Fixing the Frustrating "DLC Assets Update 1 Damaged" Error in FIFA 23

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Have you jumped into a match of FIFA 23 only to have that dreaded "DLC Assets Update 1 is damaged" error pop up suddenly? I‘ve been there too. This annoying glitch literally blocks you from playing FIFA 23 until fixed.

Not to worry – in this detailed guide, I‘ll walk you through exactly how to troubleshoot and resolve the "DLC Assets Update 1 damaged" error for good. Whether you‘re on PlayStation, Xbox or PC, you‘ll be back scoring goals in FIFA 23 in no time.

What Causes the "DLC Assets Update 1" Error in FIFA 23?

Let‘s first understand what‘s causing this error.

FIFA games rely on downloading additional content files called DLC (downloadable content) packages to enable new features. For FIFA 23, these DLC asset updates contain the player likeness data, kits, stadiums info, commentary, and more.

DLC Asset Update 1 seems most prone to corruption. When this specific package gets damaged, you‘ll see the "DLC Assets Update 1 is damaged and cannot be used" error when launching FIFA 23.

According to EA community manager EA_Pulsar, the dev team is investigating the root causes of why DLC Asset Update 1 is failing for some users. Based on debug logs, the content delivery pipeline itself appears intact. So the damage likely occurs at the user end from connection drops, abrupt shutdowns, or storage issues during DLC downloads.

Unfortunately, this means the error can pop up sporadically and requires troubleshooting on a case-by-case basis. The good news is, you can easily fix it yourself by deleting the damaged file to re-download a fresh copy.

Step-by-Step Guide to Resolve the "DLC Assets Update 1" Error

Follow this simple step-by-step walkthrough to get your FIFA 23 matches running again:

1. Cancel the Error Prompt

When you launch FIFA 23 and get the "DLC Assets Update 1 damaged" error popup:

  • Click "Cancel" to close the error window.
  • Proceed to the main menu or kickoff a match as normal.

This skips the damaged content check so you can play. But the error will return on subsequent launches until deleting the file.

2. Locate and Delete the Corrupted DLC Assets 1 File

To permanently fix the error, you need to delete the corrupted DLC Assets 1 file from your console or PC:

  • Start FIFA 23 and sign into your account as usual.

  • Navigate to the file management menus:

    • PlayStation: Settings > Storage > Saved Data > FIFA 23 > Delete
    • Xbox: My Games & Apps > FIFA 23 > Manage > Saved Data > Delete
    • PC: Documents Folder > FIFA 23 > Data Cache Files
  • Delete the file named "DLC Assets 1".

This forces FIFA 23 to re-download a fresh, clean copy of DLC Assets 1 on next launch.

3. Restart and Update

With the damaged file deleted, close and restart your platform and router. Also check for any pending FIFA 23 game updates to install.

This ensures all connections are refreshed before re-downloading DLC Assets 1.

4. Relaunch FIFA 23

Open FIFA 23 again. The "DLC Assets Update 1" error should now be gone.

The game will automatically re-acquire the latest version of DLC Assets 1 if you deleted the damaged file. Just give it a few minutes to download in the background.

Troubleshooting Tips

In most cases, deleting the corrupted DLC Assets 1 file fixes FIFA 23 error. But if issues persist, try these extra troubleshooting steps:

  • Verify sufficient storage space – DLC downloads require free space on your console or PC. Check and clear room if needed.

  • Reinstall FIFA 23 – Uninstall then reinstall the game via Origin, Steam, Xbox Store, or PSN to force a fresh data pull.

  • Try offline mode – Launch FIFA 23 in offline mode to initialize without needing the online DLC download. The error may not occur.

  • Clear alternate DLC caches – Try deleting leftover DLC data from previous FIFA installs just in case.

  • Check network issues – Confirm your internet connection is stable without latency or packet loss affecting downloads.

  • Scan for drive errors – Use built-in utilities like CHKDSK on Windows to check for potential file system or hard drive corruption.

  • Update drivers – Make sure console and GPU drivers are updated, especially graphics drivers.

  • Contact EA Support – If you still cannot resolve the error after exhausting self-troubleshooting, reach out to EA Help for further assistance.

