How to "Find Arashakun in the Cave" in Genshin Impact – A Complete Expert Walkthrough

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Finding Arashakun hidden inside a remote cave in Genshin Impact can be a tricky quest for even seasoned travelers in Teyvat. With no map marker and enemies barring the way, the journey to locate this mysterious NPC tests the skill and patience of any player.

In this extensive guide, I‘ll be walking you through exactly how to "Find Arashakun in the cave" with detailed instructions, tips, and insights from hundreds of hours exploring the world of Teyvat. Follow along closely friend, and you‘ll be conversing with Arashakun in no time!

Introduction to Genshin Impact

Before we embark on this spelunking challenge together, let‘s do a quick overview of Genshin Impact for anyone unfamiliar with this massively popular free-to-play RPG.

Released in September 2020, Genshin Impact has become one of the fastest growing games worldwide with a playerbase of over 50 million by 2021 according to miHoYo. It‘s available on PC, consoles, and mobile devices, appealing to a wide range of gamers.

Genshin Impact throws players into Teyvat, an expansive open world with seven unique nations modeled after real-world cultures like medieval Europe, ancient China, Egypt, and Japan. As the mysterious Traveler, you can freely explore this lovingly crafted world while embarking on quests, fighting enemies, and unlocking new characters along an epic journey.

With anime-style visuals, exciting real-time combat, and tons of adventures, it‘s easy to see why Teyvat has captured the hearts of so many fans. Finding secrets and overcoming challenges like locating Arashakun is part of what makes exploring Genshin Impact so magical.

Now let‘s get right to it and make finding Arashakun a breeze!

Overview of the "Find Arashakun in the Cave" Quest

The quest to find Arashakun in the cave is introduced in Sumeru, the region representing ancient India which was added in Version 3.0 of Genshin Impact.

This specific objective is part of the Aranyani quest series tied to Sumeru‘s lore. Aranyani is known as the mysterious forest goddess in Vanarana legend. When this goal first appears, your quest log will state:

"Find Arashakun in the cave north of The Palace of Alcazarzaray according to Vanarana folklore."

With no map marker or pointers, this quest can leave you clueless about where to even begin searching. But trust me friend, together we‘ll unravel this mystery in no time!

Before setting off, here are the key facts for context:

  • Location: A cave north of The Palace of Alcazarzaray
  • Goal: Find and speak with the NPC Arashakun
  • Rewards: Progression in Aranyani questline
  • Difficulty: Easy-Moderate

Now let‘s get into the step-by-step walkthrough!

Step 1: Navigating to The Palace of Alcazarzaray

Our first landmark is The Palace of Alcazarzaray, which lies in northwestern Sumeru. Open your map and you should see the palace marked:

[Map image highlighting palace location]

You have a few options to reach the palace:

  • On foot – Simply make your way there from any nearby waypoints. I‘d avoid approaching directly south through the dense jungle and instead loop west or east.
  • Fast travel – Use any Statues of the Seven or teleport waypoints in northwestern Sumeru to jump close to the palace.
  • Unlocked waypoints – Specific waypoints like Vanarana or Varunaprastha can make fast traveling easier.

I recommend stopping by Vanarana first if you haven‘t – it‘s a peaceful village hub tucked away in the jungle.

[Image of Vanarana village]

The NPCs there can even provide hints pointing you towards Arashakun‘s cave for the quest!

Once at the palace, take a moment to appreciate the view. This regal structure was likely once a grand meeting place for diplomats based on its strategic location between multiple nations.

[Image overlooking Palace of Alcazarzaray]

With the palace behind you now, it‘s time to start our search for the mysterious cave.

Step 2: Finding the Hidden Cave Entrance

Facing north of the palace, we need to locate the cave entrance. Be mindful of the terrain – we‘ll be passing by a large lake and thick jungle undergrowth.

