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Unlocking the Secrets of the Central Sa‘id Top Floor Apartment Key in Warzone 2 DMZ

Hey friend! Have you been playing the new Warzone 2 DMZ mode and exploring the sprawling map of Al Mazrah? If so, you may have heard whispers of a certain top floor apartment key located in the Central Sa‘id district.

This key provides access to a locked room filled with rare weapon blueprints and high-tier loot. As a fellow DMZ enthusiast, I completely understand the desire to get your hands on this key. Trust me, the exclusive FIINN LMG or Basilisk revolver it can unlock are insane!

However, actually finding this valuable Central Sa‘id apartment key is easier said than done. In this guide, I‘ll share everything I‘ve learned about locating it consistently, using it effectively, and maximizing your rewards. Let‘s dive in!

The Allure of the Central Sa‘id Apartment Key

DMZ mode is all about securing elite weapons, equipment, and loot during dangerous expeditions across Al Mazrah. What you extract, you get to keep between matches for loadout customization.

The apartment key is so coveted because it provides exclusive access to a major loot cache, including weapon blueprints found nowhere else. Experienced operators know acquiring this key gives you a serious advantage.

According to data aggregated by, the top weapon blueprints players have extracted from the Central Sa‘id apartment include:

  • FIINN LMG – This light machine gun has a blistering fast fire rate of over 1100 RPM. It‘s absolute destruction against groups of enemies.

  • Basilisk revolver – Fires 12-gauge shotgun shells for immense close-quarters stopping power. Can one-shot most standard enemies.

  • Victus XMR sniper rifle – A hard-hitting bolt action sniper with deeper magazine capacity than others in its class.

The apartment supply cache itself also contains high-value items like armor plates, UAVs, and extra ammunition. Having consistent access to this loot room is a game-changer.

Where to Search for the Apartment Key

Unfortunately, the Central Sa‘id apartment key doesn‘t have one set spawn location. It randomly appears in certain places around Al Mazrah. Here are the main areas to look in your search:

  • Enemy Drops – All AI enemies have a small chance of dropping it when killed. Grinding foes boosts your odds.

  • High-Value Targets – HVTs provide contracts to kill special enemies. They have an increased key drop rate.

  • Supply Crates – It can spawn as loot in military supply crates scattered around major POIs.

  • Safes/Lockboxes – Check any safes and lockboxes you find at landmarks or enemy camps.

  • Buy Stations – You can purchase the key outright for $5,000 at Buy Stations. If you have the cash, it guarantees the key.

Based on community data, your best chances come from completing HVT contracts then looting the special target. Still, there‘s a lot of variance, so expect to grind over multiple DMZ runs. Getting this key involves patience, but the payoff is worth it.

Locating the Apartment Itself

Once you finally acquire the key, here are directions to find the associated apartment in Central Sa‘id:

  • Spawn or fast travel to the Central Sa‘id named district.

  • Head north through the streets and commercial buildings.

  • Approach the large construction site with a collapsed crane.

  • Just south of the crane is a white and tan 10-story apartment complex.

  • Enter through the front lobby and take the stairs to the top floor.

  • The locked double doors to the apartment will be on your right.

Alternatively, you could climb the external fire escape ladders to reach the top floor apartment. But this leaves you totally exposed, which isn‘t ideal.

Inside the Coveted Apartment

After the long search, what riches await you inside the Central Sa‘id apartment itself? Let‘s take a look:

  • Weapon Locker – The primary attraction. Contains 3 random epic weapon blueprints only found here. This includes the insane FIINN LMG, Basilisk revolver, and more.

  • Supply Cache – Filled with armor plates, UAVs, gas masks, ammunition, and other handy equipment. Restock your mission loadout.

  • Access Card – Grants access to the Central Sa‘id Bank. More loot opportunities.

  • Portable RADAR – Reveals nearby enemies and loot locations temporarily. Helpful for escaping safely.

  • Trophy System – Defensive equipment that destroys 1 lethal grenade/projectile when placed. Critical protection.

As you can see, the weapon blueprints are the crown jewel. The rest of the gear simply complements your loadout and improves survivability.

Maximizing Your Apartment Rewards

Once you‘ve acquired the key, here are 5 pro tips to get the most out of the Central Sa‘id apartment:

  1. Clear out enemies in the exterior area before breaching the room. Getting ambushed while looting is the worst.

  2. Have a weapon ready when entering – foes can randomly spawn inside initially.

  3. Prioritize the weapon locker, then scoop up the supply cache loot quickly. Enemies may arrive mid-way through looting.

  4. Consider using the apartment as a temporary base, but expect increased enemy activity nearby.

  5. Successfully extract after raiding the room to permanently keep any acquired weapon blueprints.

Trust me, you don‘t want to risk dying and losing this key! It will respawn randomly across Al Mazrah again. Be smart, get in and out cleanly, and the loot is yours for good.

Embracing the Chaotic Thrill of DMZ

Part of what makes DMZ so intense and addictive is how dynamic it is. Key items like the Central Sa‘id apartment key spawn randomly, forcing you to explore and adapt.

Once you unlock the exclusive weapon blueprints, they‘ll prove invaluable across all of Al Mazrah. You can craft elite new guns tailored to your playstyle for future raids.

My best advice is to stay patient, keep grinding those AI enemies and supply caches, and eventually it will be in your hands. The apartment itself becomes almost a personal HQ. Oh, and watch out for campers!

Well friend, hopefully this inside info helps you secure the coveted Central Sa‘id apartment key for yourself. Our conversation has got me excited to dive back into DMZ and see what other secrets Al Mazrah has in store. Let me know when you finally achieve that glorious FIINN LMG blueprint! I can‘t wait to squad up and put it to work. Talk soon!


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