32 Top Education Instagram Influencers To Follow In 2023

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Social media opens up new opportunities for learning by connecting students with educators from around the world. As an expert in social media marketing, I‘ve witnessed firsthand how "education influencers" on Instagram and other platforms are making an impact.

In 2023, online learning continues to accelerate, with over 70% of students now using social platforms as supplemental education resources, per Forbes. Instagram, with its highly visual nature, emerges as an engaging destination to discover new lessons.

But with countless teachers out there, who is worth hitting "follow" for? I‘ve compiled a list of the top 32 education influencers dominating Instagram.

Beyond impressive follower counts, these standout educators create content that inquisitive minds genuinely want to consume. They inform and inspire students of all ages and backgrounds.

Let‘s explore this elite group shaping the future of learning!

What Makes An Education Influencer?

Before diving in, what exactly qualifies someone as an "education influencer"?

The educators in this list meet the following criteria:

  • Niche expertise: Focused knowledge and thought leadership on a clearly defined topic
  • Value-driven content: Posts teaching in-demand skills or spreading awareness
  • Strong production: High-quality, visually engaging content
  • Authenticity: Genuine passion for educating and helping others
  • Engagement: Fostering two-way discussion with an invested audience

Essentially, education influencers open minds by building communities centered on knowledge.

Now, let‘s look at the top stars achieving this on Instagram today! I‘ll highlight what makes each one stellar.

1. Encore French Lessons (@encorefrenchlessons)


Bringing playfulness into language learning, Encore French‘s video lessons engage students of all levels. Run by qualified native-speakers, their personalized teaching method delivers outstanding results.

I recommend Encore to anyone wanting to master French in a fun, natural way!

2. Gursahib Singh (@gursahibsingh_ca)

210K+ YouTube Subscribers

Moving abroad for education presents a major life transition. For international students heading to Canada, Gursahib eases worries by explaining essential information regarding visas, cost of living, scholarships, and dealing with culture shock.

His detailed guidance comes from personal experience navigating Canada‘s education system firsthand as an Indian immigrant. For newcomers, following Gursahib offers a vital source of support.

3. Lee Parkinson (@ict_mrp)

Bestselling Education Author

Currently head of computing at a UK primary school, Lee brings pedagogical issues to life by documenting his classroom experiences. He‘s authored multiple books on edtech and computational thinking adopted by teacher training programs globally.

I appreciate how Lee balances day-to-day teaching realities with big-picture thinking on technology‘s evolving role in education. Both students and fellow educators gain insights from his account.

4. Alfred Shivy Brooks (@callmeshivy)

Activist & Netflix Talent

Intertwining social justice, youth mentorship, and academic instruction, Alfred (or "Shivy") empowers minority student voices. His advocacy even earned him an episode on Netflix‘s "Dream Home Makeover".

For those invested in educational equality, Shivy delivers passionate, highly relevant messaging. He reminds us learning interlinks with broader societal progress.

5. Cynthia Lopez (@youleadup)

20 Years Tutoring Experience

Cynthia takes an individualized approach by offering struggling math students one-on-one digital tutoring. She also runs empowerment workshops helping teenagers set personal goals and build real-world skills.

I love how Cynthia balances care for her students‘ overall wellbeing with targeted instruction tailored to their ability. The impressive fan loyalty she fosters underscores this.

State of Social Learning – Key Statistics

Before covering more standout influencers, let‘s contextualize with key data points on social learning:

  • 70% of students use social platforms for supplemental studies
  • 63% of Gen Z students find influencer content more relatable than textbooks
  • 40% of teachers follow education influencers for classroom content ideas

Clearly these creators hold major appeal and utility – so who is leading the pack?

6. Mellisa (@ohheyletsplay)


29. Alex (@thekindergartenconnection)


Key Takeaways – Why Follow Education Influencers?

Beyond showcasing these exceptional educators, I want to underscore why their work matters, and how following them can benefit you:

Support Personalized, Engaging Pedagogy

Education influencers…

Gain Exposure to Global Thought Leaders

Education influencers…

Supplement Studies with Multimedia Resources

Education influencers…

So if you‘re a student seeking to expand your learning ecosystem or teacher aiming to enhance instruction, these creators provide immense value. Follow them not just for entertainment, but actionable lessons applicable to real academic and career progress.

The numbers speak for themselves – social learning works when leveraged strategically.

I hope this guide helps you discover your next inspiring instructor to hit "follow" on! Let me know who you‘d add to this list in the comments.

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