7 Best Cookie Brands for Food Influencers in 2023

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Cookies hold a special place in the hearts and stomachs of people worldwide. Their comforting flavors and textures make them the ultimate food for sparking joy. As a food influencer, partnering with popular cookie brands provides opportunities to create delightful content while growing your business.

In this 3,000+ word guide, we will explore the top 7 cookie brands that food influencers should consider collaborating with in 2023, the benefits of partnering with leading cookie brands, and insights into creating effective influencer collaborations. With chocolate chips and seasonal spices to gluten free and nostalgic classics, we’ll cover the diverse flavors today’s cookie brands have to offer influencers.

Collaborating with prominent cookie brands gives influencers a chance to align with established names in snacking. This brings four main advantages:

  1. Increased Credibility and Reach: By lending your voice to well known, loved brands like Oreo or Mrs. Fields, your audiences instantly recognize your content and associate you with that authority. Partnering also opens the door to cross-promotion opportunities and other forms of support to expand your reach.

  2. Revenue Streams: Most brand partnerships will involve commissions for affiliate links or sales you generate. Creating sponsored content is also a lucrative opportunity with cookie brands.

  3. High-Quality Products: Top cookie companies rely on recipes they’ve perfected over decades. That means great tasting cookies for your content that audiences can easily purchase thanks to mass distribution.

  4. Inspiration for Original Ideas: Leading cookie companies constantly innovate with new flavors, shapes, and packaging. This gives you fresh content ideas to produce around each unique launch or seasonal offering.

Building partnerships with well-established cookie industry leaders sets influencers up for mutually beneficial arrangements. With their quality products, vast consumer awareness, and marketing resources, influencers gain support for creating compelling content.

Now, let us explore seven of the top cookie brands any food influencer needs on their radar for 2023 collaborations.

From comforting classics to artisan upstarts, these diverse cookie companies offer standout partnership opportunities for content creators:

1. Chips Ahoy!

  • Overview: Since launching in 1963, Chips Ahoy! has become one of the most iconic chocolate chip cookie brands in America. Chewy texture and chunky chocolate chips make this classic cookie jar staple a household favorite through generations.

  • Collaboration Opportunities:

    • Fun limited edition flavors and shapes for seasons like Halloween cookies or heart-shaped Valentine’s cookies

    • Reduced fat and mini/bite-sized options good for recipes and taste tests

    • Sweepstakes and giveaways to generate engagement

  • Influencer Marketing in Action: @thecookierookie produces snackable shorts around new Chips Ahoy! product launches

With 60 years behind one of America’s favorite cookies, Chips Ahoy! provides plenty of accessible and nostalgic content themes for influencers to tap into.

2. Oreo

  • Overview: Dubbed “milk’s favorite cookie”, the Oreo sandwich cookie has earned iconic status since first hitting shelves in 1912. With billions of cookies sold globally, the Oreo reigns supreme as the top-selling cookie in the world thanks to its creme filled chocolate biscuits.

  • Collaboration Opportunities:

    • DIY cookie construction ideas using new flavors and fillings

    • Social campaigns like #OreoDunking generate mass consumer engagement

    • Innovative flavors like pancakes and syrup or eco-designed packaging ideas

  • Influencer Marketing In Action: Food artist Whale Cakes crafts incredible Oreo stacking displays

As the world’s most popular cookie, Oreo carries consumer awareness and authority that influencers can leverage to massively bolster their own visibility through strategic partnerships.

3. Famous Amos

  • Overview: Founded in Los Angeles in 1975 by Wally Amos, Famous Amos has baked premium quality chocolate chip cookies for over 45 years. The Black-owned brand has maintained a strong following for its trademark chocolate chunks loaded in every cookie. You’ll find this iconic brand in grocery aisles and airport shops worldwide.

  • Collaboration Opportunities:

    • Supporting and promoting minority-owned businesses

    • Nostalgic references to founder Wally Amos and early brand history

    • Cookie skits and jokes referencing the “Famous” name

  • Influencer Marketing In Action: Easy Eats spotlights Famous Amos seasonal cookie dough

Leveraging founder Wally Amos’ fame and the iconic logo offers influencers catchy content hooks around this beloved cookie company with heritage.

4. Pepperidge Farm

  • Overview: Founded in 1937, Pepperidge Farm is now one of America’s leading bakeries, producing cookies, crackers, baked goods and snacks. Favorites like Milano and Verona bring European inspired butter cookie flavors into family pantries across America through seasonal selections and holiday favorites.

  • Collaboration Opportunities:

    • Highlighting impressive Goldfish snack innovation and flavor news

    • Reviews and taste tests of classic cookie flavors vs seasonal editions

    • Easy holiday hosting ideas and gift baskets using Pepperidge Farm goodies

  • Influencer Marketing In Action: The Gamely Eats creates Halloween cookie boards featuring seasonal Pepperidge Farm cookies

With 85 years crafting American snack favorites, Pepperidge Farm’s widespread availability and range of baked goods offer versatile partnership opportunities.

