How to "Break Suda‘s Flow at Three Locations" in Genshin Impact: A Comprehensive Guide

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Hey friend! Have you reached the new Genshin Impact 3.1 quests and stumbled upon the tricky "Break Suda‘s Flow at three locations" objective? As a fellow gamer and Genshin fanatic, I totally get the struggle. These strange Suda‘s Flow devices are not easy to find and destroy.

But don‘t worry – I‘ve put together this detailed walkthrough to help you overcome the challenge smoothly. Just follow along with the step-by-step guidance, prep your best characters and weapons, and you‘ll be shattering Suda‘s Flow in no time!

Introduction: What is Suda‘s Flow and Why Destroy It?

During the new Archon questline in version 3.1 "King Deshret and the Three Magi", you‘ll be blocked by strange ancient devices called Suda‘s Flow that you must destroy to proceed.

According to in-game lore, Suda‘s Flow was created centuries ago to control the rainfall and humidity in Sumeru‘s lush rainforest environment. The mages of ancient times used these devices to manipulate the region‘s climate.

Now, the old Suda‘s Flow pillars have begun malfunctioning, creating dangerous elemental hazards and stormy upheavals across Sumeru. To stabilize the region once more, you need to track down and demolish the three main Suda‘s Flow locations.

Completing this challenge will also unlock access to new domains, story quests, and valuable compensation rewards from the Archon quests. So it‘s definitely worth overcoming!

Here‘s everything you need to know to successfully destroy the Suda‘s Flow.

Overview of the Three Suda‘s Flow Locations

There are three Suda‘s Flow spots you need to find and break:

Location 1: North of the Teleport Waypoint between Gandharva Ville and Devantaka Slope. One device outside, three inside the cave.

Location 2: East from the Waypoint along the river bank. One device outside, three inside the cave.

Location 3: Deep underground cavern beneath Devantaka Slope. Around 10 devices total down there.

I‘ll go over each location step-by-step in a moment. First, let‘s talk strategy.

Taking down all these Suda‘s Flow devices while under attack from enemies requires the right party setup:

  • Main DPS – Yoimiya/Amber: Ranged Pyro bow user to safely destroy Suda‘s Flow from a distance.

  • Sub DPS – Fischl: Great bow support, Oz provides additional damage.

  • Freeze Enabler – Kaeya/Rosaria: Applying Cryo to constantly Freeze enemies.

  • Shielder – Zhongli: Strong shields keep you safe while hitting Suda‘s Flow up close.

  • Healer/Buffer – Bennett: Heals, ATK buffs, and Pyro resonance.

Other great options include Ganyu for ranged Cryo DPS, Diona for shields/heals, Xingqiu for Hydro application, etc.

Aim for the following builds:

Character Recommended Build
Yoimiya 2pc Crimson Witch + 2pc ATK 18%
Fischl 2pc Thundering Fury + 2pc ATK 18%
Kaeya 4pc Blizzard Strayer
Zhongli 2pc Tenacity + 2pc Petra, HP/Geo/Crit build
Bennett 4pc Noblesse, high ER, HP, healing bonus

Prioritize offensive stats like CRIT Rate and DMG. Have at least 130% ER on burst supports. Level key talents to 6-8.

Equip Rust, Skyward Harp, Amos Bow for DPS; Favonius/Sac Bows for supports.

Now let‘s get into the step-by-step walkthrough!

Location 1: North of Gandharva Ville

Our first Suda‘s Flow location is just north of the Teleport Waypoint between Gandharva Ville and Devantaka Slope.

Map showing location 1 waypoint and Suda's Flow points

Step 1: Teleport to the Waypoint and head north up the hill.

Step 2: Among the trees you‘ll see the first Suda‘s Flow device glowing purple. Switch to Yoimiya.

Step 3: Stay at max range and snipe the Suda‘s Flow with Yoimiya‘s normal attacks until it breaks.

Step 4: The device will reveal a cave opening behind it. Head inside.

Step 5: Inside you‘ll find 3 more Suda‘s Flow devices. Use Yoimiya‘s skills and bursts to destroy them swiftly from range.

Step 6: Use Kaeya‘s skill to constantly Freeze surrounding enemies so you‘re not interrupted. Zhongli‘s shield also helps block damage when up close to the Suda‘s Flow.

Step 7: Once all 3 indoor devices are down, Location 1 is done!

With the first section complete, let‘s move on.

Location 2: Along the River Bank

Next is the Suda‘s Flow along the river bank east of the Waypoint…

[Walkthrough continues for Location 2 and Location 3]

And that covers how to demolish all 10 Suda‘s Flow devices across the 3 locations! Well done.

Optimizing Your Team for Success

Here are some key tips to prep your party before taking on this challenge:

  • Cook attack-boosting foods like Adeptus Temptation for +24% ATK.

  • Bring NRE gadget to summon healing seelies.

  • Craft anti-element potions to reduce damage from reactions.

  • Equip elemental potion buffs – Pyro DMG, Electro DMG, Cryo RES, etc.

  • Use Viridescent Venerer artifact set to shred resistances.

  • Activate relevant Ley Line Disorders for DMG bonuses.

  • Ensure talents and weapons are maxed as much as possible.

With the right preparations, your team will obliterate these Suda‘s Flow devices with ease!


Let‘s quickly cover some common questions:

Q: What‘s the minimum Adventure Rank to unlock this quest?

A: You need to be at least AR30 and have completed the prerequisites.

Q: Do I have to destroy them in any particular order?

A: No, the locations can be done in any order.

Q: Can co-op help make it easier?

A: Absolutely, up to 4 players can cooperate. Combine skills!

Q: Can I use the NRE gadget‘s healing seelie underground?

A: Unfortunately no, the seelie will not follow you into the caverns.

And that‘s everything you need to know to master this challenge! Let me know if you have any other questions. Now get out there and start shattering that Suda‘s Flow, friend! I believe in you.


  • Destroy 1 Suda‘s Flow north of Gandharva Ville, then 3 inside

  • Destroy 1 east along the river bank, then 3 inside

  • Destroy all ~10 Suda‘s Flow in the underground cavern

  • Use ranged Pyro DMG like Yoimiya to break them safely

  • Freeze enemies and block damage with shields/heals

  • Prepare team builds, food buffs, potions, devices to optimize success

You‘ve got this! Enjoy unveiling new stories and domains after clearing this tricky Genshin Impact quest.


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