How To Delete Spotify Account Fast – A Step-By-Step Guide

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Spotify has become one of the most popular music streaming services, with over 299 million monthly active users worldwide. But despite its popularity, you may eventually want to delete your Spotify account completely.

In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll explain the steps to permanently delete your Spotify account, whether you have a free or premium subscription. We‘ll also provide tips to make the process smooth and answer some frequently asked questions.

Why You May Want To Delete Your Spotify Account

Here are some common reasons why you may want to delete your Spotify account:

  • You‘re switching to another streaming service like Apple Music or Amazon Music Unlimited
  • You want to take a break from streaming services altogether
  • You‘re concerned about privacy and want to remove your data from Spotify‘s servers
  • You created multiple accounts and want to consolidate into one
  • You‘re done exploring the service and no longer want an account
  • You want to create a new account with a different username

Whatever the reason, deleting your Spotify account is possible. Just be aware that it‘s a permanent action – all your saved music, playlists, preferences, followers, and other data will be removed.

How To Permanently Delete Your Spotify Account

Unfortunately, there‘s no option to delete your Spotify account directly from the mobile or desktop apps. You‘ll need to go through the Spotify website to fully close your account.

Here are the steps:

1. Go to the Spotify Account Deletion Page

To start the process, go to the Spotify Account Deletion page at:

This is the only place you can initiate account deletion.

2. Choose "Permanently Delete Account"

On the page, click the button for "Permanently delete my account". This will immediately cancel any Spotify subscription you have too.

3. Select Account to Delete

You‘ll now need to select the account you want to delete. This helps avoid accidental deletion. Click the account username to proceed.

4. Confirm Account Deletion

Double check that you have selected the correct account that you want to delete. Then click the "Yes, permanently delete my account" button to confirm.

Spotify will send a confirmation email to the address associated with your account. Open the email and click on the "Delete Account" link inside. This final step is required to fully delete your account.

And that‘s it! Your Spotify account will be permanently deleted within 1 day after you complete the email verification step.

Note that Spotify provides a short grace period where you can still reactivate your account through a link provided in the confirmation email. But after approximately 1 week, the deletion will be permanent.

Tips for Smooth Spotify Account Deletion

To ensure the deletion process goes smoothly, keep these tips in mind:

  • Use a web browser – You must access the account deletion page using a PC or mobile browser. The Spotify mobile apps do not have this capability.

  • Cancel subscription first – Before deleting your account, you may want to first cancel any paid Spotify Premium subscription through the website. This will avoid losing any remaining subscription time you‘ve paid for.

  • Check free vs premium – For free accounts, you can more easily create a new one later. But for premium accounts, you would lose your subscription and playlists, so be sure before deleting.

  • Remove payment info – Go to account settings and remove any stored payment details. This will prevent unwanted charges in case your deletion request doesn‘t process immediately.

  • Backup data – Consider backing up your Spotify playlists and music using a third-party tool. Once deleted, your account data can‘t be recovered.

  • Bookmark deletion page – Save the Account Deletion page URL in your bookmarks so it‘s easily accessible if you ever need it again.

Following these tips will help ensure your Spotify account gets deleted successfully without any surprises.

The Difference Between Deleting Account vs. Cancelling Subscription

It‘s important to understand the difference between fully deleting your Spotify account compared to simply canceling your paid subscription:

  • Delete account – Permanently closes your account and removes all data. You cannot reactivate and would need to create a brand new account.

  • Cancel subscription – Ends your paid premium membership. Your account remains open as a free user, keeping all your data. You can restart your subscription later.

Generally, canceling the subscription is quicker and preserves your account details. Deleting the account completely erases everything but lets you start fresh.

Spotify Account Deletion: Free vs. Premium

The effect of deleting your Spotify account somewhat varies depending on whether you have a free or premium subscription:

Free Account

  • Playlists and music saved will be deleted
  • Followed artists and podcasts removed
  • Listening history and recommendations erased
  • Account can be recreated easily with same username

Premium Account

  • Loss of any remaining subscription time
  • Access to premium features like ad-free listening ends
  • Downloaded music for offline playback gone
  • Rejoining requires starting a new paid subscription

For premium users, deleting the account also means losing your Spotify Premium benefits. So consider downgrading to a free plan first before deciding to fully close your account.

What Happens When You Delete Spotify Account?

Here are all the effects of deleting your Spotify account permanently:

  • All account data erased – Playlists, music library, preferences, followers, listening history, everything is removed.

  • Access to account ends – You will be logged out and unable to access any part of Spotify using that account.

  • Subscription canceled – Any active Spotify Premium membership will be immediately canceled when deleting account.

  • Profile removed – Your public profile, followers, and your artist following will all be deleted.

  • New account required to rejoin – Once deleted, your account cannot be reactivated. You‘ll have to create an entirely new account to use Spotify again.

  • Grace period to reverse deletion – For about 1 week after requesting deletion, your account can be recovered using a link Spotify emails.

  • No way to restore data – Spotify does not keep deleted account data. Your playlists, library, and settings will be gone forever.

In summary, account deletion erases your data and permanently closes your access. Be absolutely certain before going through with it.

Frequently Asked Questions About Deleting Spotify

Here are answers to some common questions about deleting your Spotify account:

Can I delete my Spotify account and make a new one?

Yes, you can delete your current Spotify account and simply create a brand new one. Just use a different email address when signing up again. This lets you start fresh with a new username, playlists, recommendations, etc.

How long does it take to permanently delete a Spotify account?

It usually takes around 1 day after you complete all the steps for your Spotify account to be deleted. Spotify immediately cancels your subscription when you request deletion, but it takes up to 24 hours for your data to be removed from their servers.

Can I delete my Spotify account on my phone?

No, unfortunately the account deletion process is not available on the Spotify mobile apps. You need to visit the desktop account deletion page on to be able to delete your account.

What happens if I delete my Spotify account by accident?

Don‘t worry too much. Spotify provides a grace period of about 1 week where you can recover your deleted account using a link emailed to you. However, take action quickly before that link expires.

How do I delete the Spotify app but keep my account?

If you just want to remove the Spotify app from your phone or computer but keep your account, simply delete the app without going through the full account deletion process. Your account and data will remain intact.

Can I get my deleted Spotify account back?

No, once your Spotify account is permanently deleted after the 1 week grace period, there is no way to retrieve or reactivate it. Your only option is to create an entirely new account and start over from scratch.


Deleting your Spotify account means losing access to the service and erasing all of your data and preferences. Make sure to download or back up anything you want to save before starting the deletion process.

While not easy to find, Spotify does provide an account deletion option for those set on fully closing their account. Just be absolutely certain, as there is no way to restore the account or recover any data after permanent deletion.

For many, simply canceling their paid Spotify Premium subscription or downgrading to a free account is the best approach before considering full account deletion. This lets you take a break while preserving your playlists, followers, and username for a future return.

We hope this guide covered everything you need to know about how to delete your Spotify account smoothly and easily. Just be careful, as once it‘s gone, your Spotify profile is gone forever!


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