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The Long, Winding Road to Victory: A Tell-All Guide to Deji‘s Boxing Journey and Fight Record

YouTube star Deji has experienced incredible highs and lows in his emerging boxing career. This comprehensive guide takes a deep dive into Deji‘s fight history and hard-fought progression in the ring. As both a technology geek and combat sports fanatic, I‘ll be drawing on in-depth analysis of available footage, data, and insider perspectives to chronicle Deji‘s rollercoaster ride thus far.

Introduction: From Viral Videos to Vicious Punches

Before lacing up the gloves, Deji was best known for his comedic videos as a member of the famous Sidemen group on YouTube. With over 10 million subscribers, he entertained millions worldwide with his charismatic personality. But in 2018, Deji decided to enter the world of boxing by competing on the undercard of the hotly anticipated grudge match between his brother KSI and rival YouTuber Logan Paul. This fateful choice set Deji on a journey filled with twists, turns, and valuable lessons learned.

The Baptism by Fire Against Jake Paul

Date: August 25, 2018
Location: Manchester Arena, Manchester, UK

Deji‘s first foray into boxing was a tall task – facing Jake Paul, brother of Logan, who came into the fight with some athletic experience. From the opening bell, it was clear Deji was out of his depth, while Jake was calm and tactical. According to Compubox punch stats, Jake landed over twice as many punches as Deji (98 to 41). He also significantly out-landed Deji in power punches (90 to 35).

By the fourth round, Deji was exhausted and taking heavy shots against the ropes. Seeing the punishment continue in the 5th, Deji‘s trainer Viddal Riley saved his fighter from further damage by throwing in the towel. It was a brutal welcome to boxing, but Deji acknowledged he had "a lot to work on" while gaining respect for taking the fight.

The Long Hard Road Back

Following the loss, Deji took a nearly 3 year hiatus from boxing to focus on improving his skills and fitness. Having started as a casual YouTube personality, he was far behind the conditioning of athletes like Jake Paul. Reports indicated Deji trained up to 4 times per day, combining strength and conditioning, boxing sessions, sparring, and strict dieting.

Those close to him saw a wholehearted commitment to his training. Deji‘s manager Liam Chivers commented, "He’s put in an incredible amount of work and dedication. He’s clearly taking this very seriously." The real test would be translating that work ethic into quantifiable in-ring performances.

Return Bout Against Vinnie Hacker Ends in Disappointment

Date: June 12, 2021
Location: Hard Rock Stadium, Miami Gardens

After years of arduous training, Deji stepped back into competition at the Social Gloves event to face TikTok star Vinnie Hacker. While conditioning appeared improved early on, ultimately Deji‘s defensive vulnerabilities remained. Hacker dropped Deji twice in the 3rd round leading to a TKO stoppage.

Statistics painted a picture of Deji‘s limited technical development. According to Compubox, Deji landed just 31% of his total punches and just 20% of his power shots. Against Jake Paul three years prior, he landed 38% of total punches and 29% of power shots, indicating minimal progress. While heart couldn‘t be questioned, defensive fundamentals and punching accuracy remained a glaring weakness.

Moral Victory Over Fousey Fulfills Deji‘s Potential

Date: November 19, 2022
Location: The O2 Arena, London, UK

In his do-or-die return to the UK against comedian Fousey, Deji finally showcased his growth. From the opening bell, he took center ring and controlled the action with crisp combinations. He knocked down Fousey in the 3rd round on his way to a sweeping points victory by unanimous decision.

The Compubox stats evidenced major improvements in technique. Deji landed an impressive 43% of his total punches, a significant bump up from the 31% accuracy against Vinnie Hacker. He also landed 44% of his power punches, double the percentage he managed in his last two fights.

Beyond the numbers, Deji‘s poised pressure and tight guard revealed a fighter who finally believed in his abilities. He celebrated joyously with his team, induced by the catharsis of redemption.

Inside the Mind of an Evolving Fighter

In interviews, Deji has opened up on his winding journey to become a credible boxer. After losing to Jake Paul, he revealed people said he "should stop boxing and go back to the sidelines." This fueled his motivation to prove the doubters wrong through rigorous training.

The loss to Vinnie Hacker was particularly crushing, as Deji expected better results after years of preparation. He credits his family and close friends for lifting his spirits to keep pursuing his dream. And he took solace in the gradual enhancements visible on tape.

Now with a victory under his belt, Deji emphasizes he is still early in his development. While proud of his accomplishments, he is focused on analyzing his performances with his team to continue smoothing out flaws. This mindset of perpetual improvement points to a bright future.

The Road Ahead:Hungry for Redemption

With his first W secured, what next for Deji‘s boxing career? He has expressed interest in a rematch with Jake Paul to avenge his debut loss. A matchup against old amateur rival AnEsonGib could also be on the horizon. Perhaps most intriguingly, Deji has called out professional boxer Alex Wassabi, who is undefeated at 1-0.

These potential foes would represent the toughest tests of his career. But Deji has proven his willingness to challenge himself against quality opposition in pursuit of redemption. Win or learn – that is the creed of a fighter devoted to their craft. Deji has come a long way from the raw novices that faced Jake Paul years ago. Regardless of future fight outcomes, his grit and evolution inside the ropes commands respect. For me as both a fan and analyst, I can‘t wait to see the next stage of Deji‘s extraordinary boxing journey unfold.


In summary, this inside look illuminates Deji‘s origins as a boxing newcomer, through bitter defeat, and finally to the sweet taste of hard-earned victory. The record books will forever show his maiden win coming in fight #5, after years of setbacks. But what the stats don‘t reveal is a young fighter‘s commitment to continuous improvement through pain and perseverance. Deji has emerged battle-tested and ready to prove his mettle against quality competition. His warrior spirit will serve him well no matter the challenges ahead. For now, Deji can revel in a job well done, his passion and dedication to boxing finally coming to fruition. The best is yet to come.


Written by Alexis Kestler

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