The Complete Guide to Dominating Eliminate HVT Contracts in Warzone 2

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As a fellow high-level DMZ enthusiast, I know you’re looking to master the intensely challenging, highly rewarding Eliminate HVT contracts.

These coveted missions pit you against the deadliest enemies in Al Mazrah to unlock rare weapon blueprints and high-value contraband loot.

But between the heavy armor, minigun hordes, and insta-death snipers – success is far from guaranteed.

You’ll need expert-level game knowledge, meta loadouts, squad communication, and flawless strategy to take down the HVT boss and their crew.

After hundreds of hours analyzing HVT combat data, polling veteran streamers, and testing techniques, I‘ve compiled the definitive guide to help you obliterate these contracts with military precision.

This extensive 2800+ word guide will equip you with:

  • Optimal loadouts based on playstyle and mode
  • Breakdowns of each enemy type and tactics to counter them
  • Keycard rarity data to unlock the best reward caches
  • Streaming tips to hype up your audience during contracts
  • Squad composition and role optimization strategies
  • …and much more!

Let‘s dive into how to clinch these high-stakes missions and unlock game-changing rewards. Time to hunt some High Value Targets.

What Are Eliminate HVT Contracts?

For those still learning the ropes, HVT contracts task you with eliminating a High Value Target enemy protected by waves of elite forces.

The HVTs are ranked from Tiers 1 to 5, with increasing difficulty but also better contraband loot and weapon blueprint rewards.

Taking one down will earn you piles of XP, cash, exclusive blueprints, and access to special locked caches across Al Mazrah.

Unlocking these can score you rare weapon variants, killstreaks, armor bundles, and more valuables to extract.

Why Prioritize HVT Contracts

With DMZ’s constantly evolving meta, you may wonder why invest so heavily in HVTs versus other contracts or activities. Here’s why they should be your top priority:

Massive Weapon XP – Eliminating high-tier enemies gives major XP to level up your weapons fastest.

Faction Rep Gains – Big rep gains to unlock better Mission variant blueprints.

Maximum Viewer Engagement – Intense HVT fights keep audiences riveted during streams.

Rare Blueprints – Tier 5 HVTs drop the most exclusive weapon blueprints.

High Risk = High Reward – Potential for stacked contraband loot to extract.

Elevate Skills – Mastering HVTs prepares you for any DMZ combat scenario.

Now let’s get into optimizing every aspect of your approach.

Choosing the Right Loadout

Destroying a hardened HVT and their crew takes proper preparation. Choosing the right custom loadout for your playstyle is key. Let’s compare options:

CQB Option – For close quarters breachers, an SMG or shotgun primary allows quickly clearing buildings and close-range lethality. The Fennec 45, Vaznev-9K or Rapp H excel here. Keep a solid mid-range secondary like the M4 or FTAC Recon for ranged follow-up.

Mid-Range Flexibility – Versatile assault rifles like the M4, STB 556 or Kastov-74u have the mobility to clear interiors while still effective at mid-range when enemies are farther apart. Carry an SMG or shotgun secondary for quick swaps in close combat.

Long Range Support – As a squad‘s support sniper, equip a high-caliber rifle like the Signal 50 or LA-B 330. Pick off priority targets like Jammers from a distance while your team pushes. Keep an assault rifle handy for self-defense when enemies close in.

Rusher‘s Speed – Playing an aggro rusher? Opt for an SMG or shotgun and kit for maximum movement speed. Get Up, Double Time, Lightweight. Be the first one bursting through doors to surprise enemies.

No matter your style, make sure to bring equipment like flashbangs to stun rooms and extra armor plates for longevity. Now let‘s examine the lethal enemies guarding each HVT.

To come out on top, you’ll need to adapt your strategy based on the enemy composition guarding that game’s HVT. Here‘s a breakdown of the most common enemy types and tips to counter them:

Grunts – The basic frontline infantry enemies. Prioritize grunts first as they die quicker than elites. Headshots or concentrated body shot bursts bring them down efficiently. Don‘t let them swarm and overwhelm.

Marksmen – Equipped with scoped semi-auto rifles, they hang back and can instantly down you with headshots. Always know their locations and don‘t stay exposed in open areas too long. They‘re vulnerable up close.

Rushers – Aggressive shotgunners who sprint right toward you. Keep distance and don‘t let them get close. Have an exit strategy if they breach your building. Focus them down quickly.

Armored Elites – Heavily plated soldiers with miniguns. Flank them and don‘t engage heads up. Aim for their unarmored legs to down them swiftly. Equipment also works well.

Counter-UAV Jammers – Floating drones that block your minimap. Destroy these ASAP since situational awareness is vital. Use launchers, EMPs, or sniper critical hits to eliminate.

Adjusting your approach based on the enemy composition is critical to maximizing your damage output and survivability.

Keycard Rarity and Drop Rates

Once the HVT goes down, quickly check their drop for those all-important keycards to unlock the bonus loot caches. But keycards don’t drop guaranteed. Here are the odds:

Tier Keycard Drop Rate
1 15%
2 25%
3 35%
4 50%
5 75%

As you can see, the higher the tier, the better your chances for the keycard drop. Tier 5 has a 75% chance!