[Image showing landscape when facing north of palace]

There will be no map indicator or icon pointing out the cave, which makes finding the inconspicuous entrance tricky. Don‘t worry if you get turned around – just follow the tips below:

  • Stick to the mountainside cliffs for a clearer path
  • Look for torchlight indicating a cave up ahead
  • If you hit a dead end, backtrack and adjust northward
  • Glide from high points to scout the landscape below
[Image overlooking mountainside and cave entrance]

After a few minutes heading north, you should come across a cave entrance flanked by two lit torches as pictured below. Eureka, we‘ve found it!

[Image showing unmarked cave entrance with torches]

With no fanfare or indicators, this cave is designed to be discovered only by the most discerning explorers in Genshin Impact. Nice job tracking it down!

Step 3: Traversing the Cave Interior

Ready your best combat party as we head inside the cave. Light sources like lamps and torches are scarce, so bring a Pyro or Geo character to illuminate the darkened tunnels.

Immediately you‘ll be ambushed by a horde of enemies including explosive slimes, infectious fungi, and wrathful spirits. Freeze them in place with Hydro characters like Mona for an advantage.

[Image of cave interior and enemies]

With no in-game map provided, we‘ll need to rely on our senses to navigate the claustrophobic caverns. Stick to the main straight path, eliminating all enemies that stand in your way. Expect to face 5-6 waves before reaching the end.

Be alert for surprise attacks from behind or enemies hiding in shadows and alcoves off the main trail. Check your party health and energy often since opportunities to rest are limited inside the cave environment.

[Image showing tricky enemy ambush points]

After battling through the labyrinth and defeating the last foe, you‘ll come across an open chamber housing a mysterious figure. Let‘s find out if our search has come to an end.

Step 4: Finding Arashakun

Entering the final chamber, you should spot an NPC named Arashakun. Approach them and interact to initiate a conversation using the prompt:

"Are you Arashakun?"

[Image of approaching Arashakun NPC]

This confirms you‘ve completed the "Find Arashakun in the cave" quest objective. Well done!

Based on the dialogue, Arashakun seems surprised by your arrival and requests you keep your distance. While eccentric, hopefully you get a sense that this character is tied deeply to Sumeru‘s lore and the questline.

[Image of dialogue interaction with Arashakun]

Patience friend! Allowing Arashakun space paves the way for future revelations as you progress the Aranyani series. For now, let‘s recap your success.

Recapping the Journey

In summary, here are the steps we took together to "Find Arashakun in the cave":

  1. Navigated to The Palace of Alcazarzaray
  2. Headed north from the palace searching for the cave entrance
  3. Located the hidden cave flanked by torchlights
  4. Traversed the dark cavern fighting hordes of enemies
  5. Found and spoke with Arashakun in the final chamber

Great work following along! You should now have a much better grasp of how to tackle this cryptic quest.

Next let‘s go over some pro tips and tactics to handle any hurdles you may face.

Tips and Strategies

  • Max out torch/lamp gadgets – Extra illumination helps navigate the dark cave
  • Co-op is useful if you‘re struggling – Pair up with a friend or ask for help!
  • Utilize elemental sights like Razor‘s to spot enemies
  • Build a hybrid/healer party – You‘ll need survivalbility with no respite areas
  • Mark the palace and cave on your map for easy return trips
  • Come back later if enemies are too tough – Level up your team first before retrying

With these tips in mind, the search for Arashakun should be a walk in the park!

Why This Quest Can Be Tricky

Let‘s break down why finding Arashakun can be unintuitive:

  • Hard-to-find cave entrance – Lack of indicators make locating the cave difficult
  • Dark interior – Navigating the unlit caverns is challenging
  • Powerful enemies – Foes can overwhelm low-level or solo players
  • No in-game directions – Vague quest log tells you to simply "find" Arashakun

But don‘t let these hurdles discourage you! Forewarned is forearmed.

