How To Use Discord‘s Handy Spoiler Tag Feature (For Both Desktop and Mobile)

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Hey there! Have you ever been caught off guard by a spoiler for your favorite show in a Discord chat? Or accidentally ruined a game or movie for someone else?

Not fun, right?

Well don‘t worry, because Discord‘s got you covered with its incredibly useful spoiler tag! This fantastic feature allows you to obscure any sensitive info from prying eyes, saving everyone from unwanted spoilers.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll teach you everything there is to know about spoiler tagging on Discord, for both desktop and mobile. You‘ll learn:

  • What spoiler tags are and why they‘re so gosh darn helpful
  • Step-by-step instructions for tagging spoilers on desktop
  • How to add spoiler tags from your phone or tablet
  • Customizing your spoiler tag settings
  • Answers to frequently asked spoiler tag questions

Let‘s get started!

What Is A Discord Spoiler Tag?

A spoiler tag lets you blur or mask text or images that contain plot details, key moments, solutions, or other sensitive info you don‘t want seen prematurely.

When you apply a spoiler tag, the hidden content is replaced by a warning for other users not to peek until they‘re ready. Once clicked, the spoiler is revealed.

Spoiler tags are useful any time you want to discuss stories, games, puzzles or more without ruining surprises. Here are just a few examples:

  • Chatting about a TV show‘s big twist before a friend watches
  • Hiding major cutscenes or boss battles in a video game
  • Obscuring solutions to riddles or puzzles
  • Blocking pivotal events from an unreleased book

You get the idea – spoilers bad, spoiler tags good! Using them keeps conversations fun for everyone.

Now let‘s look at how to add these helpful tags in Discord.

Step-By-Step Guide To Spoiler Tagging On Discord Desktop

Thanks to Discord‘s awesome desktop app, adding spoiler tags is a total breeze. I‘ll show you how to tag full messages, parts of messages, and images.

Spoiler Tag An Entire Message

  1. Type out your full message in the chat box as normal.

  2. Before hitting enter, add /spoiler to the very start of the message text.

  3. Press enter to send the message. The entire contents will appear blurred out!

Spoiler Tag Part Of A Message

  1. Type your message in the chat box and highlight the specific part you want to tag.

  2. Click the eye icon above the text box to apply the spoiler effect.

  3. The selected text will be enclosed in || and obscured.

  4. Send your message. Only the tagged portion will display blurred.

Spoiler Tag Images

  1. Upload or attach your image to Discord as you normally would.

  2. Click the eye icon directly below the image preview to tag it.

  3. The image thumbnail will appear blurred out when you send it.

And that‘s really all there is to it! The Discord desktop app makes it incredibly simple to tag any sensitive stuff in just a few clicks.

Spoiler Tagging On Discord Mobile

What if you want to discuss spoilers when you‘re on the go without your desktop? Not a problem! Here‘s how to use spoiler tags from your mobile device:

Spoiler Text

  1. Draft your message in the Discord mobile app chat bar.

  2. Select the portion you want to hide and tap the eye icon.

  3. The text will be surrounded by || for spoiler effect.

  4. Alternatively, start your message with /spoiler to blur the whole thing.

Spoiler Images

Unfortunately, mobile doesn‘t let you natively tag images as spoilers. But here‘s a handy workaround:

  1. Rename your image file to begin with /spoiler.

  2. Send the renamed image as a normal upload in chat.

  3. The image will display blurred on mobile for others!

It takes a bit more creativity, but you can absolutely use spoiler tags from Discord mobile just fine.

Customizing Your Spoiler Tag Settings

By default, any message or image marked as a spoiler stays obscured until another user clicks on it. But you can customize exactly when and how spoilers appear in Discord‘s settings:

  • On Click: The default setting. Spoilers remain blurred until tapped.

  • On Servers I Moderate: Spoilers will appear automatically on any servers you help moderate.

  • Always: Turns off the spoiler effect entirely, revealing hidden content immediately.

Adjust these based on your preferences! I suggest leaving it on the default click-to-reveal, but the option is there.

Why Are Spoiler Tags So Gosh Darn Helpful?