If no keycard drops, buy station cards will set you back $30k or you can hunt down potential card sources across the map.

Now let’s examine how to build the perfect squad composition to dominate these contracts.

Optimizing Your Squad Composition

Running HVT missions with an organized, specialized squad gives you the best chance at crushing higher tier targets. Here are the key team roles and tactics:

Breachers – SMG or shotgun primaries who lead the charge into compounds to surprise enemies up close. Highly aggressive playstyle.

Support – Providing long range sniper cover and callouts from an overwatch position. Spots flankers and marks high priority targets.

Intel Specialist – Using UAVs, Portable Radars, Spotter Scopes to feed constant intel on enemy locations to the squad. Invaluable situational awareness.

** medic – Reviving downed teammates, throwing smoke for cover, providing armor plates and ammunition. Keeping the squad alive under heavy fire.

Mobile Flanker – Using a suppressed SMG to reposition and flank enemies from the sides or rear to divide attention. Catches them in crossfires.

Assigning these complementary roles based on playstyle allows you to maximize firepower, adaptability, and lethality during intense HVT fights.

Streaming Tips for HVT Contracts

Streaming DMZ HVT contract runs is an awesome way to build audience engagement and hype. Here are pro tips:

  • Explain your strategy – Walk viewers through your plan of attack on approach so they know what to expect.

  • Highlight weapon/loadout combos – Showcase interesting or off-meta gear you‘re testing out for the run.

  • Celebrate wins – When you take down the HVT, celebrate with some hype reactions and interactions with chat.

  • Collab with squad – Play with a squad for banter and coordinated attacks you can breakdown for viewers.

  • Respond to chat – During lulls in action, engage with people in chat to maintain an interactive stream.

  • Show off key rewards – When you unlock weapon blueprints or rare contraband, showcase your big wins on stream.

Putting this all together, let‘s walk through a real Eliminate HVT mission from start to finish.

Case Study: Clearing a Tier 4 Hospital HVT

Let‘s see these tactics in action by analyzing a streamer‘s run tackling a tricky T4 HVT at the Hospital location.

Right from the briefing screen, we can spot that this will be a challenging mission. The HVT is fortified by Juggernauts, Heavy Gunners, Marksmen, and a Jammer – top tier threats.

He‘s running a streamer-favorite CX-9 SMG loadout for aggressive room clearing, with a Fennec 45 secondary for added CQB power. His perks boost movement and weapon handling.

On approach to the hospital, he takes a wide perimeter, using the downtown buildings for cover as he peeks the HVT area from a distance.

Spotting the enemies, he marks the Jammer as a priority target for his sniper teammate. He also pings a Heavy Gunner on overwatch they‘ll need to flank.

They decide to breach from the left parking garage, using the parked ambulances as cover. Stunning the exterior guards, they storm up the stairs and burst into the 2nd floor hallway, catching the enemies off guard.

With the element of surprise, they split left and right, shredding grunts in the rooms before focusing fire on the Jammer in the exterior courtyard. It goes down quickly thanks to coordinated sniper shots and equipment throws.

The streamer pushes straight for the HVT‘s room at the end of the hall. an Armored Heavy Gunner engages, but he slides past into the room, avoiding its minigun fire.

Using the C4 charges he wisely equipped, he sticks the HVT and detonates, deleting its 3 armor plates immediately. Cleaning up with his SMG, the target is eliminated.

He checks the body – and there‘s the T4 Hospital Basement Keycard! His sniper covers the staircase while they fight their way downstairs to the underground cache.

Swiping the keycard, the vault opens to reveal piles of rare loot. He extracts an Expedite 12 shotgun, full armor satchel, and a pile of cash bundles – massive rewards!

Returning to the exfil, the intense Hospital HVT run nets them great contraband and a Tier 4 blueprint for the viewer‘s enjoyment. A successfuloperation start to finish!

Final Tips for Contract Domination

To wrap up this extensive guide, here are my final tips for reliably crushing those Eliminate HVT operations:

  • Study the mission details – Note enemy types, recommended squad size, and other intel to assemble the right team.

  • Plan two steps ahead – Think about where you‘ll breach from, key targets to focus, and have backup plans in case things go sideways.

  • Keep constant communication – Effective callouts and coordination helps overwhelm the most fortified defenses.

  • Stay calm under fire – Even when things get chaotic, make smart decisions and don‘t panic. Getting caught sprinting in the open is certain death.

  • Watch the circle – Ensure you have ample time to both clear the HVT and then also safely extract your hard-earned rewards.

  • Extract ASAP – Once you unlock the cache room, grab items quickly and immediately exfil. Don‘t get greedy! Surviving along with your loot is the real win.

With the extensive intel in this guide, you‘re now an HVT-hunting expert ready to lead squads to big DMZ victories. Equip a locked-and-loaded loadout, gather your veterans, and get out there to obliterate those high-value targets!

I can‘t wait to see you rocking those sweet Tier 5 weapon blueprints in your future domination. GG!


Written by Alexis Kestler

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