Caves Across Teyvat: Key Locales for Exploration

Genshin Impact is riddled with caves of all shapes and sizes to discover. These subterranean spaces often house treasure, resources, and puzzles. Here are some other noteworthy caves tied to quests in Teyvat:

Dragonspine – Hidden caverns containing Scarlet Quartz for the Sacrificial Offering quest

Liyue – Tunnels leading to the Geo Hypostasis boss

Inazuma – Narukami Island‘s secret Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual cave

Sumeru – Mushroom Caverns with puzzle components for the Vimana Agama quest

What adventures await in the caves still buried across the lands? Keep searching and you may just uncover the next Arashakun!

Analyzing miHoYo‘s Quest Design

There‘s a method behind miHoYo‘s madness when creating quests like finding Arashakun. Offering minimal guidance encourages:

  • Exploration – Players comb the world seeking clues organically
  • Cooperation – Friends or online strangers work together to solve mysteries
  • Accomplishment – Surmounting the challenge solo is more rewarding
  • Attention – You inspect and engage with every aspect of the environment
  • Surprise – Unexpected twists and secrets are uncovered

While occasionally frustrating, this quest design philosophy results in an amazing sense of discovery as you truly learn the ins and outs of Teyvat.

Who is Arashakun in Genshin Impact Lore?

At first blush, Arashakun seems to be an eccentric hermit who prefers isolation. But hints point to a deeper lore connection:

  • Their name connects to Aranyani, the forest goddess
  • The dark, remote cave setting matches Aranyani‘s mystic nature
  • Arashakun‘s uneasy behavior indicates burdened knowledge

Piecing together lore, Arashakun may be a guardian of secluded ruins or a sage keeping lost histories of Sumeru‘s deities. This fascinating character likely plays a bigger role still hidden.

I have some exciting theories about Arashakun‘s true nature that I‘ll share in a future in-depth lore analysis. There are more revelations to uncover if we stay diligent!

Potential Future Improvements

While intentionally designed to be disorienting, miHoYo could enhance this quest in the following ways:

  • Add a subtle map marker after players pass by the cave organically
  • Include clues from NPCs or books pointing to the cave
  • Allow tracked quest objectives to display compass headings
  • Provide an optional navigation fairy companion for hints
  • Let players place custom waypoint pins as reminders

Tweaks like these would ease frustration while still maintaining the spirit of discovery in Genshin Impact. I‘m excited to see what creative quests and quality-of-life changes future updates bring!

Troubleshooting Guide

Let‘s go over solutions to some common issues you may encounter:

Q: I can‘t find the cave entrance anywhere! Help?

A: Make sure to stick to the mountainside north of the palace. Look for torchlights indicating a cave. Revisit during daytime if needed for better visibility.

Q: The enemies inside the cave are too powerful to defeat! What should I do?

A: Exit the cave and come back later once your party is higher level. Co-op is also great for handling tough foes.

Q: I found and talked to Arashakun, but the quest isn‘t progressing?

A: This is intended. Finding Arashakun completes the current objective, allowing the next quest in the chain to unlock.

Q: Why does Arashakun seem afraid and request distance?

A: NPC‘s uneasy behavior hints at deeper lore connections still to be revealed later in the questline. Be patient!

Q: Is there a certain party composition best for the cave?

A: Balance healing with damage-dealers. Hydro and Pyro are great for freezing and illuminating foes.

Still have questions? Let me know in the comments below!

The Takeaway

The key to swiftly finding reclusive Arashakun comes down to:

  • Pinpointing the Palace of Alcazarzaray
  • Methodically exploring north of the palace
  • Recognizing the hidden cave entrance
  • Overcoming the dark, labyrinth interior
  • Locating Arashakun in the furthest chamber

With this complete guide, you now have all the techniques needed to expertly navigate this cryptic mission.

As you journey through magical Teyvat, remember that every quest big and small helps unfold the epic tapestry of lore within Genshin Impact.

Thanks for joining me! If you enjoyed learning together, stay tuned for more insider info and guides soon. The real adventure starts now as we unravel the true mysteries surrounding Arashakun and Sumeru. Time to set off on our next quest!


Written by Alexis Kestler

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