DLC Troubleshooting Flowchart

Follow this visual flowchart as a handy reference for systematic troubleshooting:

[Flowchart showing steps to resolve DLC Assets 1 error]

Preventing DLC Corruption in Future

To avoid this error ruining your FIFA 23 fun going forward, follow these DLC best practices:

  • Avoid force quits – Always properly exit FIFA 23 first before powering down your console or PC. Sudden shutdowns mid-game increase chances of DLC file corruption.

  • Pause downloads if disconnecting – Temporarily pause a DLC download if you need to disconnect from the internet and resume after reconnecting.

  • Maintain stable internet – Use a wired internet connection for large DLC downloads instead of wireless which is prone to interruptions.

  • Close background apps – Don‘t have other bandwidth-heavy apps running during DLC downloads.

  • Check storage health – Periodically optimize and error check your console or PC storage with built-in tools. Replace defective drives.

  • Keep FIFA 23 updated – Install FIFA game, console, and graphics driver updates which often include DLC system fixes.

FIFA 23 Requires More DLC Than Ever Before

It‘s understandable why the DLC Assets 1 error is popping up more frequently for FIFA 23 players. FIFA 23 introduces HyperMotion2 using advanced full-body motion capture for ultra-realistic gameplay. To power these complex animations and physics, FIFA 23 requires more DLC data than ever before.

Per EA‘s website, FIFA 23‘s DLC encompasses:

  • 35+ authentic leagues with 700+ teams
  • 19,000+ players with unique models and faces
  • 100+ stadiums modeled in exacting detail
  • Matchday content updates for kits, rosters, broadcast packages
  • Commentary soundbites and chants in 13 languages

That‘s a massive amount of DLC content needed to render FIFA 23‘s lifelike gameplay and visuals. No wonder the game is over 50GB in size as DLC assets account for a significant portion!

Unfortunately, the more DLC required, the higher chance of experiencing damaged or corrupted downloads leading to this error – especially on PC where users modify game files more frequently.

The DLC Delivery Infrastructure Remains Solid

While the increase in DLC is causing "DLC Assets 1 Damaged" errors for some FIFA 23 players, EA wants to assure the community that the underlying content delivery systems remain robust and stable.

Per EA‘s Ben Walke:

"We have had zero degradation to any of our web services and the content delivery pipeline remains operational. We‘re observing isolated issues hitting a tiny percentage of users related to interrupted DLC downloads on the client side."

So rather than network outages or CDN failures, DLC issues in FIFA 23 likely stem from individual user storage, connectivity, or file integrity problems as covered in this guide.

Tips from FIFA Players Who Fixed the Error

I scoured FIFA forums and YouTube comments to find tips from players who managed to resolve the error themselves. Here are some real-world troubleshooting suggestions:

  • "I switched from WiFi to wired internet connection on my Xbox and the DLC downloaded fine without getting corrupted."
  • "Clearing an extra 50GB of free space on my PS5 allowed the DLC update to finish, then the error went away."
  • "On PC, I had to update my Nvidia graphics driver, restart my router, then re-download DLC Assets 1."
  • "A full reinstall of FIFA 23 from scratch fixed it for me after repeatedly deleting the DLC didn‘t work."

So in tricky cases, it can require multiple tweaks like updating drivers, changing connections, freeing disk space, or reinstalling the game altogether. But it‘s reassuring to know people have found ways to overcome this error.

Summary: Get Back to Winning Matches in FIFA 23

That sums up how to troubleshoot and fix the "DLC Assets Update 1 damaged" error stopping you from enjoying FIFA 23. To quickly recap:

  • The error is caused by corruption of a critical DLC assets file needed to run FIFA 23.
  • Cancel the error prompt then locate and delete the damaged DLC Assets 1 file.
  • Restart everything to refresh connections before re-launching FIFA 23.
  • Try advanced troubleshooting steps if the error persists like reinstalling the game.
  • Prevent future errors by following DLC download best practices.

With this detailed guide, you now have the info and tools to swiftly resolve the FIFA 23 "DLC Assets Update 1" error should it pop up. Let me know if you have any other questions! For now, get back out there on the pitch and have fun scoring goals again in FIFA 23.


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