk will help you. How does it work? You place a keyword, and it lists the availability of different networks like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, games, and others. Additionally, if you aim to create a site, it’ll also list available domains you can take. The idea of the YouTube name generator is good, but it requires some additional work because all the boxes seem uncluttered and aren’t as responsive on a smaller screen.


#10 – Best Username Generator

Best Username Generator

If the original Name Generator is currently unavailable, you can use the Best Username Generator, which has a much more user-friendly and vibrant interface that is guaranteed to attract you. You can easily use it by entering a keyword and the length of the username you want, less than five, ten, or 15 characters long. Another great thing is that this generator will display an extensive list of names that you can easily shortlist. It’s a must-check-out!



While you most likely won’t need a YouTube name generator if you’ve already developed a clear idea of how you want to use YouTube to make your voice bigger, these generators are great because they’re mostly available with blogs and guides on how to make your online presence louder but more effective. How did you generate your YouTube name? Let us know in the comments!


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