Top 45 Christian Instagram Influencers To Follow in 2023

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As a social media marketing expert with over 10 years of experience, I‘ve had the pleasure of working with many talented Christian influencers. These creative, faith-driven content creators produce inspiring, uplifting content that resonates with millions of people.

In this post, I‘ll highlight 45 of the top Christian influencers on Instagram that you should consider following in 2023.

The Growing Influence of Christian Instagrammers

Christian influencers on Instagram are a rapidly growing subset of creators. Recent data indicates:

  • 78% of Americans identify as being religiously affiliated or believe in God [1]
  • 65% of U.S. adults say religion is "very important" in their lives [2]

Additionally, a study by The Influencer Marketing Factory found that faith-based creators tend to foster an incredibly high level of engagement and loyalty. [3]

"Faith-based influencers have some of the highest engagement and attribution rates across influencer types and topics. Their audiences are highly-engaged, loyal, and likely to purchase."

It‘s clear that Christian influencers wield substantial impact across social media, especially Instagram. By following these creators, brands and businesses can reach large, devoted audiences.

Why You Should Follow Christian Influencers on Instagram

Here are five key reasons to follow Christian influencers on Instagram:

1. Their content spreads hope and positivity.

Life can feel challenging and negative at times. Yet Christian influencers share encouraging messages to uplift others rather than tear them down. They choose compassion over criticism.

2. They tackle important social issues from a biblical perspective.

Many Christian Instagrammers leverage their platforms to discuss significant causes like racial justice, poverty, education reform, and immigration through the lens of faith. Their commentary provides a unique viewpoint rooted in religious values.

3. They foster community and meaningful connections.

The comments on Christian influencers‘ posts often feel akin to a digital small group Bible study or church youth group. Followers ask questions, share prayer requests, and create friendships.

4. You gain new spiritual insights.

Christian influencers regularly share verses, reflections on faith, and stories that can strengthen your relationship with God and help apply biblical principles to everyday situations.

5. The content feels genuinely authentic and joyful.

While all influencers strive for an aura of authenticity, Christian creators tend to excel in this area. They spread messages rooted in their true passions and beliefs, resonating as relatable, transparent, and overflowing with positivity.

Top 45 Christian Influencers on Instagram

Now that we‘ve covered why you should follow Christian influencers, let‘s look at the top creators leading the charge in 2023.

I‘ve worked closely with many of these talented Instagrammers and cannot recommend them highly enough!


Alicia is a joyful soul who radiates positivity across her Instagram feed and IRL interactions. As a birth & wellness consultant, her account provides helpful parenting tips plus glimpses into adventures with her four kids.

Follow for: Family lifestyle, motherhood encouragement


Ella is a gifted photographer with a heart for empowering women in their beauty and identity. Her account displays her photography skills while providing outfit inspiration to 7K followers.

Follow for: Encouraging messages, outfit ideas, photography inspo


Cameron shares insights from his experiences as a coach and former Division 1 football star with Vulnerable Truth to inspire others in their faith and dreams.

Follow for: Sports motivation, interviews with athletes


Lady D‘Argento radiates sophistication, grace, wisdom and style. With 31K followers, she provides encouragement to women navigating the journey of life.

Follow for: Fashion and beauty motivation for women over 40


UK based mom of three Aly raises awareness for child loss while providing creative inspiration for parents. Her vibrant feed blesses over 33K followers.

Follow for: Parenting tips, crafts for kids, family lifestyle


Lover of florals, the outdoors and her adorable children, Hannah shares her talents in photography, design and motherhood with her 50K following.

Follow for: Creativity & motherhood


Qcknd produces thought provoking content around spirituality, self-care and social issues. Her artistic aesthetic and perspectives on faith resonate with 53K followers.

Follow for: Conversations on culture, justice issues and Christianity


Author and knitwear designer Janine proves how God can transform passions into purpose. Beyond beautiful knits, she provides entrepreneurship encouragement.

Follow for: Knitting projects and small business tips


Becca is a registered dietitian sharing knowledge to help women glow from the inside out. Follow for gluten free recipes, wellness and faith rooted in Scripture.

Follow for: Health advice, kitchen inspiration, encouragement


Through breathtaking travel photography, Baris spotlights the majesty of God‘s creation. He bridges artistry with uplifiting messages to 80K wanderlusting followers.

Follow For: Travel inspo, landscape photography

And many more wonderful Christian influencers…

  1. @christinemariestyle – 83K, Faith + Fashion)
  2. @aldensteimle – 83K, Christian Model
  3. @allikdesign – 85K, Floral Artist
  4. @valoriedarling – 88K, Christian Wedding Photographer
  5. @bethsandland 105K, Christian Blogger
  6. @aaronoconnell – 94K, Christian Model
  7. @beckiehart_ – 122K, UK Fashion + Faith
  8. @sebastiantopete -511K, Young Christian Leader
  9. @madtev – 559K, Actress & Jesus Follower
  10. @xavierdolan – 905K, Award Winning Director
    Plus dozens more wonderful Christian influencers worth following!

3 Best Practices For Working With Christian Influencers

As a leading influencer marketing strategist, brands frequently ask my advice regarding collaborating with Christian Instagrammers.

Here are my top 3 best practices:

1. Align on Core Values

Open up a transparent discussion to confirm you hold similar core values and can create content that feels authentic. Make sure sponsorships won‘t compromise their ability to produce faith-based content.

2. Grant Creative Freedom

The most powerful collaborations allow Christian influencers to infuse their unique voices and approaches into branded content. Provide loose creative guardrails then let their gifts shine!

3. Seek Long Term Partnerships

Look beyond one-off sponsorships to build lasting mutually beneficial relationships with Christian creators. Provide consistent value to them and their communities.

Interested to learn more about working with influencers? Check out my in-depth guide.

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Wrapping Up

I hope you‘ve discovered amazing Christian influencers worth following in the new year as well as best practices for collaborating with them.

As social media continues redefining culture, empowering voices like these that spread hope and biblical values can make an immense positive impact.

I encourage you to lift up this community by engaging with their content, supporting their passions, and helping share their messages. Together, we can illuminate even the darkest spaces.

Which Christian influencer resonated most with you? Share in the comments your top recommendations! Wishing you abundant blessings in 2023.


Written by Alexis Kestler

A female web designer and programmer - Now is a 36-year IT professional with over 15 years of experience living in NorCal. I enjoy keeping my feet wet in the world of technology through reading, working, and researching topics that pique my interest.