Unraveling the Mystery: Cowell‘s Plan and the Situation Inside the Tunnel in Genshin Impact

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As an avid Genshin Impact player and self-proclaimed gaming geek, I was thrilled to dive into the latest region of Fontaine and take on the challenge of solving a murder mystery. The intrigue and complexity surrounding the magical performer Halsey‘s untimely demise left me eager to piece together the clues and uncover the truth. In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll be taking a deep dive into Cowell‘s plan and illuminating the situation inside the tunnel where this crime unfolded.

Let me start off by giving you a full rundown of the key characters involved in this mystery:

  • Lyney and Lynette – these magical performer twins were part of Halsey‘s acclaimed magic show. Based on Lyney‘s statement, she seems to have an alibi placing her on stage during the time of the crime.

  • Cowell – as Halsey‘s manager, this guy organized the fateful magic show. His potential involvement is still unclear.

  • Halsey – the renowned magician who headlines the show and is the unfortunate victim.

Solving Halsey‘s murder occurs in three main phases, each requiring answering critical questions by choosing the right evidence. Stick with me, and I‘ll make sure you pick the correct answers to see this through.

Phase 1 Questions and The Evidence That Cracks the Case

Right off the bat in phase 1, we need to establish:

How can we envision Lyney as having been unable to interfere with the crime?

The answer here is Lyney‘s Statement. She insistently maintains that she was up on stage when the crime took place, giving her a solid alibi. We can‘t consider her a suspect with that kind of evidence.

How can I prove that there was an altercation in the tunnel?

This one‘s easy – the Strange Sound During the Magic Show points to a scuffle happening backstage while the performance was underway. Multiple witnesses report hearing the suspicious noise, likely related to the crime.

Who is the prime suspect currently?

With no hard evidence against anyone yet, The Deceased‘s Identity, aka Halsey himself, remains the prime suspect by default.

Where did the missing Halsey go?

For this last question in phase 1, you‘ll need to Select any answer until all your hypotheses are incorrect. This answer is structured to have you eliminate wrong guesses about Halsey‘s whereabouts after his disappearance.

Now that we‘ve wrapped up the initial phase of questioning, let‘s dive deeper into phase 2 and uncover more clues.

Moving Forward with Phase 2 Questions and Answers

Phase 2 requires revisiting some of our earlier questions but also introduces new evidence to consider:

How can we envision Lyney as having been unable to interfere with the crime?

We can stand by the previous Lyney‘s Statement answer here. Her alibi remains intact.

How can I prove that there was an altercation in the tunnel?

Still going with Strange Sound During the Magic Show on this one. The strange noise very likely points to a physical fight occurring while Lyney was on stage.

Who is the prime suspect currently?

Without enough evidence to name a suspect, The Deceased‘s Identity remains the placeholder answer.

Where did the missing Halsey go?

Now we‘ve got a new piece of evidence with the Broken Flower Vase found in the tunnel. This points to a chase and violent struggle leading to Halsey‘s disappearance.

As an avid mystery fan, I‘m feeling the excitement start to build now that we‘re uncovering real clues! Let‘s push ahead to phase 3 and wrap up this case.

Closing in on the Culprit with Phase 3 Answers

In this final round of questions, we‘ll put all the pieces together:

Who is the prime suspect currently?

Unfortunately, we still don‘t have definitive proof of the culprit, so The Deceased‘s Identity remains our answer.

What item did the culprit use to control the timing of the dissolution?

The Dropped Hook Rope found at the scene allowed the killer to trigger a mechanism dissolving Halsey right on cue. Very clever trick.

What item did the culprit use to dissolve Halsey?

Now this is an interesting detail – the culprit used Water from the Primordial Sea, enabling them to essentially make Halsey disappear into thin air.

What item did the culprit use to hide the mechanism behind the crime?

The Audience-Side Magic Box Structure turns out to have been instrumental in concealing the device used to dissolve Halsey during the show‘s grand finale.

With the step-by-step evidence collected by answering these questions correctly, we‘ve uncovered the truth behind how this crafty criminal managed to make Halsey vanish before the eyes of the audience.

While the murderer‘s identity remains elusive, the motive likely ties back to Halsey‘s fame and fortune in Fontaine‘s magical entertainment scene. Jealously and competition bred a nefarious plot to remove him from the spotlight permanently.

I hope mapping out the details of Cowell‘s master plan and the crime scene in the tunnel helps you solve this mystery and brings Halsey’s killer to justice. Let me know if you need any clarification or have additional questions! I’m always happy to delve into gameplay intricacies and help a fellow Adventurer out.


Written by Alexis Kestler

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