5. Sweet Loren’s

  • Overview: Founded by parent Loren Brill in 2008, New York’s Sweet Loren’s has become America’s #1 gluten free cookie dough brand. All products are certified gluten free and plant-based to accommodate a wide range of dietary needs and restrictions. Flavors like birthday cake cookie dough and double dark chocolate delight both allergy-conscious and traditional foodies.

  • Collaboration Opportunities

    • Promoting allergy friendly and sustainable food practices

    • Creative recipe development like gluten free dessert pizzas

    • Reviews and comparisons between specialty diet products

  • Influencer Marketing In Action: Gluten Free Follow creates decadent two-bite gluten free cookie cups.

Positioning themselves as the leader in allergy-friendly sweets since 2008, Sweet Loren’s offers the perfect solution for influencers looking for brands catering to specialty diets.

6. Cheryl’s Cookies

  • Overview: Since opening in 1981, Cheryl’s Cookies has delivered warm, buttery, and fresh baked cookie goodness straight to doorsteps nationwide. Now shipping over 25 million cookies annually, Cheryl’s does gifting right with impressive cookie cakes, brownie samplers, and giant cookies loading their iconic heart print tins.

  • Collaboration Opportunities

    • Unboxings and reviews of classic Cheryl’s collections

    • Taste testing seasonal flavors and monthly cookie clubs

    • Creative recipes using Cheryl’s signature cookie dough

  • Influencer Marketing In Action: Baking a Moment spotlights a towering Halloween cookie cake creation from Cheryl’s.

Bringing cookies from kitchen to doorstep since 1981, Cheryl’s gifting cred and signature packaging offer influencers diverse content creation options perfect for all seasons.

7. Mrs. Fields

  • Overview: Opening her first shop in Palo Alto, CA in 1977, Debbi Fields turned a $50 investment into Mrs. Fields – the original American cookie empire. With over 240 retail cookie stores spanning the globe, Mrs. Fields has spent 45 years perfecting the art of serving fresh from the oven cookie warmth.

  • Collaboration Opportunities

    • Store openings and products exclusives

    • Cookie category comparisons and taste tests

    • Influencer store takeovers and special behind-the-scenes content

  • Influencer Marketing In Action: Coffee with Colleen features fall flavor taste testing inside a Massachusetts Mrs. Fields store.

As the OG cookie shop turned global brand, Mrs. Fields offers retro nostalgia and nationwide store footprint prime for compelling influencer partnerships.

Image credits: Brand websites and featured influencer content used for references only.

Beyond selecting from lists of top cookie brands, knowing how to craft mutually beneficial partnerships is key to creating win-win relationships between influencers and snack businesses.

Conduct Brand Research

Before reaching out for collaborations, thoroughly research target cookie brands through their:

  • Website and social channels – evaluating tone, topics, imagery
  • Current and past influencer partnerships – review campaign concepts, engagement
  • Product offerings – ranges, flavors, seasonal items
  • Core audiences – demographics and purchasing habits

This establishes compatibility between a brand‘s goals and your creator niche. It also generates initial content ideas to pitch that align with the brand.

Pitch Benefits-Driven Ideas

Cookie brands receive plenty of talent partnership inquiries regularly. Set yourself apart by catering your pitch to each brands’ objectives, such as:

  • Sample boxes and affiliate sales for new product launches
  • Social buzz and reviews around seasonal flavors
  • Creative recipes and video around signature ingredients
  • Strategic giveaways targeting relevant audiences

This presents unique value versus a generic “I love your cookies” request. Bonus points for data or case studies proving your audiences match their target consumer.

Discuss Long Term Arrangements

Rather than one-off posts for commissions, discuss ongoing partnerships spanning months or a year with cookie brands. This could include:

  • Quarterly product shipments to support launches
  • Annual “favorite things” gift guides inclusion
  • Seasonal recipe development cadence
  • First access, reviews for new product drops

Lengthier collaborations allow for planning series around new product launches or cyclic events like holidays. Both parties can promote the partnership itself through committed ambassador labels.

By shifting conversations to focus on providing value versus asking to receive, influencers demonstrate their personal brand purpose. This captures cookie brand attention even in crowded inboxes.

Final Takeaways

The brands above represent prime targets for mutually rewarding influencer collaborations in 2023. Their mass appeal flavors and seasonal variety give creators plenty of content inspiration to hit the sweet spot with audiences.

Beyond melt-in-your-mouth chocolate chips and crisp butter biscuits, cookie brands also serve creators business growth through cross-promotions and loyal followings. By choosing established labels already trusted in family kitchens, influencer recommendations tap into consumer comfort.

With the cookie moguls above spanning classic recipes, specialty diets, and giftable goodies, there’s a perfect brand partnership for every food influencer niche. Through dedicated research, unique pitch angles, and ongoing arrangements, creators demonstrate their authority to snag sweet collaboration deals.

Now get out there are start spreading the joy with cookie brands as delicious as their products. Just be sure to save some samples as your reward!

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