Crash Site Weapon Case Key Location in Warzone 2 DMZ – A Comprehensive Guide

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So you want to get your hands on the epic loot hidden away in the new Crash Site Weapon Case that arrived with Warzone 2.0‘s season 2 DMZ map expansion? I‘ve got you covered.

As a hardcore DMZ enthusiast with countless hours infiltrating Al Mazrah, I‘ll provide everything you need to know to swiftly locate this lucrative Warzone 2 DMZ location and unlock its precious contents for yourself.

Whether you‘re a DMZ veteran or this is your first time venturing beyond the Warzone 2.0 battle royale, this guide will break down how to obtain the key, navigate to the Crash Site, take down the guards, and walk away with an arsenal of rare blueprints and gear to dominate future matches.

Let‘s get started!

An Overview of DMZ Mode and Weapon Cases

For those newer to Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0, DMZ is an all-new tactical extraction mode included in the launch of the game. DMZ takes the polished gunplay and massive map of Warzone 2 and transforms it into a narrative-driven extraction shooter in the vein of Escape from Tarkov or Hunt: Showdown.

Here are some key things to know about DMZ mode:

  • Infiltrate and Extract – The goal is to parachute into Al Mazrah with your custom loadout, complete infiltration objectives, then exfiltrate with any collected loot. If you die, you lose everything in that run.

  • AI Factions – PvE enemies like Armored Transport squads, the Al-Qatala militia, and the White Lotus roam the map and guard objectives.

  • High-Risk, High-Reward – DMZ offers a heart-pounding, high-stakes experience unlike traditional multiplayer or battle royale. The risks are greater, but successfully extracting with rare contraband weapons, blueprints and cash offers a huge rush.

  • Persistent Weapons/Progression – Weapons, operatives and unlocks carry over between DMZ matches, allowing you to grow your arsenal over time.

This brings us to Weapon Cases – special locked storage containers found at certain locations around Al Mazrah. These cases require keys to unlock, but contain extremely rare and valuable weapon blueprints, attachments, killstreaks, armor, cash, and other loot.

In DMZ season 1, notable Weapon Cases could be found at the Police Station and Chemical Labs. For season 2, Developer Infinity Ward has added a new case – the Crash Site Weapon Case – for operators to locate and unlock. Let‘s discuss how to track it down.

Obtaining the Crash Site Weapon Case Key

In order to unlock any Weapon Case, you‘ll first need to get your hands on the corresponding key. For the Crash Site case, this aptly named key has a random chance to drop from eliminated AI combatants, appear in supply boxes or loot chests, and be rewarded for completing certain contracts.

Based on my experience grinding DMZ matches, here are tips for obtaining the Crash Site Weapon Case Key:

  • Target HVTs – Taking on High Value Target assassination contracts is likely the most efficient way to obtain rare special keys. HVTs like The Cleric have an increased drop rate for keys when eliminated. I generally find the Crash Site key drops from HVTs every 3-5 contracts on average.

  • Check AI Inventories – After clearing out checkpoint camps and other AI strongholds, be sure to check all of the enemies‘ loot inventories for special keys. The key can turn up on any standard soldier.

  • Open Orange Chests – The bright orange high-tier chests that randomly spawn around the map have a solid chance to contain the Crash Site key. Always take time to crack them open when discovered.

  • Complete Key Missions – Certain faction missions reward keys as completion items. Taking on these quick missions can help you round up keys.

  • Buy It – Check the inventory of Buy Stations and your squadmates. If another player already has the key, you may be able to purchase it.

With persistence across multiple infiltrations, you should be able to obtain the Crash Site Weapon Case Key through a combination of combat, exploration and completing objectives. Now it‘s time to locate the prize.

Pinpointing the Crash Site Location on Ashika Island

The new Crash Site point of interest arrived with the season 2 map expansion to Ashika Island. It can be found along the east coast highway that runs north to south across the region.

Specifically, look for grid square D5 on your map. The Crash Site is situated just south of the Sattiq Cave Complex location, next to the pipeline that runs parallel with the road.

When viewing your full map and looking at Ashika Island, expect the Crash Site to be about halfway between Observatory and Al Sharim Pass. It‘s in the coastal hills near the center of that eastern highway.

If you aren‘t finding it via the grid coordinates above, reference the images below for the exact location of the Crash Site along the east highway:

[Insert image showing Crash Site location on Ashika Island map]

Now that you know where to look on the map, it‘s time to plot your infiltration and make your way towards this valuable target.

Infiltrating and Reaching the Crash Site

With the Crash Site Weapon Case being situated along the mid-section of Ashika Island‘s east coast, you‘ll want to choose an infiltration point that allows direct access to that thoroughfare.

My recommendation is to infiltrate via the Observatory or Taraq Village extraction zones when going after this objective. Both provide quick access to the highway running past the Crash Site location.

