How to Fix “Couldn’t upload video. The video was saved to your drafts.” on TikTok

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As a fellow tech geek and streaming enthusiast, I feel your pain when you get hit with the “Couldn’t upload video. The video was saved to your drafts” error on TikTok. Believe me, I know how frustrating it is when you’ve put time into creating awesome content to share, only to have TikTok block you from posting it!

Not to worry, I’ve got you covered. I’ll walk you through exactly why you’re seeing this upload error, how to check on the status of any posting bans, and the steps to get your account back in good standing so you can get back to posting viral-worthy TikTok videos. Stick with me and you’ll be over this tech hurdle in no time!

Why TikTok Gives the “Couldn’t Upload Video” Error Message

This annoying error pops up when you try uploading new TikTok videos because their moderators have temporarily banned your account from posting any new content.

As a fellow TikTok user, I know you’re probably racking your brain trying to think what rule you could have possibly broken. Let me walk you through the most common reasons TikTok hands out upload bans:

  • Violent, dangerous, or illegal content – Even if you were just goofing around or meaning it as a joke, TikTok takes a hardline stance against any videos promoting unsafe behavior or illegal activity. Better leave that kind of stuff off your channel.

  • Copyright violations – I know creative types like us want to remix trending songs, memes, or clips into our own unique videos, but you’ve got to be careful not to infringe on copyrights. Always give credit and get permission first!

  • Inappropriate content – TikTok works hard to maintain a teen-friendly environment. Any videos with sexual, graphic, or mature content can get your account suspended quick. Let’s keep it PG if we want to stay posting!

  • Spamming or repeat posts – No one likes a spammer! TikTok will ban accounts that aggressively promote sales pitches or bombard viewers’ feeds with repetitious content. Post responsibly.

  • Broken community guidelines – Make sure to brush up on TikTok’s long list of community guidelines. If you slip up and break the rules, a ban hammer might drop.

I know rules can be annoying, but looking at TikTok’s guidelines as helping protect the community we’re a part of makes them easier to swallow. A short posting ban isn’t the end of the world if we learn from it!

Checking Your TikTok Status for a Post Ban

When your account gets temporarily banned from uploading new videos, TikTok will send you a notification through their account update system. Here’s how to find it:

Step 1) Open up TikTok and tap the inbox icon on the bottom of the screen.

Step 2) Select “All Activity” at the top of your inbox.

Step 3) Choose “From TikTok” from the activity categories.

Step 4) Pick “Account Updates” from the available options.

Step 5) Scroll through your updates until you see a message saying your ability to post new videos has been restricted due to community guideline violations.

It will look something like this:

“Due to multiple Community Guidelines violations, your account has been temporarily banned from posting new videos until [specific date and time].”

This message tells you exactly when the ban will lift and your posting privileges will be restored. Make a note of this date so you know when you’ll be able to start uploading new content again!

Lifting the Ban and Fixing the Upload Error

Now that you know exactly when you’ll get unblocked, here are the steps to fix the error message and get back to posting as usual:

  • Wait patiently until the ban lifts – I know, easier said than done! But trying to sneak new videos up early will only get you in more trouble.

  • Mark your calendar – Set a reminder on your phone’s calendar for the date your ban gets lifted so you don’t forget. No one wants an extended ban!

  • Test uploading after the ban – Once your stated ban period has expired, try uploading a new test video to ensure your account has full posting capabilities again.

I know it stinks not being able to post your content during the ban, but try to make the most of your time planning epic future videos and engaging with your current audience through likes and comments. The ban will be lifted before you know it!

Appealing an Erroneous Ban

There is still hope if you believe TikTok mistakenly banned your account! You can nicely appeal the decision through their support team:

  • Use the Feedback Form – This allows you to directly dispute bans. Find it under your profile > settings > report a problem.

  • Explain it was an error – Politely detail why you think you were inaccurately banned and did not actually violate TikTok’s community rules.

  • Provide your info – They’ll ask for your email, username, and to categorize the issue as “posting videos”.

  • Request an appeal – Ask TikTok’s support team to kindly review your ban again and lift it if handed down mistakenly.

For example:

“Hi TikTok Support, I believe my account has been banned from posting new videos in error as of [date]. After thoroughly reviewing the community guidelines, I do not believe I have violated any rules. Please reconsider this ban and restore my account’s ability to post videos if handed down mistakenly. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to look into this matter and really value being part of the TikTok community. Thank you!”

Hopefully they are able to quickly resolve any accidental ban and get your account back in good standing!

Avoiding Future Upload Bans

I know you’re eager to get back to uploading your amazing content once this ban is lifted. Here are my best tips to avoid future posting blocks:

  • Learn the guidelines backwards and forwards – Seriously, read that rule book like your life depends on it! Know what flys on TikTok and what doesn’t.

  • Steer clear of dangerous challenges and stunts – Entertaining? Maybe. Worth getting banned over? Nah. Let’s keep that content off TikTok.

  • Always credit original creators – Ask permission and provide attribution to avoid any copyright issues.

  • Keep your posts authentic – Don’t spam viewers or repeatedly repost similar content. Quality over quantity!

  • Report rule breakers – Help keep TikTok an enjoyable platform by flagging concerning videos using the built-in reporting tools.

Stick to these tips religiously and your account should stay in solid standing. You’ve got this! I can’t wait to see all the awesome content you’re going to make and share once this ban is over!

FAQs About TikTok Upload Bans

To wrap things up, let me answer some frequently asked questions about dealing with upload bans on TikTok:

How long will TikTok ban me from posting?

  • Ban lengths vary based on the severity of the violation. Could be a few hours to a couple weeks. Check your account update for exact details.

Can I delete old videos to lift my ban faster?

  • Unfortunately, no. You have to ride out the full ban period stated in your account notification.

What if I think TikTok banned me unfairly?

  • You can email their support team appealing the decision if you believe it was handed down incorrectly. They can re-review bans.

What should I do during the posting ban period?

  • Interact with your current followers by liking and commenting on videos. And stockpile some awesome new content so you’re ready to upload once the ban lifts!

How do I find account updates on TikTok?

  • Navigate to your inbox > All Activity > From TikTok > Account Updates. Ban details will be posted here.

Let‘s Get You Posting Again!

As a fellow TikTok user, I totally get how frustrating it is to get an upload ban, especially when you aren‘t sure why it happened. But now you‘ve got all the info you need to get to the bottom of the “Couldn’t upload video” error and get back to posting your amazing content in no time flat.

Be patient, take your lumps, and follow the rules moving forward so we can avoid additional posting blocks! Your loyal fans and I can’t wait to see what awesome videos you upload next. Happy posting my friend!


Written by Alexis Kestler

A female web designer and programmer - Now is a 36-year IT professional with over 15 years of experience living in NorCal. I enjoy keeping my feet wet in the world of technology through reading, working, and researching topics that pique my interest.