Top 25 Black Fitness Influencers On Instagram [2023 Non-Celebrity]

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Fitness comes in all shapes, sizes and colors. And in recent years, more people have been looking to the online world for inspiration to start or continue their health journeys. Black fitness influencers, in particular, are motivating countless followers to get active, eat better and pursue healthier lifestyles each day.


The Instagram fitness community continues to take the world by storm. An estimated 89% of fitness content comes from Instagram alone. And within this booming space, black fitness influencers are leading the charge – inspiring countless followers to meet their diet, exercise and wellness goals.

But with so many influencers on the platform, it can get overwhelming to find ones that truly resonate. That‘s why I‘ve compiled this list of the top 25 black fitness influencers that you should absolutely be following today. From hardcore bodybuilders to plant-based yogis, these individuals are spreading positively and motivating change while leading by example.

Throughout this article, you‘ll discover incredible fitness accounts across a variety of health niches. My goal is that their messages of empowerment get you excited to jump out of bed and conquer your next workout. Now let‘s dive in!

Male Black Fitness Influencers

Male influencers account for around 60% of the top fitness creators. The guys below are among those dominating the space, posting workout motivation for millions of engaged followers.

1. John Gaines (@gainsbygaines)

With over 200k Instagram followers, John Gaines shares his intense workout regime that helped him become a competitive bodybuilder. His feed will having you running to dust off those weights!

"No matter how slow you go, you‘re still lapping the people on the couch."

Follow John @gainsbygaines

2. George Bamfo Jr (@georgebamfojr)

As a former college football player turned celebrity trainer, George Bamfo Jr motivates his 1.6 million IG followers to keep pursuing self-improvement one day at a time.

"Progress takes patience, consistency, self belief, hard work and understanding."

Follow George @georgebamfojr

3. Josh Bailey (@jbailey_justdoit)

With over 1 million loyal supporters, Josh Bailey demonstrates that anyone can get fit with dedication and drive. The personal trainer posts workout tips to educate and encourage.

"Trust the process. Focus on growth."

Follow Josh @jbailey_justdoit

Female Black Fitness Influencers

While male influencers dominate much of the space, these inspiring women demonstrate that strength comes in all forms. They motivate followers through their training as athletes, models and entrepreneurs.

4. Jaz McNew (@jaz.mcnew)

Beauty, travel and fitness collide on Jaz McNew‘s Instagram account. Follow along for killer workout inspo as this top model trains to stay runway ready.

"You can have results or excuses, not both."

Follow Jaz @jaz.mcnew

5. Morgan Dawson (@morgandawson__)

Through posts spotlighting her fitness, modeling and brand building, Morgan Dawson empowers over 500k supporters. She loves motivating women to feel confident and pursue their passions.

"Trust the timing of your life."

Follow Morgan @morgandawson__

6. Brittne Jackson (@brittnebabe)

As the "Queen of Home Workouts," Brittne makes fitness fun for over 2 million supporters with high energy dance routines. Her account displays her famous combo of motivating messages and doable workouts.

"Movement is medicine."

Follow Brittne @brittnebabe

Fit Couples Making Wellness a Joint Effort

These inspiring couples are proof that relationships and fitness can thrive together. They connect through workouts while motivating each other‘s followers.

7. Corey Calliet & Mikaila Ulmer (@mrcalliet & @mikailaulmer)

This top trainer & self-made entrepreneur combine their passions to promote their "Legacy Lifestyle." Their posts highlight fitness, nutrition, mental health and more!

"Let‘s build together."

Follow @mrcalliet

Follow @mikailaulmer

8. George Bamfo Jr & Nadege Ndjebayi (@georgebamfojr & @nadege_ndjebayi)

Both models and entrepreneurs with over 2 million combined followers, this couple motivates supporters across in-depth health content. They also share glimpses into their loving relationship!

"The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself."

Follow George @georgebamfojr

Follow Nadege @nadege_ndjebayi

12 More Top Black Fitness Influencers to Follow

And the list of those promoting active lifestyles goes on! Here are more inspiring black creators to follow for health tips and motivation:

  1. @lanaectorfit

  2. @kabriaaa

  3. @denise_bikinifit

  4. @jusswaitonitdc

  5. @mr.moxam

  6. @vikkitoria.t

  7. @leahfit

  8. @haitianbeauty25

  9. @doctorcordelia

  10. @duragdoctor

  11. @jbailey_justdoit

  12. @dnicolemonroe

  13. @theonlynikkij

  14. @trainwithmon

  15. @mrcalliet

  16. @selenawatkins

  17. @msjeanettejenkins

Tips for Connecting With These Influencers

If you want to build genuine relationships with any of these creators, consider the following tactics:

  • Like and Comment on posts regularly to organically connect

  • Send a DM introducing yourself to open conversations

  • Tag Them in your relevant posts to grab their attention

  • Collaborate on content if appropriate opportunities emerge

The inspiring individuals featured above and countless others are revolutionizing fitness across Instagram. Discover accounts that spark your interests – then start following ones that deliver advice straight from experts themselves!

Let these black fitness influencers motivate you to pursue health goals. Every new day presents renewed chances to better yourself. So use this list as a support system in creating positive change!

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