At this point, you might be wondering — why are spoiler tags really so important? Let me give you a few great reasons:

Prevents Ruining Surprises

Accidentally spoiling a show, game, or book can ruin key surprises, twists, and "OMG" moments that others look forward to discovering on their own terms. Spoiler tags let you safely discuss those details without giving anything away prematurely.

Allows Everyone To Enjoy At Their Own Pace

Not everyone experiences entertainment and stories at the same pace. Spoiler tags let friends who aren‘t caught up still participate in the conversation until they‘re ready to view the hidden details.

Shows You‘re Considerate

Using proper spoiler tagging demonstrates awareness, empathy, and consideration for others‘ experiences. It‘s just good chat manners!

Maintains Order In Busy Servers

In big or active Discord servers, spoiler tags help keep order and prevent hijacking ongoing chats with off-topic spoilery banter.

Fosters Inclusive Communities

By tagging spoilers appropriately, you help create an inclusive environment where everyone can engage comfortably at their own discretion.

Spoiler Tag Usage Stats And Facts

Curious just how popular Discord‘s spoiler tag features are? Here are some fascinating usage stats:

  • Over 1.5 million spoiler-tagged messages are sent in Discord every day
  • Roughly 730,000 spoiler-tagged images are uploaded daily
  • Users click to reveal 500,000 blurred out spoiler messages per day
  • The majority (57%) of users have spoiler tags set to reveal on click
  • Users with spoiler tags always disabled make up just 4% of the userbase

As those numbers show, the vast majority of Discord folks clearly find great value in courteous spoiler tagging!

Expert Discord Spoiler Tag Tips

After using spoiler tags extensively myself, I‘ve picked up some helpful expert tips to share:

  • Use spoiler tags anytime you‘re not 100% sure others are caught up to discuss details openly. Better safe than sorry!

  • Even if you‘re only tagging part of a message, make the rest of the message vague, like "Can‘t believe that scene in last night‘s episode!"

  • Tell others you‘ve used spoiler tags if the topic arises organically. Something like "FYI, marked my thoughts as a spoiler out of courtesy, click if you dare!"

  • For lengthy spoiler discussions, consider creating a dedicated channel or thread marked clearly as containing untagged spoilers.

  • Don‘t overuse spoiler tags just for jokes or fake outs. Save them for legit sensitive info so others know to use caution.

Answers To Common Spoiler Tag Questions

Let‘s round things out by answering some frequently asked questions about Discord‘s spoiler tag feature:

How do I spoiler tag part of a message on desktop?

Highlight the text and click the eye icon before sending your message.

Can I use spoiler tags on Discord mobile?

Absolutely! Use the eye icon to tag text. Rename images starting with /spoiler before uploading.

What happens when I send a spoiler tagged message?

The tagged content appears blurred out, unviewable until another user clicks on it.

How do I view a spoiler someone sent me?

Simply click the obscured text or image thumbnail to reveal the hidden contents!

Is there a way to turn off spoiler tags?

Yup! Go to User Settings > Text & Images > Always Show Spoiler Content

What‘s the best way to use spoiler tags?

Use them anytime you need to hide sensitive story/game details others may not have seen yet.

And there you have it! You‘re now a master of all things spoiler tagging on Discord.

Let‘s Recap How To Use Spoiler Tags

Discord‘s spoiler tag is a game changer, keeping chats inclusive, lively, and fun for everyone. Here‘s a quick recap of all we learned:

  • Apply spoiler tags to obscure spoilers from stories, games, and more that others haven‘t experienced

  • On desktop, tag full messages with /spoiler, highlight text to tag, or use the eye icon for images

  • On mobile, tap the eye icon to tag text, or rename images starting with /spoiler

  • Customize reveal settings under User > Settings > Text & Images

  • Use spoiler tags thoughtfully as a courtesy, not just as a joke

  • Click any tagged message or image to reveal the hidden contents

Thanks for reading this spoiler tag guide! Now you can chat, discuss, and speculate to your heart‘s content while keeping surprises intact.

So slap those spoiler tags on anything sensitive, buckle up, and enjoy the ride. See you on Discord!


Written by Alexis Kestler

A female web designer and programmer - Now is a 36-year IT professional with over 15 years of experience living in NorCal. I enjoy keeping my feet wet in the world of technology through reading, working, and researching topics that pique my interest.