25 Top Cannabis Instagram Influencers To Follow In 2023

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Cannabis and its related products have become quite popular in recent years as laws and attitudes surrounding them change. As more places legalize both medical and recreational cannabis, the industry has exploded. Naturally, social media has become a hotspot for cannabis influencers to share their passion.

If you want to learn more about cannabis or connect with the cannabis community, following influencers on Instagram is a great idea. In this article, we will highlight 25 of the top cannabis influencers to follow on Instagram in 2023.

Why Follow Cannabis Influencers on Instagram

There are several key reasons why following cannabis influencers on Instagram can be beneficial:

  • Learn more about cannabis – Influencers serve as knowledgeable sources to teach you about different cannabis strains, consumption methods, health benefits, and more through their informative posts.

  • Get cannabis product recommendations – Many influencers partner with or promote cannabis brands and products. Their reviews and recommendations can help guide your purchases.

  • Tap into cannabis culture and lifestyle – Beyond just the plant itself, cannabis has an extensive culture and lifestyle. Following influencers gives you a peek inside.

  • Stay up to date on cannabis news and trends – The cannabis space is constantly evolving. Influencers make it easy to stay in the loop on the latest developments.

  • Be inspired for cannabis content creation – Aspiring cannabis content creators can glean tips on photography, captions, and more from the top influencers.

Now let’s get into our list of 25 must-follow cannabis influencers on Instagram for 2023!

1. Syd (_shadesofsyd)

Syd is a lifestyle blogger who documents her journey as a young, black founder in the cannabis industry. Her account features behind-the-scenes looks at her cannabis brand, Medicated Melanin, along with posts advocating for equitable legalization. With 35k followers, Syd provides an important perspective.

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2. Dr. Rachel Knox (@racheldocknox)

Dr. Rachel Knox is using her platform to educate on the science behind the medical benefits of cannabis. As a physician and cannabinoid medicine specialist focused on destigmatization, she co-founded the Cannabis Health Equity Movement.

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3. Golnesa Gharachedaghi (@gg_golnesa)

Golnesa Gharachedaghi, from the reality TV show Shahs of Sunset, is outspoken about her belief in the importance of hemp. She brings her 893k Instagram followers behind the scenes of her company Wusah, which sells CBD vape products.

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4. Tweedledoob (@tweedledoob)

If cannabis photography is what you’re after, @tweedledoob is one of the best cannabis influencers to follow for artful images. As a cannabis photographer and marketer based in LA, she stunningly captures products and lifestyles.

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5. Michael Oliveri (@michaeloliveri)

Michael Oliveri takes his 235k followers behind the scenes of the cannabis cultivation world at Torch River Farms in Michigan. The cannabis operator also posts lifestyle content as a model, DJ, and all-around creative.

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6. Ronnie Rey (@babybash)

Regarded as a legend in cannabis genetics, rapper and designer Ronnie Rey provides premium strain tips to his 490k followers. His accounts give a taste of the glamorous Cali scene, all while centered on a clear passion for the plant.

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7. Kitty Bang (@bangkittybang)

Model and performer Kitty Bang coined herself Cannabis Cutie. With retro pinup style, she promotes body positivity and sex positivity through a cannabis lens. Her account provides a unique take on lifestyle content.

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8. Allie Beckett (@canna.obscura)

Allie Beckett, the photographer behind Canna Obscura, takes artistic still life images of cannabis. She also founded a CBD brand focusing on transparency. Follow her for beautifully composed product photography.

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9. Haleyann (@thehighwoman)

Haleyann coined herself the High Woman of SoCal. Her page provides an engaging glimpse into the life of a young female cannabis enthusiast through vlogs, nudity-free modeling, and cannabis education.

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10. Coreen Carroll (@frauleinchef)

Coreen Carroll taught herself to cook with cannabis after a cancer diagnosis. She went on to become recognized as a cannabis chef, winning Cooking on High‘s cannabis cooking competition on Netflix.

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11. Lizzy Jeff (@lizzyjeff)

Lizzy Jeff founded the cannabis lifestyle brand Zen and Kush, which promotes the sensual and spiritual side of cannabis consumption. She leverages her 84k following and partnerships to break stigmas.