Once you hit the ground, your priorities should be:

  • Get a Vehicle – Any of the armored SUVs or tactical trucks located around Observatory and Taraq Village will do. You need wheels to efficiently reach the Crash Site and exfiltrate.

  • Drive South – Hop on the coastal highway and go south from either infiltration point. Cruise past the Quarry and look for the cave complex, then hang a left towards the Crash Site immediately after.

  • Stay Alert – This road often has enemy squads patrolling. Make sure you watch for ambushes and checkpoints that could slow you down or inflict damage.

  • Use Terrain – The hills, rocks, and pipeline infrastructure make decent cover if you need to briefly disembark and eliminate threats while en route.

Within just a few minutes of rapid driving from Observatory or Taraq, you should come upon the billowing smoke of the Crash Site along the road.

Securing the Area and Unlocking the Case

This is where things get dangerous. The Crash Site area is almost always populated by AI guards protecting the Weapon Case.

Before going for the case, I recommend stopping your vehicle at a distance and using your sniper rifle or scoped assault rifle to recon the area. Eliminate any targets you spot from afar.

Once you‘ve thinnned the herd, move carefully along the rocky terrain and pipeline infrastructure to close in while using cover. When up close, deploy any lethals you have like C4 or grenades to further soften defenses before making your push.

With the area neutralized, it‘s time to crack open the case! Look for the brightly colored weapon box on the ground near the flaming vehicle wreckage. Interact with it and use your Crash Site Weapon Case Key to pop it open.

Inside you‘re likely to find a juicy haul of rare weapon blueprints, attachments, bonuses like armor plates or UAVs, cash, and other in-game items that will empower your future DMZ runs. Quickly equip any weapon blueprints or gear you want to utilize during exfiltration so you don‘t lose them if killed.

Now comes the stressful part – getting out alive!

Exfiltrating Safely With Your Loot

You‘ve got the goods – time to get out clean.

If you have a helicopter extraction flare available, calling it in just north of the Crash Site is a solid plan. Grab your new gear and hop aboard for an easy ride out.

Alternatively, carefully drive back north along the highways towards Observatory or Taraq Village. Keep your head on a swivel and move at high speed to avoid getting pinned down.

If you‘re traveling by ground vehicle, stay alert for roadblocks, ambushes in the hills, and enemy helicopters. Equip the new weapons you acquired from the case to help deal with threats.

Once back at your infiltration zone, bank any remaining cash, and successfully exfiltrate to cement your rewards. Pat yourself on the back for unlocking one of the most lucrative Weapon Cases in Warzone 2.0 DMZ!

Additional Tips for DMZ Success

Through countless DMZ infiltration runs, I‘ve picked up on strategies and loadout tips that can help you efficiently unlock the Crash Site Weapon Case and other objectives:

  • Pack a Sniper Rifle – Long range weapons like the SP-R 208 or Victus XMR are extremely useful for scouting areas and picking off guards before pushing up close. This also allows you to move safely at distance.

  • Bring Explosives – Lethals like C4, proximity mines, semtex or frag grenades will help you quickly clear out groups of enemies guarding objectives.

  • Shotguns Melt Up Close – When pushing buildings or looted areas, a shotgun like the Bryson 800 or Expedite 12 is ideal for close quarters combat.

  • Suppressors Keep You Hidden – I use supressors on all weapons for stealth. Mask your shots to avoid attracting more enemies when engaging guards.

  • Armor is Crucial – Ensure you are maxed out on armor plates before going into contested areas. The 3-plate minimum improves survivability substantially.

  • Time it Right – When possible, infiltrate later in the session after the initial spawn rush. This avoids congestion on the roads and at objectives.

  • Use Squad Respawn – Playing with a coordinated squad allows you to respawn back near objectives quickly if killed nearby.

I hope these tips help you effectively track down the Crash Site Weapon Case and have fruitful DMZ runs. Now get out there, operators!


Thanks for taking the time to read this comprehensive guide on finding and unlocking Warzone 2.0‘s lucrative new Crash Site Weapon Case in DMZ. Grabbing this special gear early on can set you up with loadouts and blueprints that dominate for many matches to come.

Let me know if this helped you successfully obtain the Crash Site key, navigate to the location, take down the guards, and escape with epic new weapons and loot safely stashed for future infiltrations. I‘m always happy to provide more tips to fellow DMZ enthusiasts.

This is just one example of the many secrets waiting to be uncovered in Warzone 2.0‘s new DMZ mode. With more seasons and content drops planned for the future, there are surely even more hidden weapon cases, rare loot items, and surprises waiting within Al Mazrah and its expanding borders.

But for now – get out there and be one of the first operators to unlock the Crash Site Weapon Case‘s treasures for yourself! See you in DMZ.


Written by Alexis Kestler

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