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12. Steve DeAngelo (@steve.deangelo)

Dubbed the "Father of the Legal Cannabis Industry," activist Steve DeAngelo keeps his 60k followers updated on his latest endeavors. This includes his non-profit Last Prisoner Project advocating for those incarcerated for cannabis.

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13. Alice & Clark (@thathighcouple)

The aptly named That High Couple takes their 46k Instagram followers and 140k YouTube subscribers along on their cannabis forays in and beyond LA. They also honestly review products and share cannabis cooking tutorials.

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14. Bess Byers (@imcannabess)

Travel photographer Bess Byers provides a peek behind her camera while on her cannabis-fueled adventures. Her affinity for photography and the plant make for beautiful, engaging content worth hitting follow for.

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15. Jorge Cervantes (@jorgecervantesmj)

Called the cannabis cultivator‘s bible, Jorge Cervantes shares his extensive expertise from over 30 years in the industry. His account features images from his travels to landmark grow ops worldwide.

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16. Alicia Goku (@aliciagoku_)

The self-proclaimed Weed Princess Alicia Goku is a rapper and model using her 179k following to reduce stigma. She infuses glamour and positivity by embracing all things cannabis. Her account empowers women in the industry.

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17. Chrissy (@cannachrissy)

Chrissy shares her passion for plants, makeup, and cannabis as a Content Witch. Along with lifestyle and educational content, she provides tips on creative cannabis rollout shots that engage her audience.

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18. Madison Ortiz (@happytokes)

In addition to serving as High Time‘s Creative Director for over 5 years, Madison Ortiz provides cannabis wellness and lifestyle content to her 70k Instagram followers. She focuses on mind-body healing and destigmatization.

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19. Jennie (@sheflieshigh)

Model, enthusiast, and patient Jennie provides a peek into the lifestyle of a cannabis-loving Cali girl. In between modeling shots, she shares informative cannabis content focused on healing and meditation.

20. Mia Beyer (@itsmiabeyer)

Cannabis model Mia Beyer serves looks along with education from life in weed-legal LA. The musician and founder of the youtube channel "The Morning Puff" shares the latest and greatest products and strains.

21. Anjela Aka (@koala.puffss)

Anjela Aka, otherwise known by her 634k followers as Koala Puffs, infuses cannabis education with entertainment. In addition to content creation, she runs the Smoko LA lifestyle brand.

22. Jamie Evans (@theherbsomm)

Named one of the Most Important Women in Weed in 2022, Jamie Evans teaches people about cuisine, cannabis, and CBD. She leverages her platform to reduce stigma as The Herb Somm.

23. Emily McCarter (@mccartergetshigh)

Emily McCarter transparently documents her life as a patient, consumer, and legal medical cannabis grower. She uses humor to connect with her 22k followers while educating about the plant as medicine.

24. Seth Rogen (@sethrogen)

You likely recognize famous actor and comedian Seth Rogen as being outspoken about his cannabis use. Fans follow along as he shares glimpses into HousePlant, the Canadien cannabis company he co-founded.

25. Wiz Khalifa (@wizkhalifa)

It’s no secret that rapper Wiz Khalifa loves weed. Boasting over 23 million Instagram followers and numerous popular weed songs, Wiz uses his massive platform to advocate for cannabis and hemp legalization.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1- Who are the biggest cannabis influencers?
Wiz Khalifa, with over 39M followers, and Seth Rogan, with 9M followers, are two of the biggest cannabis influencers on Instagram.

2- Can influencers promote cannabis?
Yes, influencers can promote cannabis. However, there are some things to keep in mind when doing so. First and foremost, influencers should be aware of the laws surrounding cannabis promotion. In some states, it is still illegal to consume or possess cannabis.

Additionally, it is important for influencers to be mindful of their audience when promoting cannabis. Some audiences may not be receptive to seeing content about cannabis use. As such, it is essential to consider whether or not promoting cannabis is suitable for a particular audience before moving forward.

Ultimately, influencers have the ability to help normalize cannabis use through their promotion. By being thoughtful and strategic about their content, they can help destigmatize an often-misunderstood plant.

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